July 4th Highland Park Parade Shooting is Connected to Copenhagen Field’s Shooting (Updated with Links)

We all knew they would come up with another shooting for July 4th in the United States. And they sure did, using a tiny man-child of a patsy in Robert E. Crimo aka., ‘Awake Music Videos.’ And the ritual behind the shooting is cleverly connected to the staged False Flag shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark that was held on July 3rd, just the day before. Please check out that faked nonsense here:

False Flag Shooting at Field’s in Copenhagen, Denmark — Updated late July 4

As I mentioned in that decode, the staged Copenhagen shooting took place exactly 32 weeks and 2 days after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s birthday. 32 weeks and 2 days like in 322. And the shooter in Denmark supposedly killed 3 people and was 22-years-old, like 322.

In this Parade Shooting, the arrested suspect is named ‘Robert Bobby Crimo III’ and guess what? Yes, he is 22-years-old, just like the shooter in Copenhagen. Such a coincidence, right? Another 22-year-old. And the media was very keen on presenting him as, “Robert Bobby Crimo III, 22,” as in “III 22” or “322.”

Now, we know that it is the Freemasons that are tasked with staging all these fake shootings and events. Freemasonry has infiltrated all levels of Government and especially the police and the military. It’s extremely easy for them to pull off “drill” after “drill,” as they call these False Flag staged events. And the headquarters for Freemasonry in the northern United States is Order 322, aka., Skull and Bones out of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

This connection gets even stronger as the media reported that this girly-man Bobby Crimo III was caught and arrested on US 41 as a police officer spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect was believed to be driving. Such luck! That police sissy should play the lottery next!

Nah, just kidding. There’s no luck involved at all, since it is all staged. Skull and Bones is known as the 41 gang, as Skull and Bones reduces to ‘41’ in Gematria and they produced George H.W. Bush, the #41 president. So, of course Bobby Crimo, the 322-kid, was arrested on US 41. It was perfectly scripted and with little Freemasonic fingerprints all over it.

This whole story is pure mockery and filled with symbolism and ritualistic connections. Just look at that little girly-man. He’s what? 120 lbs. soaking wet? And 22-years-old with zero experience, and yet he sniped 6 people and injured 38 with a ‘high-powered rifle’ from a roof top? Sure!
And his last name of ‘Crimo’ like ‘Crime.’ The mockery!

As for the rest of all the fingerprints from the Freemasons and their masters in the Jesuit Order, please check out these brilliant decodings below. As this story took place just a few hours before my bedtime in Sweden and was developing during the night, there’s no reason for me to repeat what these brilliant men already uncovered – or for me to dig even deeper and try to find something else, as that takes a lot of time better spent on other tasks.

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