Fake Shooting at Field’s in Copenhagen, Denmark — Updated late July 4

Denmark, just like Sweden, has some of the most strict and ridiculous gun laws in the world. That is why these countries does not have as many staged false flag shootings as the U.S., as there is no need to pull these in order to enforce new enslavement laws. However, we still get some staged terror attacks and shootings when needed for the political landscape, especially a few years back to increase the surveillance grid. And since the people can’t defend themselves, violent crimes such as robberies, humiliation offenses, and sexual assault run rampant instead, but is not talked about.

As for this staged and faked shooting in Copenhagen, it really defied the odds for a more perfect date when looking at the numbers – or how they do just about everything on this staged world we find ourselves in.

As usual, it happened on a Sunday, the very “Jesuit day” of the week. At first the headlines stated “several” people as dead, then they change it to the classical “at least three” people. You know, “three” as in the False Flag at the Maryland Factory, or as in the Philadelphia and Chattanooga shootings. They love ‘three’ as it adds up to ’56,’ as in ‘staged’ and their previous coronavirus hoax code, and 56 is the number for the Society of Jesus, aka., the Jesuit Order. Also, this was the day before July 4, and three of the founding father presidents — John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe — all died on July 4, the Independence Day anniversary. So, ‘three’ also holds a strong symbolic value, and you will probably notice it a lot during July 4.
Three also reduces in reverse to ’25,’ the mirror-number of ’52,’ which is very significant for this staged event as ‘Copenhagen’ reduces to 52.

And, the “eyewitness” interviewed by CNN was former politician ‘Joachim Olsen,’ which just by coincidence also reduces to 52.

The staged shooting took place on July 3rd, a date with 52-numerology.
7/3/2022 = 7 + 3 + 20 + 22 = 52

Copenhagen = 52
Joachim Olsen = 52
Government = 52
Terrorist = 52
Psy-Ops = 52 & 25
Staged = 52

Copenhagen did not only fit the date-numerology of 52, it was also 182-days remaining in the year if you count the end-date.

Copenhagen = 182

Also, the Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Andersen, had her first day in office on Monday, January 3, which is also 182-days from the shooting, if counting the end-date.

Sophie is also currently 47-years old, which again fits with Copenhagen…

Copenhagen = 47
Government = 47
Psy-Ops = 47

And they claim one of the victims was a 47-years old ‘Russian’ national. Yeah, sure!
The other two victims happened to be 17-year-old, both of them.

Mason = 17 (as in Freemason)
Kill = 17 (they were “killed”)

The Mayor, Sophie Andersen, was born on September 26, which make July 3rd the 281st day of her age, the reverse of 182! Quite the feat that, not to mention the odds!
Also, 281 is the 60th prime number. Remember, it’s the Freemasons within the government and the police that carries out these false flags and psy-ops – and the motto is to create their desired ‘order’ out of the chaos.

Police = 60
Order = 60
False Shooting = 60

And to make it more perfect, this shooting took place on July 3, as in 7/3, like 73.

Sophie Andersen = 73
Mason = 73 (as in Freemason)

And, let’s not forget that in Europe we write July 3 as ‘third of July, like 3/7, as in 37.

Shooting = 37
Seventeen = 37, 134, 804 (two of the alleged victims were 17-years-old)
The Jesuits = 37, 134, 804 (perfect match with ‘seventeen,’ which is why the victims were said to be 17)

However, the riddle does not stop there. The Copenhagen Head of Police who was quoted about the shooting was ‘Soren Thomassen,’ which is ‘193’ in reverse. 193 is the 44th prime number.

The Prime Minister of Denmark is Mette Frederiksen and she is currently 44-years old. And 44 goes perfectly with the story.

Shooting = 44
Several = 44 (how they first described the number of victims before settle on three)
Deception = 44
Seventeen = 44 (two of the victims was said to be 17-years-old)
Officer = 44 (as in officer Soren Thomassen)

And speaking of the Prime Minister, the shooting came exactly 226-days after her November 19 birthday.

Sophie Andersen = 226 (the Mayor of Copenhagen)
The Roman Catholic Church = 226 (the seat of the Jesuit Order)

And, as a little tribute to their Freemasonic friends in the U.S., 226-days just happens to be, by coincidence of course, the same as 32 weeks and 2 days, like 322, as in Order 322, Skull and Bones…

Also, the alleged shooter was claimed to be 22-years-old, like the Master Builder Number in Freemasonry. And he shot three people. 3 killed by a 22-year-old, like 322… And when spelled out, ‘twenty-two’ is a close match with ‘Jesuit.’

And if you ever wondered why Mette Frederiksen got her position of Prime Minister, or where her loyalties lie…

Mette Frederiksen = 177, 93, 1062
The Jesuit Order = 177, 93, 1062

Mette Frederiksen = 78
Jesuit = 78

The shooting was cleverly staged at Field’s Shopping Center, also known simply as ‘Field’s.’

Field’s = 107
Field’s Shopping Center = 107
Shooting = 107
Police Force = 107 (those who stage these events)

107 is also the 28th prime number.

Field’s = 28, 28
Three= 28 (the number of alleged victims)

Not only is it a perfect match for the type of stage event, it’s also a good match with those pulling the strings…

Field’s Shopping Center = 224, 100, 1344
The Society of Jesus = 224, 100, 1344

And if you do not count the end-date, it was 181-days left in the year on the day of the shooting.

Field’s Shopping Center = 181

And 181 is the 42nd prime Number.

Denmark = 42

This is only scratching the surface of this shooting. If you’re a sleeping little coincidence theorist, you might actually think that this shooting was real and not at all staged by the Danish government and its Freemasonic police – however, then you’ll be wrong. Sorry, little sheep. This was all executed by the numbers. Completely staged, completely fake.

Joseph Aquaviva just released a good decode of this staged shooting, connecting the ritual to the ongoing antichrist play by the elite, involving Barack Obama. See the video below:

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