‘That ’70s Show’ Actor Danny Masterson’s Degrading Masonic Rape Ritual

I had no idea who this cockwomble was until CNN, FOX News, and some other lamestream controlled and fake media outlets made him frontpage news after writing about his Masonic humiliating, degrading, and advancement ritual, which in this case, allegedly consisted of being guilty of rape on two of three counts.

As you should know by now, everything on the world stage and anything that get big headlines is staged, scripted, and carried out as a ritual. And when it comes to stories like these, nothing is real, and it’s easily proved by using their own ritualistic language of numerology and gematria.

Danny Masterson, with a very Freemasonic last-name, like ‘Master-Mason,’ (and with the ‘son’ hoax code) is currently 47-years old. 47 is a very important number to the Freemasons and it’s also heavily scripted in this ritual. As you know, 47 represents the forty-seventh problem of Euclid, which is why the Masonic Compass is set at 47 degrees. The Freemasonic compass exemplifies their wisdom of conduct, which is described as the strength to “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.”
In that regard, what could be more mocking and humiliating than the complete opposite as in facing rape charges? However, that is how they do their rituals – in reverse, backwards, the opposite.
Of course, in gematria, 47 represents authority, like a judge at the court. And Masterson could face a fictious ‘30 years to life’ in prison, which would be the death of his current scripted character and the rebirth of a new role on the world stage.

Now, Masterson was born on March 13, 1976, and this ‘judgement’ by the jury came on May 31, exactly 79 days after his birthday, just like the word ‘rapist.’ And by coincidence, of course, his actor-name of ‘Danny Masterson’ is 79 in reverse reduction gematria, just like ‘Society of Jesus,’ the original name of the Jesuit Order, the highest order within the power pyramid that they all answer to.
Also, 79 is quite symbolic considering that he was in ‘That ‘70s Show,’ and the last year in the 70’s was of course ’79. And to add to this, May 31 came with a full 79-date numerology.

5/31/2023 = 5 + 31 + 20 + 23 = 79

Rapist = 79, 79, 79
Found Guilty of Rape = 79
Danny Masterson = 79, 79
Society of Jesus = 79, 79

Actually, his actor-name is fully scripted from the influence of the Jesuits and the Freemasons with the very important number of 56. Even the phrase ‘Masonic Ritual’ is a perfect match to his name.

Danny Masterson = 56, 79, 79
Society of Jesus = 56, 79, 79

Danny Masterson = 196, 56, 1176
Masonic Ritual = 196, 56, 1176

As I said, ‘Masterson’ is a very Freemasonic last name.

Masterson = 56, 56
Freemasons = 56, 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Now, 79 days, which you could see is tightly connected to the Jesuits is also the same thing as 11 weeks and 2 days, like 112. This is very clever and how they always do it, by the numbers, as the Jesuits are allegedly active in exactly 112 countries. Most media channels refer to Masterson as, ‘Actor Danny Masterson.’

Actor Danny Masterson = 112
The Invisible Society = 112
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 112 (IHS, the Christogram used by the Jesuits)

Counting to his next birthday, it is exactly 41 weeks, which fits with ‘That ‘70s Show,’ and the largest Masonic order of Skull and Bones.
Also, he was convicted of sexual abuse by a ‘hung jury’ and could face prison in a Skull & Bones ritual in connection with the Jesuits. And we will get more into that in a second.

That ’70s Show = 41
Skull and Bones = 41

Sexual Abuse = 41
Hung Jury = 41
Prison = 41
Skull & Bones = 41
Jesuits = 41

Counting the end-date, it was 288 days until his next birthday. Again, a match with Skull and Bones Freemasonry and also with the most distinguished order of Freemasonry, that of the ‘Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite’ Freemasonry.

Skull and Bones Freemasonry = 288
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite = 288

He was found guilty of ‘forcible rape’ on May 31, the day leaving 214-days remaining in the year.

Forcible Rape = 214

The media mentions two fictional names for the crisis actors who played the rape victims. One was a ‘Christina B.’ A name that fits the ritual and the secret societies behind it.

Christina B. = 68
The Freemasons = 68
Sexual Abuse = 68
Guilty = 68
Rape = 68

Christina B. = 103, 618
Jesuits = 103, 618

The other was Masterson’s alleged ex-girlfriend Bobette Riales who pointed out Masterson as a rapist in 2017. Her name equals 83, a number associated with Skull and Bones out of Yale University, also known as the Brotherhood of Death. And, of course, the word ‘rapist’ is 83 as well.

Bobette Riales = 83, 83
Yale University = 83, 83
Brotherhood of Death = 83
Society of Jesus = 83
Rapist = 83 (again, also decoded with 79)
Raped = 83

Bobette = 120
Sex Crime = 120
Illuminati = 120 (the order who runs the entertainment industry)
Guilty in Rape Retrial = 120, 120 (FOX News headline)

They also say that there was a ‘hung jury’ on the third count, on May 31, a day with 43-date numerology. A fitting number for a ‘hung jury’ over a ‘masonic rapist.’

5/31/2023 = (5) + (31) + 2+0+2+3 = 43

Hung Jury = 43
Freemasons = 43
Masonic = 43, 43
Rapist = 43, 43

It was also a day with 59-date numerology, making it a perfect day for a forty-seven-year-old actor from ‘That ‘70s Show’ to advance withing Skull and Bones Freemasonry (as we decoded at the beginning of the article.)

5/31/23 = 5 + 31 + 23 = 59

Forty-Seven = 59
That ‘70s Show = 59
Skull and Bones = 59
Skull & Bones = 59, 59
Freemasonry = 59, 59

And also, a day with 41-date numerology with more of the same. And remember, it was 41 weeks until Masterson’s next birthday.

5/31/2023 = (5) + (31) + 2+3 = 41

That ‘70s Show = 41
Skull and Bones = 41

I could go on and on about this ritual. However, my time is limited to an hour or two every morning and what I decoded above is mathematically impossible to be coincidences and organic. It’s 100% man-made. A scripted ritual, all theatre by the numbers. All totally fake.

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