AI Predictive Programming Continues as Industry and “Researchers” Sign Statement of “Extinction” Risk

Yes, the predictive programming and conditioning of the ‘Terminator,’ and similar movies, has without a doubt had its effect on the general public. And in an attempt to make us believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more advanced that it is, to further the transhumanism agenda, the hidden powers have now made the AI-industry, their “researchers,” “academics” and retarded celebrities make a statement to “mitigate” the threat and risk of human extinction from AI.

This reminds me of the silly robot videos from ‘Boston Dynamics’ and similar sources that trended a few years back where AI-controlled robots allegedly carried guns, where provoked and smashed down with baseball bats and such, only to get up and continue with their mission. Of course, baby truthers went nuts claiming that we would all soon be herded with these abominations patrolling the streets, not realizing that the videos were animated cartoons, deep fake video with actors and rendering technology – all to conditioning us to believe in the advancement of AI-technology and human-like robots.

And now, they have Chatbots, OpenAI, ChatGPT and similar services on the internet, which actually is nothing more than an algorithmic biased text interpretation script that give answers from accepted propaganda databases mostly filled with fake and false information approved by the governments presented by following strict writing and conversational rules. They should not be called AI, as they simply reproduce patterns based on the training data they’ve have been fed and there’s no ‘thinking’ or ‘intelligence’ involved.

While these services can be useful to save time and find out what is trending, their true purpose is to speed-up the flow of misinformation, as in fake stories and images, pushing the infodemic agenda and the need for censorship and controlled information. I explained this here:

WHO Says Non-Existent Covid-19 is No Longer a “Global” Health Emergency – And the Infodemic Agenda (AI Chatbots and AI Images/Deep Fake)

Note that the emphasis in this statement is on the word ‘extinction,’ which immediately make us think of the hidden powers behind, the Society of Jesus, aka., the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons.

Extinction = 56
Freemasons = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

As for this ‘statement’ it was announced on May 30, a day with 58-date numerology. And of course, the statement was signed by several figureheads, including the “godfather” of AI and Freemason ‘Geoffrey Hinton.’

5/30/23 = 5+30+23 = 58

Geoffrey Hinton = 58
Pope Francis = 58
Freemasonry = 58
The Freemasons = 58

Pope Francis is very important to this ritual, as he is the figurehead of the Vatican, the Catholic Church and thus the Jesuit Order – as he is the first Jesuit pope. Pope Francis, born ‘Jorge Mario Bergoglio,’ celebrates his birthday on December 17, and this statement on May 30, comes exactly a Jesuit 201-days before his next birthday. Such an extreme coincidence!

Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

Of course, the Order of Illuminati was created by Jesuit-priest Adam Weishaupt, and together with the Jesuit Order they infiltrated Freemasonry and made it into what it is today. They were also instrumental in founding Skull and Bones Freemasonry in the U.S. Today, the Order of Illuminati controls the entertainment industry, such as music, movies, TV, and computer games, including AI and such nonsense.
And with that in mind, this AI-statement came on May 30, he 150th day of the year.

Illuminati = 150, 150
Catholic Church = 150

As always when speaking of computer related stuff, Satanism is involved, as ‘computer’ and ‘AI system’ equals ‘666,’ the Number of the Beast, in the ancient and original Sumerian cipher. This is of course used in this ritual, as it took place on May 30, exactly 6 months and 6 days, like ’66,’ before the December 6th birthday of their AI “godfather” Geoffrey Hinton. The number ‘66’ is most widely known as the number representing the ‘Number of the Beast,’ as that phrase equals ‘66’ in the English Reduction cipher.

AI System = 666
Computer = 666
Witchcraft = 666
Number of the Beast = 66
Geoffrey Hinton = 66
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 66 (Pope Francis, again)

That also means that it was 190 days before Geoffrey’s birthday, and this article about the AI-statement was focused around the ‘extinction risk’ of AI as put forward by the ‘Center for AI Safety.’ And being partly satanic, 190 fits perfectly with the theme

Extinction Risk = 190
Center for AI Safety = 190
Synagogue of Satan = 190

It was also 175 days after Geoffrey Hinton’s last birthday, like in ‘Pope Francis,’ again.

Pope Francis = 175

As you can clearly see, this statement was nothing but a scripted ritual. And the purpose is to strengthen the idea that information, which “AI” is mostly used for, need to be controlled and regulated by the government and authorities. That “AI” can be dangerous, and that we need to listen to their experts and let them help and save us. It’s the same old script of ‘order out of chaos’ that is slowly being implemented.

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