The Fake Media Industry Accuse Microsoft of Fake AI News

The war on information is slowly progressing behind the scenes, with the ‘elite’ pulling the strings in every corner of the information- and media industry. Alternative Media, Controlled Opposition, Government Shills, AI-generated News websites and blogs, AI Bots on social media, and now Microsoft allegedly depending on AI for their “news” on and their web browser Edge’s start page.

According to the story, Microsoft has increasingly relied on the use of automation and artificial intelligence over human editors to curate its homepage and the start page in their web browser.
A while back, The Guardian published a propaganda article about Lilie James, a 21-year-old woman who allegedly was found dead with serious head injuries at a school in Sydney, Australia, which they claim led to an “outburst” of grief and a national conversation about violence against women. And when Microsoft’s AI republished The Guardian’s fabricated story, it was accompanied with an AI-generated poll asking readers, “What do you think is the reason behind the woman’s death?” And listed three options: murder, accident, or suicide.
The chief executive of the Guardian Media Group said in a sharply worded letter to Microsoft that the auto-generated poll was “deeply concerning.”
I guess it was because the AI left out the most important option, as in: “none, it’s likely a fake story.”

And it’s no coincidence that The Guardian is involved in this psy-op; this programming of the sheeple into believing that information must be controlled and approved by a “Ministry of Truth.” The Guardian is a left-wing propaganda tool owned by Scott Trust Limited, which also owns The Observer, which was previously owned by David Astor, the publisher of George Orwell, the propaganda writer and author of 1984 – a kind of blueprint of today’s society and what they are working towards. The Guardian is sponsored by the Gates Foundation and affiliated with the likes of the Rothschilds, Soros, BBC, BLM, WEF, Open Society Foundations, the Fabian Society, and many others, just like every major news outlet, as they are all controlled by the same hand, the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church and the hidden elite families.

CNN also claim that Microsoft featured a story on MSN where they falsely wrote that President Joe Biden had fallen asleep during a moment of silence for victims of the Maui wildfire. They also republished an article (from some Ai-generated fake-news blog) that claimed that San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston had resigned from his position after criticism from Elon Musk, which was entirely false.

This may all seem funny as the left-wing propaganda outlet The Guardian and leftist CNN, the Jesuit’s largest media outlet of scripted, fabricated, and fake news, accuse Microsoft of doing something that they have been doing from the very start – that of inventing and fabricating news.
Of course, this is part of the agenda and programming of information control, the ‘Infodemic,’ as they slowly create a problem of “fake news” and misinformation, where they ultimately will present their solution of “news” only to be allowed from ‘approved’ and ‘trusted’ companies run by ‘fact checkers,’ and where everything else will be blocked and where people will be shut out of the internet for publishing what they deem as misinformation.

And worryingly, the same thing is happening with the World Health Organization, slowly becoming a ‘guardian’ of the fake and evil medical community and their pseudo-science of germs, viruses, and disease – all to control the narrative, to control the masses by making them sick and weak, and to hide the real truth of illness; that it comes from within and that any disease and symptom is actually a manifestation of the healing process.

This attack on real information, on the truth, goes hand-in-hand with the release of AI tools, especially tools to generate images from a user prompt, simply telling the AI what to put together as an image, as these images are then presented as real and used in fabricated news stories. I’ve touched on this in several articles in the past, and this story, and stories like these, is simply reinforcement of that idea, of that programming and conditioning of the masses – that information and news need to be controlled. That also means that Microsoft knows very well what they are doing. They are simply taking part in this agenda, this psy-op, playing their part.
As we always say, the hidden hand that rules the world controls both sides of the coin. They always rule by the divide-and-conquer-strategy of the Roman Empire and the Dialectic method of anticipating resistance through placing their controlled opposition on critical positions on the chess board. They swing opinions by creating a problem and then get their will unseeingly forced upon the people by presenting their solution to the problem they created – Order out of Chaos, Hegel’s dialectic.

Of course, being a story presented by the mainstream media, in this case CNN, it was also ritualistically written and published by the numbers. The first story about Microsoft and AI was fronted by CNBC on November 1st, published at 1:44, as in 144, the sum of “Jesuit Order,” telling us that on November 1 Microsoft started selling an AI tool for Office. November 1st can be written as 11/1, as in 111. CNN’s story about Microsoft’s AI making a mess of the news, first emerged on November 1, but was removed, updated, and released on November 2 at the time-stamp of 11:11 AM, another ‘111’ reference.

Internet = 111
Computer = 111

And the article, updated at 11:11, as in 1111, was all about misinformation generated by AI, the tech of computers and Internet.

Misinformation = 1111

In a six-by-six magic square using the numbers 1 to 36 has a magic constant of 111. The square has this magic constant because all the numbers, from 1 to 36, sums to 666, and 666 / 6 = 111. So, in mathematics, which is the foundation of a computer, 111 is a reference to 666, and that is also proven in gematria.

 1 + 2 + 3 + … and so on to 36 = 666, and 666 / 6 = 111

Internet = 666
Computer = 666

Funny how that works. And yes, our language is 100% scripted by the numbers in perfect sync with our fabricated Gregorian calendar, and that is why they script every story using gematria and numerology (and the main reason to why the Catholic Church and their Pope Gregory XIII changed the calendar in 1582.)

Also, many claim that 111 is code for 666, as the Hebrew numerical sign for “6” looks like the westernized “1,” so, writing “111” in Hebrew would be the same as “666.”

And by updating and re-publishing the story one day later, on November 2, they also managed to get it out on a day with full Jesuit 56-date numerology, and a short-date numerology of 36, the code for 666, as 666 is the 36th triangular number – and also referencing back to 111, with the six-by-six magic square using numbers up to 36.

11/2/2023 = 11 + 2 + 20 + 23 = 56
11/2/23 = 11 + 2 + 23 = 36

Also, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, celebrated his 56th birthday on August 19, exactly 74 days before the original story on November 1st.

Satya Nadella = 74, 74

Or, you could say that the updated article on November 2nd was republished at a span of 76 days after Satya Nadella’s birthday, and the article was a propaganda piece on misinformation and disinformation.

Misinformation = 76
Disinformation = 76

Of course, there’s a lot more to the coding of these stories, but I’ll leave it here as the main message is that of the Infodemic, the war on free information.
Unless we start to challenge the beast system, the controlled media outlets, we will soon find ourselves in a full-fledged copy of Orwell’s 1984 where the Ministry of Truth’s fact checkers decides what is deemed real and was is deemed false – and unless you comply, your social credit score will be out of the window, and so will you.

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