Obama Suggest ‘Digital Fingerprints’ to Counter Misinformation (AI/Deepfakes, The Infodemic) and The Development of Digital IDs

It’s been a very slow and quiet two weeks or so in the media, as the Saturn Cult, the Freemasons, and their other goons sometimes take breaks from staging fake shootings and other events to evaluate the chatter among the masses. Of course, the sleeping masses never notices that these staged events suddenly stop, only to be continued again weeks or months later – or that they change the narrative in between. It’s part of their mind-control program, as they can now almost see the result in real time.

Yesterday though, they broke the silence with a staged and utterly fake shooting in St. Louis once again, with 1 dead and supposedly 9 injured. Of course, we have a shooting in a city that is almost half “black” just before Juneteenth, the federal holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. This holiday begins on June 19, like 1 dead and 9 injured. And of course, the location, “St. Louis, Missouri” equals 67 in gematria, the 19th prime number.

However, a few days earlier, on June 16, Barack Obama, the former president of the US during 2009 to 2017, did an interview where he suggested the development of “digital fingerprints” to combat misinformation and distinguish between true and misleading news for consumers.

Yes, this is exactly what I wrote about on May 6, in my article about the new and trending AI Chatbots and AI Deep Fake images. In that article I wrote:

What they want is to blur the lines of reality and ultimately make people beg for a solution. As everyone now has access to this technology, everyone is a potential terrorist, a potential enemy of the public, a potential disinformation agent. As deep fake images and videos saturate the internet, you will never know what is real or who said what. Advanced AI-bots will pretend to be humans and will flood social media with AI-controlled accounts, interacting as ‘humans.’

The next step, as they get more advanced, will be impersonations of just about anyone. At first, you will not be able to know if you actually are writing or talking to a real human or not. At the next stage, you cannot be sure if it is your friend or family member that you are writing to or talking to on the phone, or if it is someone or something pretending and impersonating. AI will become so efficient at real-time deep-fake video and synthesized speech that it will drown out reality. Of course, this was the idea all along and their solution will be a biometric Digital Identification verification coded to your physiology, a ‘fool-proof’ way to verify that you are a human being and not an AI controlled by a terrorist. Pretty much the same system as in ‘verified’ accounts on social media today.“  

Now, this “idea,” this dialectic method of ‘digital fingerprints,’ is the first step. It’s part of their ‘problem-reaction-solution’ trick. They created these different kinds of AI software for rendering a fake reality a very long time ago and have used it on the screen since at least the late 90’s (as in rendering the planes in the 9/11 hoax.) They now recently released very limited and propagandized versions to the public to create the problem of ‘misinformation’ and ‘deep fake’ images and video. And then, they present the solution, which will be introduced in steps.

A ‘digital fingerprint’ is pretty much the same thing as the propaganda and censorship department the ‘ministry of truth’ in George Orwell’s novel 1984. Only government-approved media channels and journalists will have an ‘approved’ digital fingerprint for publishing “information,” verifying that they are real and can be trusted. For the rest of us, we will have ‘digital fingerprints’ in the shape of our ever-evolving digital ID’s, which soon will be required for doing anything, including using the Internet and posting on social media. In other words, anything you post will be tied to your ‘digital fingerprint,’ and if it is not coherent with current ‘right-think’ values and government-propaganda, your social credit score will go down, and you will be marked as a spreader of misinformation, a dissident who is not to be trusted.

Also, when this interview took place, the leading Digital ID solution in Sweden, ‘Bank-ID,’ introduced a fully digital ID with your photo-ID for facial identification that can also be used as a national passport. As all this personal information is stored in your mobile device, it means that it can be accessed anytime you are connected to the net, making you a target for pretty much 24/7 surveillance and making it impossible to be anonymous. Everything you do will be tracked and recorded, and will eventually be used against you.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that they use Barack Obama, their Antichrist character on the world stage, to introduce and push this part of the Infodemic agenda, as a ‘digital fingerprint’ is the same thing as the ‘Mark of the Beast.’

Obama has been used in almost every agenda and psy-op of the left-wing. During his presidency, Obama was used in the false hope narrative of the Black movement and the Climate movement, and also used to push the Luciferian gay-transgender- and multicultural agendas.

His role is also very symbolic, as they always use the numbers and the language of gematria in their rituals, and the phrase of ‘digital fingerprints’ is a perfect match with his full name.

Digital Fingerprints = 116
Barack Hussein Obama = 116

Remember that I said that ‘digital fingerprints’ is the same thing as the Mark of the Beast? Well, in the gematria, using prime numbers, the word ‘digital fingerprints’ sums to ‘666,’ as in the Number of the Beast. Again, these words are not invented or used by coincidence. It’s calculated, it’s their word magic.

Digital Fingerprints = 666

For more on this ritual and why they used Barack Obama, check Joseph Acquaviva’s excellent decode below.

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