Leave The World Behind and “Predictive Programming”

I guess I had to mention this atrocious piece of “movie” sooner or later as my ‘social media feeds’ are still clogged up by it. And yes, I painfully watched it solely for the symbolism and the baby-truthers yelling “predictive programming.”

The movie is extremely coded and deeply satanic, as expected when directed by American Film Institute Conservatory trained Sam Esmail and produced by Barack and Michelle Obama through their Higher Ground Productions company. As for decodes, there are many who have done an excellent job, and I’ll link some at them at the end of this article, which also will be rather short as I’m pressed on time today.

As the movie is filled with fake-science propaganda, like the Earth being a spinning ball in “space” surrounded by ‘satellites,’ the only explanation you get for what is happening is a “cyber-attack,” something that Jesuit Klaus Schwab with his World Economic Forum and their ‘Cyber Polygon’ exercises has been conditioning us about since they began the staged and fake Covid-19 psy-op/ritual. What is funny is that while Cyber Polygon was run in 2020 and 2021, there were several “cyber-attacks” reported by the media, but when they began the staged and fake war in Ukraine, in 2022, that psy-op was also put on the sidelines as so many others. It’s like all those alleged hackers just had a short outburst of mischief or boredom for about a year, and then they quit their shenanigans and went back to playing DOTA and Counterstrike.
Actually, all the minor hacks were simulated by the companies and banks themselves in cooperation with CIA or some other Jesuit group on the world stage. It was conditioning, it was ritualistically done by the numbers, and it will surely happen again, as they always re-run the same scripts over and over again.

What people refer to as “predictive programming,” a phrase that now has gone mainstream thanks to ‘Leave the World Behind,’ is not about “predicting” or “foreshadowing” REAL events to come, it’s about reinforcing specific parts of planned or ongoing psy-ops. Planting small seeds and conditioning the viewer to accept events when they later are being fabricated, usually in a sloppy manner, by the media.

The thing about movies and TV-shows is that many of them are produced by Jesuit-trained Freemasons, or production companies owned by them, who in turn influences the production. So, in that sense, they actually do leave some breadcrumbs of what will come. It’s not “predictions,” it’s hints to what they will do, as everything has already been planned. However, most of what they “do” is not real, it’s staged and fake, it’s an illusion that the sleeping masses believes to be real. That is a big difference!

With that said, the world is not about to end as portrayed in the movie, or being subject to another ‘world-war’ with ‘cyber-warfare’ and total blackouts, not unless we actually are approaching the end-times, another reset, as if you believe in the ‘simulation theory’’ or in the ‘Rapture,’ (as they said in the movie that ‘no one’ was in control of what was happening, hinting at the cabal, the Saturn Cult.)

In the movie, they had a scene with Tesla cars, still being able to navigate perfectly on the roads at high speed, but nonetheless smashing into each other without braking as the roads clogged up. Yeah, Tesla’s might malfunction if cell-towers and other means of communication is wiped out, but not in that way. Extremely silly. They would just be dead or stop in its tracks when communication is lost. Then, a few days later, we had fabricated headlines in the “news” stating that Tesla had begun to recall nearly all vehicles sold in the US in order to fix a system that monitors drivers using autopilot. That is how they blend fiction (the events in the atrocious movie) and reality (recalling cars) to condition the sleeping masses and to get ‘conspiracy theorists’ going nuts. They must have had a really good laugh about that one.

The movie is also extremely racial, with typical movie stereotypes and with a lot of political puns and propaganda, which all likely come from the Obamas.
The 1619 Project is hinted at throughout the movie, referring to the year the first enslaved Africans arrived in North America, and the project’s goal is to begin America’s history then, in 1619, rather than in 1776. The ship, representing the climate agenda with oil/fossil fuels, that crashed into the beach was called the White Lion, which is the name of the first slave ship to arrive in Virginia, in 1619. Again, why would a ship crash into a beach at high speed? You can still steer a ship without a working computer, or it would simply be dead in the water, drifting.

The brother, the misogynist, incompetent, and shallow Ken doll, wears an ‘OBEY’ t-shirt with Obama’s face designed by Frank Shepard, who did the iconic Obama HOPE poster. The father, sharing the same traits as his son, with zero survival skills and even admitting to being ‘useless’ without the ‘internet,’ wears a t-shirt with ‘Bikini Kill,’ which is a reference to the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Island. Of course, the mother is also racist, showing obvious resentment because their family had to share the house with a Black man and his daughter, something that likely symbolizes the first years of the Obamas in the ‘White House.’

We had planes falling out from the sky for no apparent reason, as if their steering and engines would fail when the computer fails without the pilots being able to do anything. Extremely silly. But the falling planes symbolized 9/11, reinforced by the father playing Jenga, a ‘falling tower’ game. Of course, the address to their vacation house was ‘11963’, as in 1963 when JKF was shot, and 1/19 as in a flipped 9/11 or January 19, the day of Patient Zero for the COVID-19 psy-op, and symbolizing the Fall of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:9. Also, the movie Donnie Darko, which is referred to many times, was released on 1/19, 2001 (which backwards (119 = 911) connect to the 9/11 twin-towers also in 2001.)

I could go on, but the movie is more about these ritual symbolic puns than about “predicting” anything.

So, next year, in 2024, we will have a solar eclipse on April 8, a movie called “Civil War” (A24) is hyped and about to be released, and it’s also election year where Trump will make his comeback (and a possible staged assassination attempt on his life.) So, yes, we can likely expect that they bring back the “cyber-attack” shenanigans, or even stage and fake some war-like attack (the atom-bomb references) in some city-area that they have been emptying on people, but likely nothing more than that. They, the Saturn Cult, need us, the people, to rule over in their illusion, their world stage. They are only interested in controlling us, making us a part of the hive mind, and limiting the world population to a manageable amount, not to destroy or eradicate all of us.
Also, all countries and ‘world-leaders’ are in the same club, controlled by the same people and working on the same agendas, so any kind of “war” or “event” is staged and faked to ease in new laws and policies, as they are all in on it.

In short, this vile movie, with its weird and extremely bad actors, including that little ‘Donnie Darko’ girl obsessed with the shittiest show in history (Friends,) is simply a part of a big ongoing ritual used as a conditioning and programming tool, and to make ‘conspiracy theorists’ reach over the top. It’s another big nothing-burger with a side dish of a lot of chickenfeed.

As for decodes, and how things are connected, as in their rituals, check these out and draw your own conclusions.
And thanks to Joseph for the featured image, you can follow him on Facebook and on YouTube.

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