From Transgenderism to Transhumanism, the Elite’s Vision of the Future

After yesterday’s article about the abomination who won the staged Miss Netherlands “beauty” pageant, I received some requests about the connection between the transgender agenda and the transhumanism agenda, and to expand on the latter – the transhumanist technological vision of the future.
Please read my transgender article first, for a better understanding of their agendas and how it fits with transhumanism.

In short, the misled supporters of transgenderism will say that we are more mind than body, and that is what makes the Luciferian transgender ideology an essential component of the push toward transhumanism acceptance. The blending of genders and people who refuse to be labelled as male or female drives the non-binary idea of “cyborgs” without the need of sex and childbirth, and moving towards a collective hive mind, a virtual world where everyone is controlled by AI.

Before we continue, let’s explore the idea of transhumanism. It is, of course, a brainchild of the Saturn cult, the elite families and the Jesuit Order, with the goal of turning human beings into cyborgs (a living organism that has robotic or mechanical parts that extend its capabilities) connected to a hive mind. It is part of the Luciferian agenda, because transhumanists believe that they can become gods through technology. And by removing genders, by removing sex between man and woman and thus child-birth, they can instead create “humans” in labs, as in being their own creator – or simply have bodies or brains connected to the hive mind.

The idea of everyone being connected, very much like a collective hive-mind, was first introduced to the public on a larger scale by Fabian Society’s H.G. Wells and his collection of essays titled the ‘World Brain’ in 1936.
However, plans of creating a ‘global knowledge network’ goes back to 1737 and to Andrew Michael Ramsay, a Scottish Rite Freemason and tutor to Prince Charles Edward, who described a ‘Universal Dictionary,’ one of the objectives of Freemasonry, where all nations will be united in one single work, aka., a One World Government, a One World Order, a single hive mind, the singularity.

During the 1960’s, Silicon Valley emerged. It is a region near San Francisco consisting of technology companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit, Oracle, Twitter, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, eBay, and many others that grew out of the research and influence of the mind-control thinktanks of the Tavistock Institute and the Stanford Research Institute. This means that the transhumanist movement control the thinking, ideology and every advancement of the tech companies in Silicon Valley.

During the 1970’s, they slowly and gradually began to roll out military technology to the public, to step-by-step cautiously move us towards digital slavery. These technologies were pushed and endorsed upon the public through mind-controlled PR-actors and invented characters portrayed as geniuses such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and in later days, by Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.
We also have Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom, trained at the LSE of the Fabian Society, who wrote ‘Superintelligence’ in 2014, a book that argues that if AI surpass human brains in general intelligence, then this new superintelligence could replace humans as the dominant lifeform on Earth. The book was promoted by Google, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Keep in mind that actors like Elon Musk is used as both pushers and controlled opposition of their transhumanist agenda. Musk push technology and the transhumanist cyborg-idea through his Neuralink (brain implants,) while at the same time warning the public of AI-advancements. This makes him more ‘trustworthy’ among the sheep, an ‘cautious’ authority figure who they believe they can trust.

Through the conditioning of enjoying simple home computers to the necessity of personal computers such as the PC or Mac, to mobile phones and handheld devices, the use of social media became mandatory for most people through group pressure and the simple addictive satisfaction of scrolling through peoples lives and getting likes. Through this conditioning, apps such as Instagram, Snapchat (developed at the Stanford Institute,) and TikTok (CIA/Chinese Intelligence) was made mandatory for children. These apps are used for individual targeted mind control through collection and real-time AI-analysis of all of the user’s data (text messages, posts, images, videos, facial expressions, interactions, clicking/tapping behavior, searches, browser history, and much more.) The collection of data is used to build a digital copy of the user, an avatar, which can be used in simulations and to predict behavior and emotional responses to specific information or stimuli. The ultimate mind-control tool.

The next step in this field of data collection will AI-controlled support- and therapist/coach avatars that knows more about you than you do yourself. These virtual digital-friends/authority figures will ‘guide’ you through life and correct you if you happen to express any kind of ‘wrong think.’ They will become your new ‘life’ partners.
This is also connected to the transhumanists vision of eternal life, their death-rebirth ritual, where you will continue to live in a virtual world as a digital avatar once your physical body dies.
Actually, the transhumanists of Silicon Valley celebrate this idea of death and rebirth as a ‘cyborg’ with a mass held in the Nevada desert called ‘Burning Man.’

Through the transgender conditioning of our current young generation, more and more people will be open to the idea of sexual abstinence and instead turn to virtual reality and pleasure through technology. This will be symbolic of a quarantine, just as the 40 days during the flood in the Bible which is also a metaphor for sexual abstinence to activate the pineal gland. People will begin to live in their personal private virtual reality controlled by their artificial AI-avatar partner (we can already see the programming of this with crisis actors in the media marrying and living with dolls and amine-characters.) In a sense, the organic and the artificial world will merge. And the ultimate goal will be to upload your mind to the collective, to the hive, and thus reach immortality.

Ultimately, as all the world-stage agendas tie together in a “we are all one” – the ‘hive,’ they will usher us into a New Age world religion of transhumanism where we through mind-control and technological manipulation of the pineal gland has to obey their AI, their interpretation of their god Lucifer.

As you can see, transgenderism, the erasing of male and female, the confusion of identity, making young people feel lost and in need of authoritarian guidance, fits very nicely with the vision of transhumanism and the AI-controlled hive mind.
And so does the Green Climate Change agenda with pushing “sustainable development,” replacing our species-appropriate food-supply of animal produce with plant-based kibble to make us docile, weak, and sickly slaves, forcing us into 15-minute slave cities, and ultimately getting rid of the polluting carbon-emitting human body altogether.

As a parent, it’s more crucial than ever to home-school your children as much as possible. Explain the sinister and dark sides of technology, how people and corporations will try to manipulate and take advantage of you. How they will imprison you. Limit their time and exposure to technology and screens. Introduce them to nature and to practical survival skills. Let them play outside and use their imagination and creative skills. Make them appreciate real organic life in the real world.

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