Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 11

Welcome back, my dear friends. In this part, we continue our journey through the history of mind control, manipulation, lies, and deceit with the early years of the 2000’s and how they impacted the illusion we are living in today.

On March 20, 2003, George W. Bush ordered the ‘2003 invasion of Iraq,’ a continuation of his father’s 1990 invasion of Iraq, also known as the staged and mostly faked ‘videogame war,’ which was aired 24/7 on CNN.
This time Bush argued that Iraq was concealing weapons of mass destruction. However, when WMD intelligence proved illusory and a violent insurgency arose, the war lost public support, which was the scripted decline of president Bush’s popularity; paving the way for the next chapter in the script with presidential puppet Barack Obama in 2009. That was also the reason why George W. Bush deliberately played the role of a buffoon character, often ridiculed by the entertainment media, as he represented the Fool archetype (no sense of guilt or shame, no planning or thought) – a character which was made for conditioning the public to accept a change in leadership to the left-wing (Obama.)

Saddam Hussein was ‘captured’ on December 13th, 2003, and replaced by Jesuit Ayad Allawi. His character was terminated on December 30, 2006, after a fake and staged trial by hanging, as in the hanged man, the sacrifice of one’s old self (Masonic ritual of rebirth.)

As a contribution to the shift of opinion towards George W. Bush, and to pave the way for the left-wing, the provocateur agent Michael Moore (MM=33) produced the documentary Fahrenheit 911 (9:11 ritual symbolism,) which was later released in 2004.
The main points of the film were the presidency of George W. Bush, the Iraq War, and the media’s coverage of the war, claiming that the media were cheerleaders for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and did not provide an accurate analysis, nor admitting the resulting casualties.
This was classic controlled opposition of the alternative media cult, reinforcing the lie that everything about the invasion/war was real, making both sides of the coin, as in the left and the right, believe in the official story. When you run a story in mainstream media you will always have two camps, the believers and the non-believers. The non-believers are scooped up by alternative media and controlled opposition, serving them another lie to cover up the fact that everything was scripted, staged, and executed to control the world stage and keep the population within their illusion, their mind-control prison.

In 2003 we saw the birth of Alternate Reality Games, mixing real-life with a fictional story. These games were often viral marketing campaigns for movies and used the terminology ‘puppet-master’ for the people running the game and ‘rabbit-hole’ (Alice in Wonderland programming) for the trail of clues.
The first Alternate Reality Game was made by 42 Entertainment, founded by Jordan Weisman and Susan Bonds, who worked for Disney. Yes, 42 is the number representing Saturn, and thus the Saturn cult.
They made ‘The Beast,’ for Steven Spielberg’s AI movie. The campaign started with a “rabbit hole,” or a clue in the form of a website that rolled by with the credits of a film. That led gamers through a mystery that they had to solve collectively.
Another campaign involved Microsoft’s 2004 “ilovebees” campaign for the game Halo 2. In that campaign, 42 Entertainment arranged to have 50,000 pay phones ring across the country at exactly the same time. Fans and gamers answered the phones, recorded the messages, and pieced the audio into a six-hour broadcast about the topic of the game, the invasion of Earth by the alien race The Covenant.

The concept of Alternate Reality Games was later used by controlled opposition, to engage players to take part in a fictional alternative world stage illusion and do the work themselves, as seen with Pizzagate and Qanon of the Q-movement; as in luring their mind-controlled followers into promoting the Jesuit Donald Trump as a savior by interpreting silly CIA-delivered ‘Q-drops’ (rabbit holes) of nonsense information. The followers were then strung along by agents (puppet masters) pretending to be decoders and authorities on Q-drops. This was put in play in 2016 and escalated in 2019 and is still in play as I write this. That is the power of mind control, even among those believing themselves to be ‘truth-seekers.’

2003 was also the year when the Jesuit propaganda outlet, disguised as international activist hackers, arose as the group ‘Anonymous,’ using the mask of the Jesuit Guy Hawkes (the mask symbolizes the Hive Mind and Mercury, as in wit, communication and the Trickster.) The group was created to spread disinformation and to play a savior role for the controlled conspiracy movement.
Their logo is similar to that of the United Nations and the WHO.

In 2004 we saw the rise of social media with the founding of Facebook, using the ‘F’ logotype from the Freemasons, representing Tubal Cain from Genesis 4:22, the father of smithcraft. Facebook is a tool of the CIA, designed to collect data and behavior patterns, as well as being used for social engineering experiments and spreading media hoaxes while censoring ‘wrong-think’ by limiting its exposure (shadow-banning.) Facebook is owned by Vanguard and Blackrock, and is thus in total control of the Saturn cult, the same families that control the CIA and all other secret service agencies.

Facebook and similar social media platforms are also a conditioning tool for the hive mind, as you take part of a fictional community, as in living and sharing with others without any kind of privacy — as in the model and vision of the Jesuit United Nations’ Smart Cities and the ‘5-minute cities’ concept of Agenda 2030. That kind of conditioning also made it easier to control the larger masses during the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic, as most people had been conditioned to be indoors and do everything from their mobile phones and turning to social media for ‘social contact’, all while they had been conditioned to accept massive infringements on their privacy through years of social media usage. The next phase in this slow-paced conditioning is the Social Credit Score System, tied to your digital ID.
Facebook was a CIA mind control project from the start, disguised as a company in a free market with “visionaries” such as Mark Zuckerberg and other young students, who in reality were trained media actors playing roles of PR-agents.

During 2004 we also noticed an increase in the trends of mindfulness, concepts like open source, creative commons, peer-to-peer, sharing economy, and so on. This laid the groundwork for the ‘evolution’ of the internet for social media, sharing, and not owning the rights for your work, as you contribute to the hive. It was counter-capitalism.

We also saw the trend of ‘healthy food’ appear, another illusion and part of several mind-control projects, and which of course, was the complete opposite of what real nutritious food actually is for humans (we are carnivores.)

During the early 2000’s and several years forward, the Satanic Disney created several mind-controlled sex slaves within the music- and entertainment industry to influence children and the youth with bad and morally corrupted role models, paving the way for the gay- transgender agenda, pedophilia, the sexualization of children, and to popularize Kabbalism and Satanic/Crowleyan symbolism.

Among these new celebrities we had, for example, Britney Spears who played the archetype of the Dark Feminine (Whore of Babylon,) used to push the multicultural- and gay agenda.

We had Paris Hilton, a Monarch mind-controlled sex slave (Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz symbolism and kitten programming,) used in the media- and porn industry to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine (Whore of Babylon,) the archetype of the modern ‘famous-for-nothing’ celebrity, an icon in the religion of fame and riches.

Another Monarch mind-controlled sex slave was Miley Cyrus, used in the media and music industry to normalize Multiple Personality Disorder and the Luciferian pedophilia and sodomy religion. Miley started out as a child-actress, playing the lead character in Disney’s Hannah Montana, which gradually turned the little girl into the more sexual and evil alter-ego of Miley Cyrus. Cyrus refers to the star Sirius, associated with the Divine Feminine, corrupted as the goddess Isis, moon goddess Hannah and Kali (hence her tongue symbolism.)

We also had mind-controlled sex slave Lindsay Lohan used by the entertainment industry to normalize drug addiction, push the gay-lesbian agenda and to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon (a red-haired Marjorie Cameron, Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate.)

Then we also had male-to-female transgender Kim Kardashian, used in the media industry as the Whore of Babylon to popularize the agendas of online fame (staged and scripted reality shows and then Instagram and social media,) and to push the gay-transgender agenda.
Kardashian was also used to normalize unhealthy and exaggerated body modifications through plastic surgery and implants (as he/she desperately tried to narrow the face and widen the hips to match her broad manly shoulders.) The Kardashians are the perfect example of kitten mind-controlled sex slaves, with reduced moral inhibitions to create slaves with sexual promiscuity (the practice of engaging in sexual activity frequently with different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.)

On the same theme, we saw Selena Gomez, another singer-actress who plays the role of the archetype of the Dark Feminine Lilith and is used to push the gay agenda, the fake movement Black Lives Matters, and to lure children and youths into online narcissism through Instagram and similar platforms.

And among the boys, we had singer-actor Justin Timberlake, used in the entertainment industry to impose the Multicultural, pedophilia and gay-transgender agendas, as well as promoting Barack Obama. Timberlake plays the role of Moonchild William, the child Horus in the Aeon of Horus.
We also had Ryan Gosling, used by the same industry to normalize trauma-based mind control. He plays the archetype of Horus the child.

This massive push of new despicable role models for the youth also resulted in several mental breakdowns among said celebrities, which became part of the spectacle of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

In 2004 we also saw a new trend of TV-drama in the shape of J.J. Abrams series ‘Lost,’ a play on being lost in the abyss, the underworld, after a symbolic 9:11 plane crash, with pieces from the lovers’ creation, the twin brothers Cain and Abel, and Paradise Lost, with a hatch representing the ’88 portal,’ the tomb of Osiris. The series used a multi-narrative, interlinking stories to keep the audience confused and guessing.

It is also during 2004 we see the fake Climate Change (CC=33) agenda rising again with the release of the film “The Day After Tomorrow,” which depicts a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and a new ice age.
At the same time, media-actor Elon Musk is used to found the electric car company Tesla (named after Nikola Tesla.)

In 2005 the real climate change craze takes off with Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and the war on carbon, which also ties into the transhumanism agenda and movement. The mythical post-carbon age is the transhumanist dream of being purely digital, leaving their carbon body behind. We covered Al Gore in the left vs right series.
We also saw an energy oil-crisis scare in the media, something that is repeated every few years.

In early 2005, Barack Obama became senator on the same day that Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther back in 1521. At this stage in his script, Barack played the role of a new Martin Luther King with transgender partner Michelle, and he was promoted as a ‘Christ’ savior by the left-wing and by puppets of the Hollywood film industry.

In 2005 controlled opposition Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan began to film staged interviews about UFO’s and other hoaxes, which lead them to found Project Camelot in 2006. Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot was a Jesuit-controlled propaganda outlet used in the New Age Movement to spread disinformation about extraterrestrials, Operation Paperclip, and other similar hoaxes, such as crystal skulls, grey aliens, the Illuminati, secret space programs, and Planet X/Nibiru.
All of Kerry Cassidy’s interviews closed with a masonic handshake.

In February of 2005, YouTube was founded by three PayPal employees. It was the continuation and early evolution of social media and online narcissism as it built a platform for dreams of fame and fortune by posting videos and imitating their favorite Monarch slave celebrities. And to push this idea, several agents and media-actors were hired and promoted to give the public and their users the illusion of an easy path to success and stardom, the rags-to-riches story.
Of course, YouTube was ‘acquired’ a year later by Google, to give it the ‘growth burst’ that it needed. At first it was an open platform to establish its position as the leader, then it slowly began to implement several layers of censorship while promoting propaganda of the Saturn cult. It follows the same script as regular media where YouTube is the leading and politically correct platform, censoring all ‘conspiracy theories,’ while the other platforms are controlled opposition. And while these other platforms seem more open, they instead promote the false and misleading conspiracy theories while censoring the real truth. We covered Google and part of YouTube in part 9.

2005 was also the year when James McTeigue released the movie ‘V for Vendetta,’ based on a DC Comics series with a screenplay written by the Wachowskis (part of the gay-transgender agenda.)
V for Vendetta is about the Jesuit plot of Guy Fawkes, but set in a futuristic Britain, and it introduced the controlled opposition ‘Anonymous’ who hides behind the mask of Jesuit Guy Fawkes. The movie also foreshadowed the Covid19-ritual with that of a world-wide virus and a prison society with masks – a 1984 totalitarian regime with censorship and curfews and no social contact.
It is also a story about an anarchist savior rebelling against a racist, homophobic totalitarian fascist regime, which simply is the inversion of our reality where our governments censor all our resistance against their agendas and label it as racist, Islamophobic, alt-right, or homophobic.

At the end of 2005, the puppet of the left-wing axis Angela Merkel is made Chancellor of Germany. She is trained as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has strong ties to several Jesuits, the Goldman Sachs, and Hillary Clinton. As Germany is the biggest economy of the European Union, she also serves as leader of the EU and G8, and is thus one of the main actors in the Climate Change agenda. She is also used to initiate the decline and destruction of Germany by leading as an example for the implementation of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

In 2006 we see the foundation of the fake ‘whistleblower’ organization Wikileaks by controlled opposition and media actor Julian Assange.
Assange grew up in the Australian LSD mind-controlled cult ‘The Family,’ similar to the Manson Family of Charles Manson (and the CIA Laurel Canyon project.)
Wikileaks immediately became closely associated with the Jesuit-controlled group Anonymous.

And again, my time is up for today. Thank you all for the support and messages.
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