Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 4

This is the fourth part where we look at misleading and false ‘conspiracy theories,’ as in psychological operations playing on baby ‘truthers’ and serving like chickenfeed of useless misinformation, keeping you running in circles — or how they are hiding what is going on behind operations that are intended to look like conspiracies.

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With that out of the way, let’s continue with some false and misleading conspiracy psy-ops that most of us agree on:

Rockefeller as a big mastermind

The Rockefeller family is part of the cult of Saturn worship (Scottish Rite Freemasons.) While some claim that Rockefeller is part of the 13 families that rule our world from the shadows, it seems more likely that they are simply actors on the world stage, following orders and the agenda set in motion as everyone that actually is named and a has a face to the public. In that regard, the Rockefeller family was used as the American Dream mythology of a family that conquered “the world” in only three generations, while in truth, they were used as a distraction and shield for the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, and the important Italian families while they spread their influence within the United States and founded Freemasonry to control the government and its underlings.

With that said, we can certainly all agree on the fact that the Rockefellers have had a large play in the pain and suffering of this world, especially trough their involvement in promoting Pasteur and his germ-theory lie, the virus lie, and their hand in shaping the fraudulent Modern Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry.

However, whether Rockefeller had any influence or were simply actors, they did not achieve everything they did on their own. They are no masterminds, but simply part of the world stage.

Rothschilds as a big mastermind (and the Jewish conspiracy)

Rothschild means red shield, the symbol of the Roman Empire and the Order of Malta, the protectors of the Vatican. The Rothschilds are close to the Borghese family, who have a dragon in their shield of arms, and are also part of the Order of Malta (aka., Knights of Malta,) of the Draco Empire.

The Rothschilds rose to fame while working with William of Hesse, who was part of the Illuminati, a distraction of the Catholic Church to invent an anti-Christianity conspiracy. They got rich as bankers of the Vatican, managing the fortunes of the opium trade of the East India Company through the Hesse-Kassel and Sassoon family. As they rose in power, they were assimilated by the Jesuits trough the Order of Malta and the Draco-Orion empire. Thus, they are puppets of the Jesuit Order and the Draco-Orion empire and they descend from Turkey and has connections to the Khazars.
The Rothschilds has been used on the world stage as a distraction, to fund wars (psy-ops,) to homogenize the banking system all over the world and lay the foundation for a One World Currency and One World Government. As with Henry Kissinger (part 3,) The Rothschilds have been portrayed as the great Jewish kingpins, very much like the American-ditto of the Rockefellers, to serve as distraction and as a shield for the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, and the important Italian ‘mafia’ families – especially as the Catholic Church and the European Christians were portrayed as victims of their conspiracy.

In internet/social media pop culture, Jacob Rothschild becomes the archetypical globalist, the old rich Jewish man with a devilish grin, ready to shapeshift, a meme associated with One-Eye Pyramid symbolism, or as in a cartoon character like Mr. Burns in The Simpsons – a boogeyman for controlled opposition like Alex Jones, David Icke and Luke Rudkowski to yell at, easy to debunk, ridicule and dismiss as antisemitism.

Controlled opposition like David Icke, Luke Rudkowski, and Alex Jones exaggerates their power and wealth, while the mainstream media describes them as a group of harmless philanthropists. They do not own 400 trillion dollars, but rather 35 billion between them, which is nothing compared to some of the Jesuit families like Walton. They are not part of a Jewish conspiracy against the church and they don’t control the Associated Press, which actually is controlled by the top of the power pyramid through Jesuit families and the Draco-Orion empire.

Very much like the Rockefellers, the Rothschild family has only existed for about 200 years on the world stage, while the Babylonian/Roman Empire has ruled the world for at least 3000 years. You do the math.


‘Qanon,’ as the media calls the Q-movement, since Q’tards refer themselves as ‘Anons,’ is a classic psy-op based on their “secret operative” Q, which is another psy-op and CIA puppet modelled after the old communist counterintelligence ‘operation trust’ and a ‘alternate reality’ operation aimed at the gullible alt-right-wing sleeping masses. The Qanon movement was orchestrated by controlled opposition in 2019 to promote Jesuit Donald Trump, Fox News, and Alternative right-wing media as saviors during the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic ritual.

It was a continuation of the Pizzagate psy-op (child trafficking and pedophilia) in anticipation of the US election ritual with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Thus, it continued on the path of the Infodemic to create the problem of Russian ‘fake news’ and to frame ‘conspiracy theories’ as far-right-wing, and to label anyone questioning the media or government as crazy and dangerous – a potential terrorist. It was used to desensitize people to rumors about pedophilia, child sacrifice (adrenochrome psy-op,) and to increase Facebook and Social Media censorship via the problem-reaction-solution method.

The hook of the Q and Qanon psy-op is the false hope narrative and promise of mass arrests and executions of the “deep state” leaders, which seven years later has still to happen, and the continuous ludicrous quoting from ‘reports’ that the alleged “deep state” is panicking and losing ground, something that has been on repeat for several years now (for example the X22 report psy-op of controlled opposition pretending that Trump is preparing an offensive.) This false hope narrative is a central theme borrowed from New-Age shill David Wilcock (Gaia) and the Jesuit Benjamin Fulford. Also, the idea of an ‘anonymous’ Savior, as in ‘Q,’ was also used by the Jesuit controlled opposition Anonymous.

Qanon was also used as a classic Divide-and-Conquer strategy after the scripted and staged riots of the fake Black Lives Matter movement and the staged George Floyd ritual. Because of these staged rituals, the mainstream media propaganda channels could use Qanon as the definition of the stereotype of violent, racist, antisemitic Trump supporter. Actually, as they do not differentiate between those believing in the left-vs-right psy-op and those simply questioning the government and the current narrative, Qanon was used to ridicule anyone who question propaganda, as in the media and the government, and it was used to normalize censorship for followers of the left-wing.

The climax of this stage of the psy-op was the scripted and staged Capitol attack of 2021.

For more on Q, please read my article ‘Being Diet Aware. Deep State, White Hats, and Q/QAnon-Bullshit.’

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If you want more information or like to discuss these misleading conspiracies, please join us at our uncensored community where we go much deeper into each and every one of these.

This was the final part of the condensed truther psy-ops series. I might do more parts covering larger psy-ops, hoaxes, and rituals that need to be full articles.

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