A quick look at the Media and the News – How They are Controlling You!

This will be a bit simplified, because most people can not stomach 50 pages on one single subject. So, to fit it into two pages or so, it has to be straight to the point. Note that I’ve worked within the ‘media circus’ during 1997 to 2012 – as Editor-in-Chief, as a writer and freelance journalist – all self-taught and through sheer ambition – and I was fooled for a long time too.

First thing first. And this goes for sports, the entertainment industry (TV shows, movies, music, etc.), news and whatever is used to program you and to keep you distracted.
Repeat after me. They do not need to make a profit! It’s all controlled by the 13 bloodlines and their unimaginable wealth, their secret societies, their banks and multi-billion industries. They have access to whatever they want and need. And they want to be Gods, to control everything that happens in this world, to write “our” history in their name and image.
So, if you ever are to begin to understand this world, you need to understand that they do not play by their own rules. They do not need to make profit, or any money at all from what they are doing to control the narrative, to shape our reality.

Now, as for the media, there are a few simple things you need to realize regarding the media and the ‘news’. They are there to control you. To tell you how and what to think, how you perceive reality and what you think is real, and to keep you in that prison within your mind without you even knowing it.

  • The ruling elite families has been using astrology since the times of the Babylonian and Egyptian civilization to plan events and to keep people in a social engineering staged ‘reality-script’. Today, this is done through the Jesuit-controlled media and education system.

  • All major stories are fabricated and coded using Gematria, i.e., combining letters, words, and their numeric value, synced with the dates and the message. This practice is ancient and goes back to the first languages of man. It’s ritualistic, it’s how they play Gods and shape our world and reality – because that was how God created the world.

  • All breaking, or ‘viral’ stories, are controlled, scripted and serves a purpose. Nothing goes ‘viral’ unless them let it. This is true for any platform. It’s all controlled. So, always ask yourself, “why is this story getting exposure?” The answer is usually hidden several steps down the road in their game of chess, and that is why some of us try and decode their messages.

  • Photos, images, video clips, snippets, or whatever do not get accidentally leaked or “exposed” unless they want them to. Joe Biden stumbling and falling down a few steps of stairs is not a funny “catch”. It’s fabricated and serves a purpose – same with fake documents indicating bioweapons from a lab in Wuhan. All fake, all distractions to keep the semi-woke on different paths leading nowhere.

  • If a “celebrity”, “politician”, or any kind of “influencer” is presented in a special way, that is exactly how they want him/her presented. They are all actors; they all serve a purpose.

  • To keep people from questioning, verifying, and researching the news stories, the media push out an incredible amount of news and updates every day. It’s like a non-stop 48-hours of news per 24-hour news cycle, and this is by design, as it keeps media consumers from verifying anything. This is also another reason why most stories are simply fabricated, made up by ghost writers in writing farms (as we will get to in minute.)

All this is controlled by “The System” and its parts. The “system” is not defined as a group, or a thing/entity. It’s ingrained everywhere by design going back hundreds of years. You can define it by these bullet points.

  • The indoctrination school system. No matter the ‘education’ you chose or receive, you are dumbed down to learn and repeat ‘facts’ – their facts. The little you’ll learn is miniscule to their knowledge. You only learn what is needed to be a good slave to the system. You are taught to think in a certain way (inside their box), not to question and not to be creative. This is especially true for media and journalists. The brainwashing about what to think and how to re-shape the truth to fit the narrative is very real, very strong. This is how the system can control even the smaller news outlets who reports on more “local” events. And remember, people are easily tricked and fooled into following the herd, afraid of any kind of responsibility or accountability. The, “I do as they do, they can’t all be wrong” mentality is very real.

  • Think Tank and Writing farms. The Jesuit educated ‘monks’ and Freemasons who are the ‘think tank’ of the parasites running the world. These are the ones fabricating all the lies and stories, matching them with dates and gematria using powerful software and AI writing farms. Making their rituals come true, shaping our reality. And pushing it all out through the major media outlets that they all own and control.
    They are writing the script for this reality show we call ‘real life’.

  • Editors, editorial staff and firms. These are the ones making sure that the articles/stories are coded correctly when ‘common’ journalists have had their hand in it; that they follow the plan and the current agenda. And when actual real news happens, these are the people who make sure it gets reported in a way that follow their agenda, their narrative. This also goes back to the school system, as journalists are trained to think and report in a certain way.

  • Paid Shills, Fact Checkers, Government and Military employees. These are everywhere, acting like regular folks with fake identities, trying to influence people to follow the agenda while attacking, humiliating and mocking those who are awake and against it.

  • Controlled Opposition/Gatekeepers and Disinformation Agents. Actors that seem to be on the side of the people, of humanity, and share a lot of truths and things that most of us have figured out anyway. They are there to keep those waking up in line, to keep them focusing on things that are fabricated and does not matter. To string them along. They can be hard to identify at times, but most of them avoid the really important questions and truths, such as that a virus has never been isolated or proven to be a contagion. Or that the whole medical establishment and “modern medicine” is based on lies and deceit.

  • Artificial Intelligence, AI, the bots of social media, search engines, fake AI-controlled blogs and news sites, and so on. Making sure the current accepted “right think” get exposure, while the truth and those asking questions gets hidden. Also acting like regular people on social media platforms, posting the same messages over thousands of fake accounts to push opinions and to influence the weak-minded.

As you can see, we who try and fight this system and wake our fellow man has our hands full. And this is only scratching the surface. It goes deeper, much deeper. And remember, they didn’t start faking the news when you started paying attention — that the news is nothing more than a fake reality TV show govern by agendas. They have been doing this since the very beginning, hence they are very good at it.

Still, it’s important to understand and to really see this reality for what it is. How everything is controlled and that almost everything you are presented with is fake – fabricated. The best way to avoid being trapped in their stories and narratives is to understand the motive behind the stories. First we need to ask “what happened” instead of “who did it,” because the ‘it’ has not been established as a factual event. Actually, the most important question is asking, “did it happen at all?” To assume or believe the premise established by the initial media reports of any event is to build on a foundation of hearsay. In a ‘mass shooting,’ many “truthers” will chase the reason behind it such as “MK Ultra Assassins” and “patsies,” never realizing that these alternative explanations put out by controlled opposition in “alternative media” are there to protect the mainstream medias version’s central premise that “IT” happened. That is the whole motive, to present these events as real and have people argue about the reasons or who did it instead of asking the critical question of, “did it happen at all?” The MSM and the alt-media are actually on the same page when they debate “false flag” vs the reported story, that is, they present the event as it happened for real.

Learn to see through it. Learn to decode their lies. Exit the Matrix!

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