Musk, Conservatives, Pelosi Conspiracy, Disaster Trolls, and the Infodemic — And Elon’s Halloween Costume

One of the silliest scripted stories this last week was that of the staged and utterly fake Pepe the Frog ‘hammer’ attack on Paul Pelosi. We who can see tore it apart, and it was so bad that it could classify as an IQ-test for only the dumbest of the NPC’s. Still, media pushed the story for days, and still do, and recently they used their controlled opposition and puppet Elon Musk to further their war on information (the Infodemic agenda) with him writing a Tweet fueling a “conservative conspiracy theory” that the alleged attacker DePape and Paul were gay lovers getting into an argument. Elon then deleted his tweet after six hours, but not before, as media puts it, millions had read and shared the tweet. They even had a Freemasonic Police chief “debunking” the tweet in a press conference. Hilarious!

Now, “conspiracy theories” is simply what alternative media and controlled opposition is all about. They try to validate the events as real, that the alleged attack actually happened, but that the reason was different than the original story in the mainstream news. They just present another fabricated side of the same coin. That is how they work together, because the goal, their agenda, is not the story, but to pin “conspiracy theorists” as dangerous mis-information ‘terrorists’ that needs to be stopped – that free speech needs to be censored even further. And Elon Musk played his part perfectly, and he is the ‘Trojan horse’ of the infodemic with his recent acquisition of Twitter.

I’ve explained how mainstream media and alternative media work together in this post:

A quick look at the Media and the News – how they are controlling you!

Another recent development in the age of the Infodemic was an article by BBC where they go after “conspiracy theorists” who claim UK terror attacks as being staged. These “conspiracy theorists” are now called ‘Disaster Trolls,’ because according to the evil mainstream media, they troll “disaster” victims with their ‘conspiracies.’

Of course, anyone with an IQ above 100 or so, can easily see that most “terror” attacks as well as “mass shootings” are staged and extremely fake. It’s simply theatre or an exercise, as in a drill, or both. And that is why they wage an information war on us. The media and their masters do not like being challenged or proven wrong. Hence the Infodemic and the constant attacks on anything that goes against the accepted narrative as reported by the fake mainstream media. And again, they fuel this anti-free-speech-campaign by using silly theories bleated out by controlled opposition and shills such as Elon Musk, Q, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, and so on.

Well, I guess I can add ‘Disaster Troll’ to my curriculum vitae.

Elon posted his Halloween costume together with his mom on Twitter on November 1st. Not only is it the “Devil’s Champion” costume from Abracadabra in NYC and one of its kind with the Baphomet on the chest with an upside down cross, the pictures of him wearing it are filled with symbolism and coded with the number for Saturn and the number of 2022, as in 42…
This also reinforces the script behind the character of Elon Musk, as he is part Werner Von Braun’s “Elon” from Mars, part Tony Stark (Iron Man) as identified by Q’tards, and part Willy Wonka from Charlies and the Chocolate Factory (as in the candy company he once started.)
His connection to Mars is also showed in the picture below, as Mars is an alleged “red” planet, just as his costume, and it’s supposedly the ‘fourth’ planet from the sun in the Jesuit heliocentric model. Also, Iron, as in Ironman, is symbolic for Mars as Mars is supposedly red because of iron. And he has the Baphomet on his chest, as in a Ram, and Aires is a Ram.

There’s a four on the wall and two lights, as in 4 and 2, 42. The four also represents Mars, the “fourth” planet.
Then he posted this as he was exiting his car, showing us the time on his mobile phone.

10:32 = 1032 = (1+0+3)2 = 42

Of course, since the costume is called “Devil’s Champion” and represents Satan, we can also connect 1032 to…

My King And My God = 1032
My Mission On Earth = 1032

And then we have the dog, with its backside against the camera, mocking us because DOG is GOD backwards. The dog is of course dressed in a t-shirt with the Twitter bird. Also, the bird on the left is illuminated. That makes two birds, as in two pillars, as for November, the 11-month.

The Bird = 42
Saturn = 42 (The SUN God, as worshipped by the Jesuits)

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