The Importance of Astrology in the Staged Reality-Script, Part 9

In the first part we took a quick look at the Tree of Life, used in Kabbalism, that is divided into 10 spheres, or ‘sephiroth,’ where the planets stand for different planes of existence. Part 1 covered Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, (Pluto,) and Jupiter. Part 2 covered Mars, the Sun, Venus and Mercury. And part 3 covered the Moon and the Earth.
In part 4 we began our journey into the 12 zodiac signs with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, and how they are connected to one of the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. Part 5 covered Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Part 6 covered Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. In part 7 we returned to Kabbalism and the Tree of Life, connecting all the previous parts. And in part 8 we looked at sacred geometry, lay lines, and a few examples of how astrology has been used in historic events.

In this final part, we will look at a few more examples, including the two recent hoaxes of the fake pandemic and the fake war in Ukraine.

In 2008, Pluto, associated with dictators, reform, renewal, oil and petroleum, entered Capricorn, representing the tarot card of the Devil, that of inversion. This year we saw United Kingdom’s Climate Change Act of 2008, as the inversion of oil and petroleum, and we saw Barack Obama selected as the 44th president of the United States, as in dictators, reform, and the Devil (Obama is playing the role of Akhenaten and the Antichrist.)

In early 2011, Neptune, named after the God of the sea, moved into Pisces and we saw “Operation Neptune Spear” which allegedly led to the killing of the CIA-agent and actor Tim Ozman, playing the character Osama bin Laden on the world stage. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and Pisces is represented by the tarot card of the Moon, representing dualities, just like the actor playing bin Laden. In 2011, the Moon was in the sign of the Scorpio, representing death.
Also, Neptune represents illusions and deception. And two months later, in March of 2011, we saw the Fukushima “nuclear” disaster, at the coast (water = Neptune/Pisces) of Japan, due to an earthquake and a following Tsunami (water waves = Neptune/Pisces.)

In 2020 we saw the biggest mind-control and psychological warfare program in human history as the fake and staged Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic hoax was unleashed on the population of the Earth. During late 2019, when it started, and all through 2020, we had Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, the sign and Tarot card of the Devil, representing inversion, restriction/enslavement, and a false authority like the government (the Devil.)
The tarot card of the Devil is the 15th card, hence the 1.5 meter apart rule. Also, Mars, the God of War, entered Sagittarius, the mediator, the balance, the art of alchemy and the mind, as in making war on the mind using alchemy (as in mind control and vaccines.)
Pluto, the Shadow and the biggest fear, the darkness, which is associated with communism and viruses, was in Capricorn, as in restriction, enslavement and the authority of the Devil.
Corona is simply Chronos, as in Saturn, the “elites” God of death, fear, government, and restriction. As ‘Corona’ was declared a pandemic in March (11th,) Saturn (death) moved into Aquarius, the tarot card of the Star (as in stellar corona,) and the sign representing technology and the alchemic approach of purification (killing the old and weak.) People were spoon-fed propaganda by the media of people dying through the use of technology (TV, computers, phones,) and technology also became the focus (vaccine-passports, for communicating as people were trapped in lock-downs, and used for being programmed with the lies and deceit.)
In 2020, Neptune, representing escapism, deception, stage illusion, the veil, sacrifice, and evolutionary destiny, was in the sign of the Pisces, the Moon, representing dualities, the subconscious, the mask of personality, and thus every sheeple were persuaded into wearing a ‘mask,’ to hide their ‘face,’ and instead use “Facetime,” “Facebook” and similar means to keep contact.

In 2022, the staged, fake, and computer-generated media scare of a world war started in February as Ukraine was theatrically invaded by Russia at the exact time when we saw the conjunction of Pluto, associated with our biggest fear, dictators, communism, nuclear power, and oil, with Mars (war, energy and pipes, as in gas pipelinesnatural gas, energy crisis) and Venus (money and entertainment) in Capricorn, the Devil, associated with restriction, oppression, and death.
And again, just like in 2020 with the staged Covid-19 psy-op, Saturn was in Aquarius, and this time together with Mercury, representing commerce, and we saw an increase in the cost of food.
The staged and totally fake war between Russia and Ukraine is simply a continuation of the Pluto in Capricorn (the Devil, restriction, suppression, death) energy that was used in Covid19-ritual to continue paving the way to Agenda 2030, their New World Order.

And that is it for this time. Looking back at the feedback on social media, most of you seemed to enjoy this series, as most of it was new to many of you. I will likely expand on these subjects in the future, and also use some of it in future decodes, linking back to the appropriate parts.
I also received questions about the origins of this Matrix, where we come from, including that of Atlantis, the inorganic synthetic ‘4D’ realm, and so on. While it is impossible to give an absolute answer to our origin and our true history, I can expand on theories and the beliefs of secret societies and the Saturn cult (as once worshipped as the Anunnaki.) I will likely summarize these beliefs in another series as they all tie together with astrology, the tarot cards, with sacred geometry, and much more.  

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