Western Media Says, “Putin Rattles his ‘Satan II’ Nuclear Saber to Hide Russian Failures in Ukraine War”

Here we go again with the nuclear weapon hoax. But alas, a lot of sheep still believe in these propaganda fairy tales of mass destruction. It seems like some sheep just love to live in constant fear over imaginary bombs, imaginary viruses, and imaginary climate crises. What an awful and ignorant life to live.

Anyhow the articles from the fake media pretty much claims the following:

Putin said the successful launch of the “Sarmat” ICBM — nicknamed the “Satan II” in the West and capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads as far as the continental United States — would “give thought to those who are trying to threaten Russia.”

But Western experts portrayed the test as “nuclear saber-rattling,” saying the threat to the US or its allies was “extremely low” and suggesting Putin’s real motivation was to distract his domestic audience from Russia’s recent military failures.

The very ‘CGI-ish’ launch of this alleged ‘Satan II’ was reported on April 20 by ‘Roscosmos Space Agency,’ exactly ‘56’ days after the staged and fake war began on February 24. 56, the infamous hoax code.

Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order, those in control writing the script)

The news agencies ran with ‘nuclear saber’ in their headlines.

Nuclear Saber = 56

And the code of ‘56’ has been used from the start.

Ukraine Crisis = 56
Russian Invasion = 56

April 20 also has a ‘66’-date numerology, which also have been used frequently with any story mentioning the ‘beast’ Putin, and it goes very well with calling this fake little rocket ‘Satan II.’
4/20/20/22 = 4 + 20 + 20 + 22 = 66

Number of the Beast = 66 (as in Putin and Satan)

Ukraine Crisis = 66 (here we go again)
Ukraine Invaded = 66

April 20 also has a 46-date numerology. And the media’s made-up military experts say this is a ‘distraction’ by Putin for his ‘military failures.’
4/20/22 = 4 + 20 + 22 = 46

Distraction = 46
Vladimir Putin = 46
Military Failures = 46

April 20 was the 110th day of the year. 110 is 72 in Octal (8-base counting.)

Sarmat ICBM = 72 (the alleged missile nicknamed ‘Satan II’)
Jesuit Order = 72 (the puppet masters)

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7; this alleged launch of ‘Satan II’ by ‘Putin’ comes exactly 28 weeks after his birthday. And April 20 also has a 28-date numerology.
4/20/22 = 4 + 2 + 0 + (22) = 28
4/20/22 = 4 + (20) + 2 + 2 = 28

Satan II = 28
Putin = 28

It is also 171-days before his upcoming birthday.

Sarmat ICBM = 171 (the alleged missile nicknamed ‘Satan II’)

As for the nickname ‘Satan II,’ it matches well with the staged and fake story of the Ukraine and Russia war.

Satan II = 73, 116
Russia-Ukraine War = 73, 116

Satan II = 16
Russia = 16

So, my little dear sheep, do not be afraid. It’s just theatre on the big world stage.

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