War by the Numbers: 95% of Russian Forces Allegedly in Ukraine

This theatre of war, consisting of 5% false flag operations by military and crisis actors, and 95% fabricated nonsense in the media, continues all by the numbers as seen in every single story put forth.
Now, on March 6, a senior US defense official said Russia had committed 95% of its amassed combat power inside Ukraine. Still, we have not seen one single sign of war on any of the live webcam feeds from all over Ukraine since we started watching on February 25 and examining the footage on a daily basis.
Still, that does not mean a lot of innocent people will get hurt by their false flag operations to give the illusion of a full-fledged war. And for that, may them all burn in hell.

As for the 95% nonsense, that claim came on a Sunday, and if you know your history and decoding, 95 is a big Jesuit number. The Society of Jesus, or ‘The Jesuit Order,’ was founded on September 27, which leaves 95-days remaining in the year. And it was founded to combat the 95 theses by Luther.

And by sheer logic, anyone would be able to figure out that if 95% of the massive military power of Russia actually was in little Ukraine, this would have been over instantly. They would walk right over them – and every live-feed would be full of troops and vehicles. However, they’re not. But gullible sleeping sheep will buy into it without thinking or asking one single question.

As for their riddle using gematria, this war is about furthering the ushering of Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050.

One World Government = 95
Vision 2050 = 95

News on March 6, 2022 = 3/6/2022 = (3) + (6) + (20) + (22) = 51

Ninety-Five = 51 (perfect match for this fake news on this date)
Russian Jesuits = 51 (Russia has a long lineage of Jesuits back to Lenin)
Propaganda = 51 (what it is)
World Fooled = 51 (indeed!)
World War 3 = 51 (recurring in many stories, perhaps China will join soon)

Ninety-Five = 129, 57, 51
World Fooled = 129, 57, 51

Again, that says it all. 95% of Russia’s forces is an absurd claim, and only a complete fool would believe that lie. So, it’s an appropriate pun as this whole war is staged.

And they also claim that ‘600 missiles’ has been fired.

600 missiles = 117, 63
This is War = 117, 63 (what they want you to believe)

Six Hundred = 144, 54
Jesuit Order = 144, 54 (goes back to 95)
And 3/6/2022 = 3 x 6 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 144

And if you read the article, they keep on repeating the phrase “amassed combat power” about the 95%.

It’s All in Your Head = 193, 293
Amassed Combat Power = 193, 293
It sure is! “This is War – All in Your Head”

And this story broke on the day leaving 300 days remaining in the year. 300 is the 24th Triangular number. 24 is one of the primary codes for this staged war as it started on February 24.

The Russian-Ukraine Theatre Coded in 24 and 42

As always, a fully fabricated and scripted story by the numbers and this time as a tribute to The Jesuit Order, very appropriate for a story on a Sunday.

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