YouTube is Deleting Channels and Live Feeds from Ukraine

I have tried to keep up and update my post with new working Live Feeds from Ukraine daily since the staged war started – as these feeds show you the truth. Almost nothing is going on!
However, YouTube and other hosting sites for Live Feeds has begun to delete these feeds as they know people will catch on to the truth.  As you know, this staged conflict and war between Russia and Ukraine consist of 5% false flag operations by controlled military units and crisis actors, and 95% fabricated nonsense in the media. The media shows you videos taken from movies, video games, and old archived footage from different disasters and war zones. All debunked for those who actually seek information. And from those few areas that have been affected by these false flag operations, Ukrainian people are telling us in videos that it’s their own military firing and setting off explosions telling everyone it’s the ‘Russians’ and to seek shelter.

My page with Live Feeds has been online since early February 25 and is located here:

Ukraine Live Webcams of Strategic Sites – And More Media Fakery – Updated Feed March 7, 11AM UTC

And if you just discovered how staged and fake everything is and need to catch up, please read this article, as it explains why this is happening:

Reality Check – The Staged Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War
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