Actors on the World Stage and the New Agenda of Luring in the Right-Wingers

A few hours after I decoded the utterly staged and fake “shooting” at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, Fox News and some other “Right-Wing” media channels joined the psy-op and “identified” the dead “female” shooter as a ‘transgender.’

With this scripted, and totally irrelevant update of the staged theatrical event, we are reminded of another psy-op, another totally fake shooting that took place at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. If you remember, the fake shooting at the Covenant School was acted out by the “trans-shooter” Audrey Hale, who since then has become an Adam Lanza-like figure to the Right.
(Note: Adam Lanza, the fake shooter at Sandy Hook, was played by crisis actor David Hogg.)

As I mentioned back in my coverage of the staged Covenant Shooting in March 28, 2023, it seems that the psy-op scriptwriters have finally found a villain stereotype, a scapegoat, that will engage the Right, as in conservative, right-wing extremists, MAGA cap-wearing nutcases, and Qtards — and condition them into believing that these events are real.
The “trans-shooter” has now become for the Right what the “racist-shooter” is to the Left – simply an alternative means of selling the same staged events and the same fear and propaganda to a different demographic.

This is clever as the really dumbed down and sleeping masses are usually Left-Wingers, while newly hatched baby troofers usually get caught by controlled opposition on the Right dragging them back down into the Matrix of the Left and Right illusion, the us vs. them division tactic.
While it should be obvious that politics are a means of control run by puppets and actors who actually all work together, giving an illusion to the people of being involved and having a “say” through voting, the same is true for all events covered by the media.

To baby troofers and followers of “Alternative Media” and other Controlled Opposition, all events are either real as portrayed by the media, or real but falsely described, as in “MK Ultra,” Mental Illness (Transgender,) or Second Shooters – as in “false flags.”
They totally ignore the obvious third option, that these media events are fake, as in scripted and acted out as drills, as theatre on the world stage, and none of the involved crisis actors and Freemasonic public workers can be held liable, as no one was hurt, no one died, and the drill was made in the interest and security of the nation. I explained this in my article about the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

In short, these red-pilled baby troofers still believe media events to be real, that people got hurt and killed — and the new agenda of mentally ill shooters, such as the “trans-shooters” reinforce this belief system (the same way they earlier used immigrants.) These troofers are simply alt-media propaganda mules, reinforcing the illusion and theatre on the world stage as real – and thus making it easier for the elite to control us, make new laws, increase surveillance, and do whatever they want.

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