Alex Jones ‘Grilled’ by Sandy Hook Families’ Lawyer Over ‘Hoax’ Claims

As you should know by now, all ‘school-’ and ‘mass-’ shootings are staged by the police and the government using crisis actors and members belonging to Freemasonry. They are totally fake events staged to further their agendas of surveillance and removal of your rights and freedom, and to keep people in fear and to be suspicious and hateful of anyone questioning this, as we will get to.
As more people become aware of these hoaxes and can see through the extremely bad acting of their crisis actors and all the stupid plot holes and symbolism they use, their puppet Alex Jones has been used to counter this awakening by being a ‘figure head’ of ‘conspiracies’ and revealing some of these hoaxes only to end up in court and say that a “form of psychosis” caused him to make his false statements.
In other words, the long-time ‘hero’ of the semi-woke community now claim that all these shootings are real, that people died, and that you have to be ‘mentally ill’ to state otherwise. The truth though, is that you are mentally ill if you believe in all these stupid stories and feel offended when someone question the reality of it, as if you actually get mad that people didn’t die. That is mental illness!

I covered this here:

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Now, of course, Alex has been controlled opposition from the start. A gate keeper, giving those slowly waking up some of the very easy to find truths, while not mentioning the really important bits. And now he’s playing along in this fake and staged trial to strengthen the notion that all these fake shootings actually are real, and a lot of people will believe it. Especially those who already are dumbed down and believe anything in the media; and thus, enforcing the division among the people and increasing the hatred and suspicion of anything “conspiracy minded.”  Anyone questioning the narrative will be deemed as a “far-right conspiracy theorist,” a “terrorist” and a danger to society. I’ve covered this in many articles, such as this one:

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As for this new update on the trial in the media, they say that Alex Jones was ‘grilled’ this Thursday, September 22, 2022, by the lawyer of the alleged “Sandy Hook Families” and that through questioning, Alex Jones acknowledged that he had referred to the proceedings as those of a “kangaroo court” and called the judge a “tyrant.” And, of course, that Jones sought to portray himself as a victim of an elaborate “deep state” conspiracy against him.

Now, “Deep State” is nothing but a buzzword used by those who are semi-woke but usually totally lost in Q-nonsense. It’s a clever trick to ridicule the idea that the government are actually nothing but puppets, controlled by the hidden hand, the ancient families, the black nobility, and the mafia. Of course, this idea, as it is true, has to be ridiculed; and using the phrase ‘Deep State’ does that perfectly – and the QAnon movement, led by Controlled Opposition including Donald Trump add to this with their retarded conspiracies – and so does Alex Jones. It’s their job to make us all look bad, we who can see through the deception. Note that ‘deep state’ sums to ‘888’ in Reverse Sumerian, the number very closely associated with Donald Trump, hence the choice of that silly buzzword.

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As for this staged trial, it’s all done by the numbers, as always. And that tells us all that we need to know, that it’s controlled.

In the headline, they use the keyword (in quotes) of “Hoax,” and the trial is about Alex Jones of InfoWars, who was born on February 11, 1974, thus September 22, was 223-days after his 48th birthday. Yes, 223 is the 48th prime number. Such a coincidence, no?

Hoax = 48
Alex Jones = 48
InfoWars = 48
Far-Right = 48 (their label)
Freemason = 48
Propaganda = 48

Also note that they label him as a “far-right conspiracy theorist,” which fits perfectly with their masters at the Vatican.

Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist = 144, 153
Jesuit Order = 144, 153

They also use the word ‘grilled’ as Jones was questioned by the lawyer ‘Mattei’ about the Sandy Hooks hoax in the Sandy Hook trial.

Grilled = 40
Sandy Hook = 40
Mattei = 40 (the lawyer)

And September 22 had a 73-date numerology. And the trial is all about protecting lies, the lies of their fake and staged shootings.
9/22/2022 = (9) + (22) + (20) + (22) = 73

Alex Jones Grilled = 172, 73, 1032
Protecting Lies = 172, 73, 1032

As you can see, this entire trial is simply pure theatre and the agenda is clear – to label anyone who can see through the deception, anyone who question their narrative of fake shootings as a danger to society; someone who should be sued and hung out in a defamation trial paying ‘damages’ to hired government crisis actors. As I said for years now, we are in an infodemic.

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