World Stage Politics 101 – Left, Right, and the Green Agenda, Part 1

This article was written for those who are waking up and for baby truthers that are still trapped in the matrix, in the illusion of left vs. right, of world-stage theatrics such as The Deep State, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine or China.
I might come back and update this part, as it was written during an hour in the morning and using some copy-paste from my earlier work here on this website. Some of these articles are linked for further reading. Now, let’s get started.

While history is fuzzy at best, the hidden rulers of the world and their strategy and heritage likely began with the Phoenicians emerging out of the land today occupied by Syria, Lebanon, and northern Israel, and then under their influence, they spread and grew with the Babylonians, the Canaanites, the Egyptians, and the Roman Empire that transformed into what we know today as the Vatican, the Catholic Church and their military Jesuit Order (aka., the Saturn worshipping cult/slave masters.)

Their way of ruling is through the Maritime Admiralty law (state vs. you,) through deception, division, fear, false hope, and mind control. The main deception, their world-stage illusion, that has most of the masses trapped, is how the world is being run — as in countries, governments, and politics. In reality, that is only theatre, a façade covering the real rulers, the puppet masters at the top of the power pyramid.

This means that everything that happens in the world that is being reported by the media is pre-planned, scripted, done by the numbers as rituals, and only theatre to make you believe in their illusion, in their mind prison.

While all big names on the world stage comes from bloodlines deeply involved in secret societies, they also share the same Jesuit-education, and have been through the same mind control programs. They are in the same club, and are simply faces to the public, puppets on strings putting on a show. Below them are a mixture of Freemasons and other low-level members of secret societies that might or might not be aware of the deception, of the theatre. Most low-level politicians are simply a product of the system and they think they do something good, that they can make a difference, but they are simply useful idiots, cogs in a much larger machinery.

To make it a simple as possible, we can divide the world-stage politics into three categories, where the third originated from one of the two original opposites. These are usually represented by parties, no matter if the ‘country’ is being run by a Prime Minister or by a President. These three categories are:

The Left-Wing
The Right-Wing
The Green/Climate Agenda (invented by the left-wing)

The Left-Wing (and Left vs. Right)

The left-wing is a mirror image of the right-wing. It’s a symbolic fight of red vs. blue, as in fire and water, male and female, going back to the kabbalism of Mars and Jupiter, also illustrated with the two pillars in Freemasonry. The fight of opposites is the basis of the thesis-antithesis-synthesis or problem-reaction-solution formula – how they rule the public through creating problems and then presenting their solutions to achieve what they wanted all along.

The left-wing was mainly invented to be an attack on the masculine energy of the Earth, as its mirror image is an attack on the feminine. The left-wing was constructed to promote the end goal of a raceless, genderless, transhuman slave race under the control of a One World Government with their Luciferian world religion.

The left-wing was formed in the 1700’s by Anne Stuart’s two-party puppet show with Tories and Wigs as the Roman Empire/Catholic Church changed their propaganda tactics to present themselves as open minded and tolerant as the ‘enlightenment’ era began.
In the mid-1800’s the Jesuit-trained Karl Marx published the communist manifesto, designed to replace Christianity (which has been happening all through the 1900’s and 2000’s.)
Around 1884 the Massimo family, which is part of the Jesuits and is at the top of the pyramid, created the Fabian Society in England, which in turn invented ‘leftism,’ the wolf in sheep’s clothing tactic (which is their shield/symbol.)

In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt founds the Progressive Party, and in 1919 the New School is founded, as part of the Jesuit-Columbia University, which trained Marxist André Beton (creator of surrealism,) and Eleanor Roosevelt who introduced New Deal Socialism in the US, all while Adolf Hitler introduced National Socialism in Germany.

In 1923, the German Frankfurt Institute was founded, as part of the Goethe Institute, by Friedrich Pollock (United Nations) and Marxist Felix Weil to develop the doctrine of the left-wing. Their first director was Kurt Gerlach, a member of the Fabian Society. The think-tank of the Frankfurt Institute invented Cultural Marxism and the Critical Theory. They wrote books and papers criticizing and deconstructing every pillar of western culture, spreading the herd mentality of moral relativism and hypocritical political correctness (mind-control through language, which really took off during the early 2000’s.)
They also invented the birth control agenda as part of their dream of eugenics.

During the 50’s and early 60’s the Cultural Marxism program of Pop culture was introduced with mind-controlled puppets such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and the Beatles (a product of the Tavistock Institute.)
At this time, they also introduced the Civil Rights Movement; a cult based on the false hope narrative belonging to the ‘black-wing,’ a branch of the Luciferian left-wing, used to manipulate black people trough trauma-based mind control using inferiority or superiority complex.

In the late 60’s Cultural Marxists of the Tavistock Institute use the work of Freud to invent the sexual revolution. This was done by increasing pornography through their puppet Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine and Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine. The conditioning of mind-controlled sex slaves (Alice in Wonderland) takes shape, all while ‘existentialism’ and ‘feminism’ are being introduced.

In the early 70’s, as a continuation of the “revolution” of the 60’s, the Jesuit Colonna family opens Studio 54 as a ‘temple’ of decadence to sell the fantasy of a glamorous carefree lifestyle. The sleeping masses welcomes this change after years of religious principles and they start to enjoy a new illusionary freedom with Luciferian entertainment such as pop culture music, movies, television, drugs, pornography, sex outside of marriage, and various “freedom” movements, believing that they had overthrown the old establishment – not realizing that they only changed the scenery of the prison and laid a new foundation for way worse slavery.

During this period, Julian Huxley, the Knights of Malta Bernhard Lippe, and Philip Mountbatten founds the Green-movement to disguise the imperialist agenda as environmentalism.

In the 80’s black mind-controlled slaves are used in the Cultural Marxist program of Hip Hop, controlled by the Illuminati, which was the start of the Multicultural agenda favored by the Jesuits who always has been scheming for a globalist society, a one world state with no critical thinking.

In 1997 the Fabian Society-trained puppet Tony Blair is made Prime Minister of the UK, representing the new style of the Roman Empire, where politicians and the Royal Family presents themselves as ‘friends of the people,’ instead of the faces of their rulers.

It was also around this time that the left-wing adopts the idea of being critical and welcoming of censorship, because anyone who questions them is right-wing and evil, and thus deserves to be censored. This change laid the foundation for the infodemic and today’s censorship through propagandist ‘fact-checkers.’

In early 2000 the left-wing introduces their puppets like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and Justin Trudeau.

In 2020 during the fake and staged prison- and mind-control experiment, also know as the Coronavirus Pandemic, controlled opposition is used to censor criticism as ‘alt-right,’ ‘far-right,’ and ‘conspiracy theories.’
The left-wing also worked with the fake and controlled Qanon movement in this regard, and they staged an attack on the Capitol to once again label all resistance to left fascism as ‘far-right extremism,’ ‘dangerous,’ and the doings of ‘conspiracy theorists’ threatening democracy. Of course, the right-wing played their part in this as well, as they both belong to the same body.

During these years, the left-wing together with their black-wing, introduced cultural appropriation and the woke trend in culture to instigate more racial tension, division, and intimidation (as seen after the staged George Floyd hoax.)

In the next part we will look at the right-wing and the green agenda, and how they are used on the world stage to manipulate the sleeping masses.

For more on the illusion created by opposites, as in left vs. right, please read my article about the world stage spy-ops below.

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