Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 2

This is the second part of many where we look at misleading and false ‘conspiracy theories,’ as in psychological operations playing on baby ‘truthers’ and serving like chickenfeed of useless misinformation, keeping you running in circles.
The previous part, with the introduction to opposites, psychological operations and controlled opposition, and where we cover 5G, Adrenochrome, the Bilderberg Group, the Deep State, and Flat Earth can be found here:

Truther Psy-Ops and Conspiracy Chickenfeed, Part 1

With that out of the way, let’s continue with some false and misleading conspiracy psy-ops that most of us agree on:

The Franklin Scandal

Most baby truthers will not know about this media psy-op as it happened back in 1988. However, it is important as the script has recently been reused. In short, it was a disinformation and conditioning psy-op about satanism (the 80’s Satanic Panic,) pedophilia, and a child prostitution ring for Washington politicians of the White House, involving Craig Spence and Larry King.
The story ties into other psy-ops and disinformation such as snuff movies and adrenochrome. Does it sound familiar? Yes, as I said, this script was reused in the psy-op Pizzagate with Wikileaks, and then Q and their Qanons hailing Donald Trump as their savior. We will get to Pizzagate at a later stage in these series.

George Soros as a mastermind villain

A lot of shills and controlled opposition, including gatekeepers, portray the Jewish Hungarian actor and puppet George Soros as some archetypical globalist mastermind funding everything that is deemed as woke or cancel culture. This is especially prevalent among the shills on the right-wing, where Soros is often used as a scapegoat and distraction, especially in upholding the left-right illusion within the media of stereotypes fighting and their organizations getting coverage (Antifa, BLM, etc.) While these organizations are funded through Soros and similar channels, that is simply part of the script, part of the division agenda and to have Soros in place as a figurehead and goal keeper for that particular psy-op – so the right-wing alternative media can have someone to blame, as in opposites, as in left vs. right. Keep in mind that all so called ‘riots’ by Antifa, BLM and other organizations have all been staged and scripted using crisis actors and a few useful idiots. It’s all theatre.

As for Soros, he comes from a family of media and publishing. He studied at the London School of Economics, which was founded and is controlled by the Fabian Society, an ‘Freemasonic’ order founded by the Massimo family who are at the top within the Jesuit Order.

Soros is simply another actor on the world stage, one of their controlled characters. As with all the other puppets in the same libtard ‘good club’ such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, they simply follow orders and the agendas set by those above them in the power pyramid. They are simply faces to the public with no real power whatsoever.

The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab as evil mastermind

The Great Reset was a book and a phrase by Jesuit-trained Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. While ‘The Great Reset’ is simply a spin-off, a sequel, to United Nation’s Agenda 2030, it served as a scapegoat and distraction for the very evil Coronavirus pandemic ritual and a ‘planned’ economic recession. It was also used to put the spotlight on Klaus Schwab as a mastermind villain, much like Soros above. Alternative media and a lot of controlled opposition, such as David Icke, Alex Jones, Qanon, JP Sears, James Corbett, and many more pointed their fingers at Schwab and used him as the perfect distraction.

While a lot of the information within the concept of ‘The Great Reset’ is what they are striving for, and has been written down in Agenda 21 and 2030, it was mainly used to play opposites. To put a face on “evil” during the Covid-19 ritual and to keep alternative media spinning its wheels hiding the real important lies, such as that no virus exists, that contagion and transmittable diseases are a hoax, that all vaccines therefore are meaningless, harmful and useless, and that the staged pandemic was an exercise psychological warfare, obedience through fear, a world-wide test of MK Ultra programming, and a crucial step in shaping their New World Order.

And again, Klaus Schwab, just like George Soros, is only an actor, a character on the world stage, used for programming, conditioning, and running counter-narratives within the controlled alternative media.

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was another actor, a scripted character on the world stage, used in a psy-op to normalize, neutralize and condition the public to the idea of sodomy and pedophilia of the rich and famous elite families and to feed the alternative media and Q’tards fake ideas of arrests and other chickenfeed.
Of course, Epstein allegedly died at 66 (Saturn/Beast) of suicide by hanging, as in ‘the hanged man,’ the old energy archetype from the Masonic tarot deck symbolizing punishment and the importance of “absolute submission.”

The Jesuit controlled propaganda outlet Anonymous participated in the Epstein psy-op by publishing a fake “black book” of his elite connections, very similar to the Hunter Biden’s laptop (same script and same chickenfeed.)
And the fake and very staged trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, which I decoded, was part of the Qanon psyop to keep those Q’tards believing in ‘the system’ – as in, “secret tunnels and white hats, arresting hundreds of elites and saving children.”

This psy-op was also used as a distraction while introducing new agendas that started back in 2017 (the Me Too and Harvey Weinstein controversy), where several companies changed their policy to push the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda (as in anti-white and anti-straight male policy.)

That is all I have time for this morning. If you want more information or like to discuss these misleading conspiracies, please join us at our uncensored community where we go much deeper into each and every one of these.

And thanks to LexLuTHOR for the featured image.

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