Truther Chickenfeed: The Fabricated Jeffrey Epstein Documents

The ultimate chickenfeed just got sprinkled all over gullible baby truthers in the form of yet another dragged out chapter of the Jeffrey Epstein psy-op. The CIA-doctored “Epstein Documents” allegedly got “unsealed…” and behold, it revealed an enormous nothingburger with world-stage names such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew; names that has already been connected to the psy-ops for years.

If you haven’t been keeping up for the last 10 years or so, Jeffrey Epstein was simply another actor, a scripted character on the world stage, used in a psy-op to normalize, neutralize and condition the public to the idea of sodomy and pedophilia of the rich and famous elite families and to feed the alternative media and Q’tards fake ideas of ‘child trafficking’ and ‘child prostitution’ actually being looked into with actual raids, rescue operations, and arrests. All of this was, and still is, fake of course. But it keeps the illusion of their imaginary heroes fighting a non-existent “deep state” and the illusion of a possible corrupt-free and good-intended government; hence it keeps the illusion of politics, as in left vs. right going. I explained this in my article ‘The World Stage Psy-Ops: The Great Reset vs. The Great Awakening.’

In short, everything about Jeffrey Epstein, his “Lolita Island,” and his alleged child trafficking and child prostitution operation is a scripted ongoing psy-op; all distraction and part of the incredible stupid and juvenile Q-narrative.
Ritualistically, the psy-op is an expression of Pluto (dark secrets, abuse of power) and Venus (sex, desire) in Capricorn (the Devil, government, restriction.)
I’ve written about Jeffrey Epstein and Q many times, simply check the quick guides for more information.

As for the fake documents being “unsealed” on January 3, 2024, it’s all part of the script and the ritual. Every single one of the involved names are Freemasons and Jesuit educated puppets, groomed for the world stage. And if you’re one of their puppets, enjoying the stage lights, fame, and riches, there’s always a price to pay, usually by shaming rituals and being a part of these desensitization and conditioning psy-ops. However, keep in mind that this is all theatre and some have to play the “bad guys.” And, more importantly, those who count themselves to the ‘elite’ could not care less about what the pleb thinks about them, they only socialize with each other – making billions between them off these psy-ops all while laughing as baby truthers and Q’tards flood social media with their retarded conspiracy theories (which all comes from the Jesuit CIA.)

Bill Clinton, the Jesuit-educated and former president is one of these puppets, and he was born on August 19, 1946. His name, popping up on January 3, got unsealed exactly 137 days after his last birthday. 137 is the very Masonic 33rd prime number, their calling-card number on the world stage. Of course, Clinton equals 33 in the reduction ciphers.

Clinton = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Of course, with 137 days from his last birthday, it was 229 days until Bill Clinton’s next birthday. 229 is the 50th prime number, and Bill Clinton equals 50 in the same reduction cipher. What are the odds? In other words, this “coincidence,” matching his name both backwards and forwards was only possible on this single day of the year. Again, that single “coincidence” proves that all of this nonsense was scripted by the numbers.

Bill Clinton = 50, 50
Jesuits = 50, 50

As for Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family, he was born on February 19, 1960, and his name got “unsealed” an authoritarian and governmental 47 days before his upcoming birthday. Of course, Epstein’s little resort island was nicknamed ‘Lolita Island,’ which simply was code for the psy-op of those allegedly visiting it.

Lolita Island = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
Monarchy = 47
Prince Andrew = 47

47 days is the same as 6 weeks and 5 days, like 65, the sum of ‘Andrew.’ And counting the end-date, it’s 66 days, the number representing the Beast.

As for the judge that allegedly “unsealed” these fabricated and fake Epstein documents, the role was of course played by judge Loretta Preska, who went to Fordham University, formerly known as St John’s University (after Antichrist John the Baptist,) a well-known Jesuit institution.

This unsealing on January 3, 2024, came 8 weeks and 2 days, like 82, before Loretta Preska’s anniversary of assuming office on March 1st. A perfect number matching her name and the subject of the script, that of sex-trafficking.

Sex-Trafficking = 82, 82
Loretta Preska = 82, 82

8 weeks and 2 days is the same as 58 days, the number of Freemasonry in the reduction cipher. And everything governmental, including the “justice system” is run by Freemasons, controlled by the Jesuit Order and the elite families.
It’s all just a big show.

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