The Sound of Freedom – Disinformation and Desensitization Propaganda

I should really not have to write this, as it should be very obvious to anyone with a tiny bit of discernment and common sense. Still, I see people sharing posts about this movie as if it exposes ‘child sex trafficking’ and secret “truths.” Well, we already know that child trafficking is a thing, and that’s about it.

For those unfamiliar with this movie, ‘The Sound of Freedom,’ released on July 4, is a virtue signaling money grab which allegedly is based on a “true story” (it’s not, it’s fabricated) of former CIA agent Tim Ballard, who supposedly left the CIA to combat child sex trafficking and rescued children in South America (another fake story.)
In reality, Tim Ballard is a disinformation agent belonging to the Mormon Church and is used as controlled opposition against pedophilia networks and to spread disinformation about the adrenochrome hoax and to promote the CIA psy-op Qanon. Everything he claims is scripted for the character he plays. It’s all disinformation. He worked for the US Department of Homeland Security where he was trained and conditioned before being assigned his new role. He founded the ‘Operation Underground Railroad’ and the ‘Nazarene Fund’ for these purposes.

The movie stars the mind-controlled actor Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard, just as in Jesuit provocateur agent Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ.’ It is produced by ‘Angel Studios,’ which is pure mockery and symbolic to the choice of Jim Caviezel as lead actor.
Jim is used within Hollywood to play a (Anti)Christ archetype. He is a member of the international Freemasonic fraternity ‘Sigma Chi’ like Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson, Tom Selleck, David Letterman and many other CIA mind-controlled puppets.

Jim Caviezel, one-eye symbolism of mind-controlled actors.

‘The Sound of Freedom’ also star José Zúñiga as Roberto. José belongs to the Spanish elite family of Zúñiga, related to the Bourbons, Habsburgs (Order of the Golden Fleece,) the Jewish Valero’s, and to Martinez and Guzmans (Dominican Order, Sinaloa Cartel.)
Yes, as always, every production is heavily controlled and involves puppets and handlers from the Saturn cult (the elite families of the Jesuit Order,) playing the roles of heroes for the masses, the ultimate mockery. If you believe these kinds of movies are some independent rebellious acts against the ‘establishment,’ then you are extremely naïve and gullible. They serve as controlled opposition and disinformation propaganda to protect what is really going on.

So, again, we have a movie about child sex trafficking, something we all know is happening all over the world, and has been going on for as long as the elite families has been in power (pretty much since forever.)
If there are people who actually are unaware of this, this movie, the interviews, and the antics of Tim Ballard will trigger their programming to shut down as everything he touches is filled with ‘conspiracy theories,’ including the ridiculous psy-op of adrenochrome. The sleeping masses, the ‘normies,’ will tune out as soon as they hear about these things, as they have been conditioned to do by the media and authority figures they worship. And that is why liberal outlets have been trashing this movie, linking it to Qanon and a bunch of conspiracy theories, which is actually correct. That liberal outburst serves as a reinforcement for the sleeping masses on the left-wing and as a trigger, as gaslighting, for the right-wing, the far-right and the Qanons, reinforcing their belief that the movie is legit and correct – in every aspect (that it is absolutely not – only the child trafficking part is correct, and that is not something new.)

In truth, the movie simply serves as more conditioning and desensitization for child trafficking and pedophilia. The more the masses hear about it, the more it will just slip them by, as some familiar and unimportant noise. For those concerned about these matters, some will be conditioned to accept chipping of their children “to keep them safe” (it will actually make them 24/7 slaves forever,) while the movie also serves as false hope and ‘good feelings’ about themselves as they imagined being part of a fake movie and caring about the children, and then thinking it will actually lead to something (it will not,) just as Qanon promised arrests and justice during the fake Pizzagate psy-op and the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic. Yet, nothing ever happens, but the false hope that it will lives on, thanks to the work of controlled opposition – a clever narrative that also functions to pacify.
And pacification is something Qanons are experts at. Just sit back, do absolutely nothing, but trust in the plan. 6 years and counting…

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