Mind Control: Programming and Conditioning, Part 21

While NASA staged their Perseverance rover on Mars in February of 2021 with ‘photoshopped’ images from Earth, the media was buzzing as of late 2000 and early 2021 about the US government and Department of Defense admitting to having a ‘secret UFO taskforce,’ The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or UAPTF. This sparked new theories in the conspiracy realm about Project Bluebeam and a looming staged and faked alien invasion. Whether that ever will happen or not, it’s still the perfect conditioning tool for the outer space and space travel hoax on both sides of the coin. Those who believe the outer space lie about planets and aliens get their illusion reinforced, all while those trapped in the abyss discuss the possibility of hidden aliens, reptilians, and staged takeovers.

In June of 2021, American Football got gayer, as if it isn’t gay enough, with Carl Nassib coming out as the ‘first’ openly gay NFL player, fueling the gay-transgender agenda. Of course, Carl Nassib played for the Buccaneers (cc = 33, ee = 33,) a historical reference to the free sailors particular to the Caribbean Sea during the 17th and 18th centuries, a time when governments were not strong enough and did not consistently attempt to suppress them, which led to Admiralty law (Maritime Law) infiltrating and laying the foundation of our corrupted slave-based legal system of our ‘modern’ society.

As a controlled-opposition reaction to the gay-transgender agenda, Netflix released Dave Chappelle’s 2021 stand-up comedy special, “The Closer,” of which they received criticism for allowing Chappelle’s hostile ‘transphobia’ and ‘homophobia’ to air on their platform. This, of course, was planned all along as they always play both sided of the coin. Netflix is a streaming ‘tv’ network and propaganda tool of the left-wing, the gay-transgender agenda, and the multicultural agenda – used to normalize cancel culture. And Dave Chappelle is a mind-controlled actor-comedian used in the comedy scene, the movie industry, and within the Hip Hop scene as an agent of the multicultural- and black division agenda to push the gay-transgender agenda.
This little stunt with Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ made many conservatives suddenly becoming fans of Netflix, while the left-wing goonies had something to cry about and Netflix could make it up for them by adding even more mind-control propaganda to their platform. And as everyone should know by now, it doesn’t matter if you ‘attack’ an agenda, it’s still conditioning and normalization of it, making people numb and accepting of it through repetition — unless you totally expose its sinister end-goal and its effects on the public. And in that regard, ‘The Closer’ simply reinforced the agenda by bringing it up and conditioning the public.

In late August of 2021, actor-comedian, gatekeeper, and controlled opposition Joe Rogan claimed he got the non-existing Covid-19 and that he used ‘ivermectin’ to recover – a dangerous and totally useless drug that shuts down your body’s healing efforts, making you believe you got better as the symptoms of the healing process went away.
The ivermectin hoax was used by controlled opposition and disinformation agents to keep the Covid-19 and pandemic illusion alive, as well as finding another way to poison and hurt people who resisted the vaccine.

During 2021 we also saw ‘variants’ of the non-existing Covid-19 virus emerge, such as ‘Delta’ and ‘Omicron.’ We also saw a period of removing/loosening the Covid-restrictions, only to have them strengthened again – an effective trauma-based form of mind control. This was done in a ‘wave-pattern,’ as the fake virus affected people in waves, symbolizing the ‘flood’ theme (all cultures have myths about a cataclysmic flood.) In the past, the human population were taught the flood was a punishment of Enlil (God) because of human sin (represented as the moon) and biting of the apple of Lucifer from the Tree of Life. The ‘flood’ also became a metaphor for killing the ego, crossing into the Abyss between dimensions, the boundary between all that is and is not, diving deeper and experiencing what it is like to be cut off even more from your essence (the lockdowns and isolation.)

To expand on that theme, in June and July of 2021, China and several European countries were affected by severe floods due to weather modification technology, which was all ritualistic and symbolic events, while serving the UN’s Agenda 2030 of forcing the population into big cities to then be divided into 15-minute cities. Of course, the floods were blamed on “climate change,” the hoax fueling the green climate agenda.

During 2021, and especially the later months, we saw a staged tension building up between Russia and Ukraine. Many of us could see that they were building up to a staged conflict and possibly a fake war to further accelerate Agenda 2030. We had predicted such a scenario for a long time, and the candidates were Russia vs. Ukraine and China vs. Taiwan. The Saturn cult went with Russia and Ukraine, as their puppets and world-stage actors of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and especially Vladimir Putin were a perfect fit for the ritual, and it would also mean the involvement of NATO and the United States.

The conflict actually started back in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and intensified with the fake war and media ritual in 2022.

During February 4-20, the 2022 Winter Olympics were held in Beijing, China, as a little mocking ritual as of what to come. During the broadcast of the Olympics, many reporters talked about Russia and Ukraine, conditioning the viewers for a conflict. One day after the Olympics, Russia allegedly started moving towards the Ukrainian border.

The ‘Ukraine Crisis,’ which later became the Russian-Ukrainian War, started on February 22-23 of 2022 after a conjunction of Pluto (the dark side of one self, as in fear, communism, nuclear power, oil, viruses) with Mars (God of war) and Venus (money) in Capricorn (restriction, oppression, death.)

Volodymyr Zelenskyy plays the role of the victim and being the ‘good guy.’ Vladimir Putin (Pluto as dominant) plays the role of bad guy, but also the role of the false savior for the far-right and the controlled conspiracy church, utilizing the fake hope narrative. Many gullible baby-truthers were lured into the false illusion of Putin invading Ukraine to rid it of Nazis and the “Deep State,” corruption such as money laundering for the “deep state,” chemical “virus” biolabs, and other complete nonsense. However, these stories, spread by controlled opposition and disinformation agents, served its purpose, as it made those questioning the mainstream media’s narrative to buy into another psy-op while believing that the war was real. The CIA’s Qanon cult even tied it to child trafficking, just as they did with the Covid-19 psy-op. Both world-stage illusions served as an unlimited source of chickenfeed for the controlled conspiracy crowd.

As the “invasion” of Ukraine allegedly started, the media bombarded us with embarrassing footage of reporters in full military gear painting a picture of combat just around the corner while Ukrainians and tourists were having a jolly good time in the background, apparently totally unaware of what the reporter was talking about. The media showed us archive footage of crisis actors from previous staged gas-leak explosions dating back to 2016 and 2019, and video clips from movies and video games, all while live web-cam footage of the “invaded” cities showed us that absolutely nothing was going on.
People actually living in Ukraine, as well as people visiting, showed footage of a couple of blocks being sealed off from the public and used as staging areas for the media with props such as sandbags, burned cars, and crisis actors.
We saw destroyed buildings from alleged missile attacks, all done in computers, as people living in the area posted photographs of the buildings on social media the day after, showing them completely unharmed.
Everything about the war was, and still is, staged and totally fake. Every single story was heavily coded, especially with 24, 42 and the number 48 — and the whole operation was coded with blue and yellow. Still a lot of people, trough mind-control and conditioning, thought it to be real, and the world-stage governments used the theatre of war as an excuse to start an ‘energy crisis,’ by increasing the cost of fuel, electricity, gas, and food. Combined with the trauma-based effects of the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic, the world population was conditioned to accept a lower standard of living and the ‘sustainability’ concept of Agenda 2030, while also making the ideas of a more stable one-world-banking digital currency and a basic universal income more appealing.

On the world-stage, the staged CGI-war in Ukraine was used in western propaganda channels such as BBC, CNN, NBC, The NY Times, The Guardian, and others to maintain the illusion that the U.S. and the European Union have democracy and a free press, in contrast with China and Russia who supposedly lied about the war and had ‘bot farms’ and AI-generated news sites pushing ‘fake news’ and propaganda favoring Putin.

In alternative media, provocateur agents of the right-wing and alt/far-right, such as Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson (Breitbart, Fox News,) and Nick Fuentes were used to praise Putin and plant silly conspiracy theories of the false hope narrative and to trigger the followers of the left-wing.
Again, both sides upheld the illusion of a real war, allowing governments to increase the cost of living and push the implementations of Agenda 2030 without people reacting and questioning the narrative.

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And this is it for the mind control series. I will begin to put it all together and turn it into a book. I will expand on many topics and add a lot of events that I left out, as well as forgot about. Keep in mind that every part of this series was written during 60 to 90 minutes in the morning, with 30 minutes of editing (WordPress) while simply checking “what happened that year” websites and pulling stuff from my memory. The book will hopefully be a bit better organized and easier to read.

Again, thank you for reading and for all the support.

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