The Dark Winter is coming

What do they mean by “Dark Winter?”

I received a question about ‘Dark Winter’, what it means, so here is my short take on it:

Originally, “Operation Dark Winter” from 2001 was an exercise/simulation describing a bioweapon attack on the U.S., very much like the fake and staged Convid-1984 with lockdowns and such. “Dark Winter” has the Gematria of 123, just like “Outbreak”, and 51 just like “Great War” and “World Fooled.”
It also has the number ‘66’ as Corona, Corona Covid-19, Covid-19 vaccine, Dark Ages, Internet Outage, and more.

The phrase re-emerged when Joe Biden, during one of the debates in October 2020 said, “We’re about to go into a dark winter. A dark winter.”
Other politicians and leaders have since then used the same wording, as in bracing or preparing for a ‘Dark Winter’. Also, keep in mind that the Moderna Vaccination began on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, in the US.
Considering that “Dark Winter” also have matches with words associated with extreme weather, food shortage and outages, it fits with the narrative of lockdowns, power outages and internet/communication shutdowns. The most logical time to stage such events would be during the winter, when people are at their most vulnerable. No electricity means no light, no heat. Add vaccine injuries and deaths to that, and you will get a really DARK Winter. Or as they hint a lot, a zombie apocalypse.

As a pop-culture reference we have the Game of Thrones books being made in to a TV-series the phrase, ‘Winter is coming” and the theme of long dark winter nights and the White Walkers (zombies.)
We also have the novel “The Darkest Winter” that was published on May 6 (5/6 = 56), 2019. 56 is the number used for 2020 and this staged pandemic, as we see 56 in Coronavirus, Covid vaccine, Climate Change, Food Shortage and all their planned hoaxes.

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