Reality Check – The Staged Pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War

Although I’ve touched on this in several articles, I see the need for a short and simple summary, as the sheep are totally unaware and even diet-woke and lukewarm truthers are falling into disinformation traps set by controlled opposition and shills.

The world we live in has always been controlled by the same lineage of people. Today they are known as the 13 families. They are tightly connected, trough marriage and business, with most other high ranking and very rich families all over the world. All of them belong to secret societies, which let the operate in the shadows and through puppets. The most important one being the Society of Jesus, or The Jesuit Order, out of the Catholic Church. If you didn’t know, Rome never fell, it was just transformed into the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order – and the Jesuit Order is operational and in total control of 112 countries. It was the Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt who founded the Order of the Illuminati, who made Freemasonry into another occult order under their wing. And Freemasons pretty much runs everything government-related, every institution, the police, the military, every secret service organization and so on. In other words, they have their hand in everything and all, so called, ‘World Leaders’ are nothing more than actors playing their roles and following the script. And all the people who surrounds them are either freemasons or educated in Jesuit- or Freemasonic schools and very up to date with the current agenda and their visions for the world. You can read more about this in these articles:

This also means that EVERYTHING you see and hear on the ‘News’ and from the media is fabricated lies, or twisted half-truths. I’ve covered that here:

Now, what they are all working towards is not something secret, it’s available to read at the United Nation’s website, or at the World Economic Forum’s website. They simply call the steps Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050. These visions of a totalitarian slave society they are working towards is also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and ‘Build Back Better.’ Another name, as uttered by George Bush, is ‘The New World Order.’ And they have been planning and working towards this for hundreds of years, slowly taking control of all countries, all resources, all big corporations (through Vanguard, Black Rock and other investment and insurance companies,) and by controlling everything that happens to condition and brainwash the population.

All recent events have been fabricated to intensify these plans to usher in the New World Order as the technology advances has made it possible. The staged and fake coronavirus pandemic was mostly about dividing and making people afraid of each other, to break down their will by making them wear degrading face diapers and by pointing out the unvaccinated as selfish and dangerous. It was also about conditioning the masses to identify themselves through vaccine passports and IDs. That is the first step towards Digital ID’s which we warned about several years ago, and now they are here on your doorstep. These Digital ID’s will store everything about you and they are ready for a Social Credit Score system. That means that unless you are sucking Big Brother’s teat like a nice little obedient piggy, you will be locked out of several services of society, such as internet access, travel by bus, train, boat or airplane, access to buildings and so on. Once this Digital ID has been rolled out and accepted, it will evolve into the microchip or a digital tattoo with nanotechnology (has been available since 2017 as transdermal delivery of medicine and it’s evolving.)

The fake pandemic was also about destroying small businesses and bringing a lot of families on their knees from a financial standpoint.
We know that the current financial system is struggling and been kept on life-support since at least 2012. They want and they need to reset the financial system and the FIAT currencies. They will do this by introducing a One World Digital Currency (cryptocurrency.) And this is why they are now taking a break from the coronavirus scam while instead fabricating wars. We predicted this when the pandemic was announced. Many of us thought it would be China first, but they went with their puppet Putin in Russia and the comedian Zelenskyy. The ultimate mockery.
With that being said, I would bet that China and Taiwan are next. Remember, Russia and China are allied, they have a long-standing peace agreement.

Anyhow, as I’ve explained several times – and what anyone with a little bit of logic would be able to figure out; this staged war is simply a continuation of the same agenda. It will increase inflation and especially make the costs for energy, as in gas, electricity, and fuel to skyrocket, striking at the economy once again.
Even prices of food are increasing and what do you think will happen if they play their next card, another war where China attacks Taiwan? More sanctions, and the cost of living will go through the roof. And that is why they have talked about a Universal Basic Income, which most people after all these fake events will welcome with open arms. However, once you get used to it and the Digital ID and the Social Credit Score is in play, that little safety blanked can be withdrawn at any moment unless you suck really hard at that teat. See the big picture yet?

The war is also, just like the fake pandemic, a scare tactic to keep people in constant fear and on their toes. People who are constantly afraid or worry are easy to manipulate and they do not think logically or make rational decisions. These ongoing threats of a new World War will condition people to beg for solutions, and you can be sure they have those lined up for you – as in a New World Order – a One World Government where countries cease to exist. Where everyone answers to an absolute power of a One World Central Government.

And finally, the staged war is also a distraction, like many of the fabricated events and false flags they orchestrate. Just days ago, new public figures had to be disclosed, showing that 9 out of 10 people who die in hospitals due to the fake “covid-19” are vaccinated with the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccines. As we predicted a long time ago. While the sheep are distracted, the depopulation agenda is in full swing. And many countries are working overtime on new laws and discrimination against the unvaccinated. When the next staged pandemic hit, you will be an outcast.

As for how this Russia-Ukraine crisis has been fabricated and put into action by their rituals, please browse my archive of decodings and explanations:

Everything has been done by the numbers. The same as every single important event throughout history.

I’ve explained how and why they do this in these articles:

Also keep in mind that there is a fake “new world order agenda” running parallel with what is really going on and that is the psy-op called ‘Q’ or ‘Q’anon’ with false idols such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin — both puppets of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. Q is the old communist counterintelligence ‘operation trust’ in new packaging, where the Soviet State, during 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization to lure in those against the state. These fake ‘saviors’ play on emotions and false information such as mass arrests and executions of world leaders for child trafficking. And other stupid shit like the destruction of underground tunnels and bunkers, not to mention the fake trial of the actress Ghislaine Maxwell and similar obvious staged theatrical acts. That is how they lure you in, playing fake heroes. And that psy-op is needed to mislead those who are waking up, trapping them in pure nonsense of fake events, so that the real New World Order can be put in place without people noticing.
This is why it is so important to expose the real lies, such as that viruses and contagious diseases do not exist, that governments are theatre, that the banking and economic systems are just a game they control at will, and that we need wake up as many people as possible. We have to stop participating in their games. We do not need them! We do not need leaders or their laws or their government. However, they need us to make their New World Order happen. People simply need to stop playing their games and walk away from the beast system, from the slave matrix. This is why we fight, why we try to wake people up. Otherwise it will only get worse.

This and much more is being discussed at our uncensored online community Ungovernable.

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