The Depopulation Agenda, a Brief Introduction

It seems that a lot of people still have a hard time grasping this, although it’s already set in motion. I’ve written about Deagel’s forecast for years and the connection to the faked Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, with the real ‘pandemic’ being the vaccines. So, let me break it down for you.

In 1973, a computer simulation initiated by the cabal’s think tank “Club of Rome” was performed at MIT. The simulation predicted that, if the Cabal’s plan would work out as intended (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars), the “end of the world” would start in 2020 (with a huge decline in living standards). Then, in 2017, Deagel predicted massive deaths the years leading up to 2025.

Deagel is a company that provide studies for military equipment and civil aviation. The company has clients such as the National Security Agency, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Russian Defense Procurement Agency, The World Bank, and the United Nations (UN).

Their 2017 predictions show that the population in the United States would fall from 327 million in 2017 to 99.5 million in 2025. And the world population would fall from 7,385 million to 6,870 million.
Deagel offered two possible reasons for these mass deaths:

  1. A pandemic similar to Ebola that would get out of control due to health care systems becoming overwhelmed.
    Reading between the lines, we now know that C0Nvid was just a ‘rebranding’ of the regular flu (our natural detox process) and a smokescreen to bring in the vaccines that will truly kill people, thus becoming the real pandemic.

  2. A financial system collapse of stock and financial markets, including pension systems.
    Yes, this is also part of Agenda 2030, to put an end to the FIAT money system and replace it with a world bank government controlled crypto currency. I wrote about this in my post about the World Economic Forum’s upcoming simulation on Cyber Attacks, called Cyber Polygon 2021.
    Resetting the financial system all over the world could quite possibly cause a lot of unrest and shortages for a long time, resulting in even more people dying – not only from starvation, but from violent riots.

That early simulation in 1973 by MIT was called “World One”, as in One World Government (aka New World Order). It eerily echoes Deagel’s predictions about the upcoming collapse. This simulation, which was financed by the Club of Rome, a Globalist think tank of the Cabals, predicts the collapse of civilization by 2040 (hence Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050). But the first catastrophic milestone set by the algorithm was an abrupt drop in the standard of living in 2020 – as we now can see with idiotic Covid restrictions and small businesses closing down.

Their goal has always been a world population of no more than one billion, of which 500,000,000 are labor. Most likely, that is their aim for 2040 and by 2050 the world will be shaped as they always wanted.

Another important aspect of this 1973 simulation is that one of the reasons for the collapse would be overpopulation and “global warming”. Does that sound familiar? The climate change hoax was a part of Agenda 21 and had a test run in 2018 with Jesuit puppets such as Greta Thunberg. My hunch is that we will see more of this “climate crisis” propaganda this year with weather warfare in form of flooding and wildfires.

If you start to combine these scenarios, the public preprogramming of zombie apocalypses from silly movies and tv-shows does not seem that farfetched any longer. Even CDC made a webpage and poster about being prepared for such an event!
Considering a lot of people getting deadly sick from vaccines at about the time they start the ‘cyber-attacks’ and the collapse of the financial system, hospitals will be overrun, people can’t access their funds, there might be power outages and food shortages due to delivery systems going down. All that spells CHAOS. And, as I mentioned many times before, the Covid-Vaccine is not only about killing the weak, it’s about depopulation through sterilization.

The vaccines are also an experiment, as we have found out that they contain graphene oxide. These nano particles are used to form antennas, making you receive and transmit data, making you into an IoT, an ‘Internet of Things,’ i.e., transhuman capable of processing and transmitting data as claimed by Klaus Schwab and their “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where this ‘revolution’ is about changing and advancing the ‘human’.
While the vaccine is about depopulation, it is also about finding the tolerance to graphene oxide and their nano technology. This is why you get a serial-number when you get the vaccine. Every dose is monitored, and a lot of them will be salt water to let all the side effects and deaths to fly below the radar.

So yes, we surely live in a computer game and the next couple of levels will be interesting and difficult to pass, for sure.

Sweden down to 7.2 Million people by 2025…
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