What are They Planning for Late September/Early October?

While the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death at 96 (as in 69/96 on the royal arch) was orchestrated and planned by the numbers for September 8, most likely as a huge distraction, there has been a lot of interesting events and trends taking place for the last couple of weeks telling us that something is going on, that something big will happen this fall.

In late August Pope Francis instructed all Vatican entities to move all funds and assets to Vatican bank by September 30. That is very curious as we know that those who rule us, the top of the pyramid, is playing out the Book of Revelation and the Catholic Church, the Vatican, and their Jesuit Order is in the middle of it. In Revelation, when the Beast, the Antichrist, returns to rule for 42 months he demands a One World Government or Ruler, as in him, and a One World Currency System where you can’t buy, sell or trade without his mark on your hand or on your forehead (as in Digital ID.) Does that sound familiar? Yes, it’s UN’s Agenda 2030 as promoted by the World Economic Forum, which has secretly been implemented in most countries all over the world.

That event also leads me to the conclusion that the announcement of the death of the Queen was planned and is also a distraction to take your eyes from everything else that is happening, as in this with the Vatican and all the other things I will mention below. Also keep in mind that her death and the coronation of ‘King Charles III’ means that most UK currency and banknotes will be replaced, and this includes all the ‘33’ Commonwealth nations that feature the face of the reigning British monarchs on their currency. A perfect time for them to get rid of most cash and transition to a digital currency, a One World Digital Currency. We have already seen this trend of replacing cash being accelerated through the fake pandemic and the lie of transmission where cash is said to be a carrier of ‘germs’ and ‘disease.’ All made-up nonsense.
Also, on September 30, the Bank of England will withdraw the legal tender status of all £20 and £50 paper banknotes. This is happening while more and more Banks and chain of Banks are pulling their cash services and only offer digital banking.

Another thing to keep in mind was the Commonwealth Games that took place just before the announcement of the Queen’s death, a game with a very satanic ceremony featuring their mascot Perry as a big mechanical beast. Kind of symbolic for ‘unleashing’ the Beast… Also note that the ‘Whore of Babylon‘ dressed in scarlet was said to also ride a scarlet (red) beast…

With this in mind, let’s continue with everything else that is currently taking place.

In early September we had the news that the German Army will be patrolling the streets starting October 1st, in what they tell us, is to ‘assist’ law enforcement. But for what? What do they know that would require military on the streets? Also, it does happen to coincide with the return of the vile and evil mask mandates for the unvaccinated only. Take from that what you will.

During the summer months, most major bands and artists (including comedy shows, entertainment venues, etc.) have cancelled their tours for September and October. This includes names such as Foo Fighters, Swedish House Mafia, Rage Against the Machine, Justin Bieber/The Weeknd, Weezer, Dead Can Dance, Luke Combs, Limp Bizkit, Alanis Morissette, Shawn Mendes, Carlos Santana, Mandy Moore, The Fugees, Sam Fender, DaBaby, Anthrax, Bauhaus, Oliver Sim, and others. Now, I don’t know half of these piles of garbage by their names, and I never heard a single song from any of them, as I do not do MK-Ultra mainstream brain-rot music, but all you need to do is an internet search for ‘concert tour cancelled,’’ and you’ll be shocked. Pretty much everything is cancelled for the coming months. This reminds me of the 1,300 CEOs who left their post just before the fake and staged coronavirus plandemic.
So, do these false idols, these “celebrities” know that something is coming, that something is going to happen? Most likely, yes.

There also was a video trending of a German Legislator making a speech, who was said to slipped his tongue as he during the speech said, “Dear colleagues, this 24th of September, 2022, will be a day remaining in our memories as a day we will say, I remember exactly where I was.”
I’m not myself sure of the authenticity of this video, as some says it’s old and some says that he says ‘2020’ and not ‘2022.’
Still, September 24, 2022, is an interesting date as the ‘9’ can be flipped and thus it represents ‘666.’
24/9/2022 = 24/6/2022 = (2+4) / 6 / (2+0+2+2) = 666.
Also 24/9/22 = 24 + 9 + 22 = 55. 55 represents ‘Satan’ as ‘Satan’ sums to ’55’ in the simple English Ordinal cipher.
And… 24 x 9 = 216, and 6 x 6 x 6 = 216.

Also, it is worth noting that in the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah goes from sundown on September 25th to sundown on September 26th. And according to Jewish tradition, those 24 hours are the very first day of the new Shemitah cycle, so you could say that their year ends on September 24. And this new coming seven-year cycle of Shemitah has Biblical significance, as it will conclude exactly two-thousand years since the beginning of Yeshua’s ministry. These cycles have also been connected to the financial market, and major financial and world changing events occur during this time.

Then we had the National Preparedness Month with free ‘Emergency Bug out Bags,’ which will be handed out in Denver on September 10 and 24! Yes, September 24 again. Interesting and quite symbolic, isn’t it?

Also, we have several investors, such as Michel Burry, warning about an epic market crash coming soon. Financial websites are saying the same thing as they warn about a devastating ‘Lehman Brothers’ event in Europe.
Is that what might be coming, what we have talked about for the last 10 years? The crash where FIAT money and most crypto will be worthless, the crash where they introduce their own One World Digital Currency? We’ll see. Something is surely coming. It might not be around September 24, but surely in the months ahead, and whatever it is, it will escalate in the years to come as we enter a new 7-year Shemitah.

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