The Witch-Hunt for Truthers is Escalating: Walled Lake Man, Oakland, Allegedly Killed Wife and Shot Daughter After Falling Into “Crazy Ideas” and “Conspiracy Theories” From QAnon

These kinds of fabricated and fake psychological operations are slowly popping up all over the United States, as I have covered in several previous articles. It’s very clever as it reinforces the division of the fake left and right, and the non-tolerance for anything they deem ‘extremist’ and ‘conspiracy’ related.

Also, as most people are dumbed down sleeping sheep, they cannot differentiate between their own government’s psy-op of Q, or ‘QAnon,’ and actual real people waking up and showing you the deceit and the lies, as I do on this website.

We who have done our homework know that ‘Q,’ or ‘QAnon,’ is the old communist counterintelligence ‘operation trust’ in new packaging; a fake “new world order agenda,” created by the CIA that is running parallel with what is really going on with the sole purpose of luring semi-woke people into their web of lies, illusions and total passivity – do not do anything, just trust the plan. Q is the enemy in disguise!

Because of this CIA and Freemasonic Q-operation, we all get dragged in the mud and get labelled as ‘extremist nut cases’ and ‘conspiracy theorists.’ It does not matter that we take a firm stance against them, and also expose Q, the silly scripted X22-report, the puppet Trump, and all these government-controlled puppets, as we are still being put in the same box by the media and those still sleeping. As soon as you notice the lies and the deceit and point something out, you’re labelled as a dangerous ‘extremist’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’, and enemy of the state. We are being labelled and will soon be targeted and hunted.

I’ve written more about this new script here – about division, civil unrest and civil war:

Trump Could Face up to ‘33’ Years in Prison – The New Script after the August 16 ‘88/888’ Date — Updated

As for this story, it’s heavily scripted. They claim they got a 911 call at 4:11 a.m. from a 25-year-old woman who said her father, the ‘Walled Lake man,’ had shot her and killed her mother and their dog.
“4:11” as in 411 is of course ‘Freemason’ in the Satanic cipher. But you can also, using numerology as they do, interpret “4:11” as 4 : (1+1), which is “42,” the most important number of 2022.

Walled Lake Man = 42 (the father)
25-Year-Old = 42 (the daughter)
Freemason = 42 (again)
Masonry = 42 (as in Freemasonry)
Jesuit = 42 (as in The Jesuit Order, their masters)

They say the family name is “Lanis” and that the father was killed by the police. Lanis is of course an anagram for ‘slain.’ So, Lanis ‘slain’ half his family and was then ‘slain’ by the police. How very Freemasonic-poetic of them. And fittingly, this happened on September 11, which comes with a 42-date numerology!
9/11/22 = (9) + (11) + (22) = 42

The family-name of ‘Lanis’ speaks for itself…

Lanis = 55, 230, 80, 35, 35, 35, 35, 255, 330, 480
Satan = 55, 230, 80, 35, 35, 35, 35, 255, 330, 480
Slain = 55, 230, 80, 35, 35, 35, 35, 255, 330, 480

They say the ‘Walled Lake Man’ went over the edge after reading ‘crazy ideas’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ online. Keep in mind that September 11, leaves 111-days remaining in the year.

Walled Lake Man = 111
Crazy Ideas = 111
Conspiracy Theories = 111

They say that the father’s name was ‘Igor Lanis’ and that ‘QAnon conspiracy theories’ drove him to kill his wife and shoot his daughters.

Igor Lanis = 139
QAnon Conspiracy Theories = 139

I could go on with the coding and scripting of this story as it has connections to ‘222’ and ‘444,’ however, it’s so obvious that it is all fake – and what is important is the narrative, the agenda behind it – to label all of us who can see as ‘extremists’ that need to be silenced and stopped.

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