Fake and Staged Shooting at Club Q, Colorado Springs, to Further Division and Hatred — Updated 2

Again, we have another totally fake and staged shooting. This time it’s at a gay nightclub, fittingly named “Club Q” to mock the sleeping sheep, as this “shooting” is meant to make the right look dangerous – as I have covered in the new narrative that was implemented on August 16. As there has previously been protests against drag queens, and this club had such a show planned for Sunday (according to the media,) this is all done to stir up fear, hatred, and the woke bullshit about acceptance of minorities throwing their deplorable stuff in people’s faces.

According to the article, the call to 911 came at 11:57 p.m., with only three minutes remaining in the day. The word ‘three’ sums to 56 in simple English gematria, and it’s their beloved hoax code as seen in many, many Masonic rituals.

Three = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Freemasons = 56

When the time is 11:57, the clock angle is 16.5⁰, like 165. That coded number fits perfectly with the theme of the event (a mass shooting) and the location, but not very much else, as it’s a high and rare number.

Mass Shooting = 165
Colorado Springs = 165

Written out, the time ’11:57’ spell like ‘eleven fifty-seven.’ Once again, it fits with the location. Imagine that, such coincidences!
It’s also a nice tribute to their masters, the Jesuit Order in the Vatican.

Eleven Fifty-Seven = 77
Colorado Springs = 77
Ignatius of Loyola, S.J. = 77 (the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Jesuits = 77
Masonry = 77 (as in Freemasonry, those who execute these stage and fake events)
The Society of Jesus = 77 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

It was still November 19 when this staged shooting happened. November 19 was the day leaving 42-days remaining in the year. A very popular number, as I wrote about in my earlier decoding of Elon Musk reinstating Trump on Twitter, this morning. 42 fits with the current ‘death count’ of ‘five’ and the location, which was a ‘nightclub.’ They now also say that the suspect is 22-years old, as in ‘twenty-two,’ the Master Builder Number in Freemasonry. And yes, we’ve had a dozen of 22-year old “mass shooters” this year. Not weird at all…

Five = 42 (5 people killed…)
Nightclub = 42 (in a nightclub…)
Twenty-Two = 42 (by a 22-year old man…)

And being the 19th of November, as in 19. Remember, Freemasons love chaos. Order out of Chaos…

Club Q =19
Chaos = 19

Although the shooting was on November 19, it is making news on November 20, the 80th birthday of Joe Biden. And yes, ‘Club Q’ equates to 80.

Club Q = 80

Biden later joined the flock of sheep to condemn this fake and staged shooting, all by the numbers of course.

Also, 18 injured is pure satanic tribute, as 6 + 6 + 6 = 18. And then we had ‘five people’ allegedly killed.

Five People = 666

And that Satanic narrative fits with the name of the nightclub and the inversion of everything natural (Satanic.)

Club Q = 55, 80, 52, 73, 16, 28, 49, 230, 255, 52, 16
Satan = 55, 80, 52, 73, 16, 28, 49, 230, 255, 52, 16

Of course, such a nightclub is coded with Satan.

The first breaking headline had “Gay Nightclub” in it.

Note that CNN changed the headline from “Gay Nightclub” to the woke libtard “LGBTQ Nightclub,” what the heck that is? Anyway, it fits their masters.

LGBTQ Nightclub = 224, 71
The Society of Jesus = 224, 71

They now call it a LGBTQ club, probably because the Freemasons love it.

LGBTQ Club = 96, 147, 48
Nightclub = 96, 147, 48
Freemason = 96, 147, 48


The shooter is allegedly named Anderson Lee Aldrich, and of course, with the double ‘EE’ in Lee, which is a Freemasonic code for ’33,’ as that is what ‘EE’ looks like mirrored. And again, he is said to be 22-years old, like the Freemasonic Master Builder Number.

Lee = 22

The last name of ‘Aldrich’ is another ’55’ connection with ‘Club Q’ and ‘Satan.’
And his full name is clearly a tribute to the Jesuits.

Anderson Lee Aldrich = 103, 86
Jesuits = 103, 86

Tim Ozman of Infinite Plane Radio/Media (IPR) have the same idea as me, that this is a staged fake event to further the narrative of the extreme and dangerous far right. Read his coverage here: https://timozman.substack.com/p/the-club-q-shooting-is-100-theatre

Actually, it seems like this ‘Club Q’ is not really operational. Perfect spot for a fake and staged shooting. A few crisis actors and their masonic friends within the police coordinating it all.

And now the fake lying media is claiming that “heroic” patrons of the gay club took down the shooter. What patrons? It seems to be pretty empty. Makes for good fake news though. No one can verify the attack more than the hired crisis actors.

Also, Zach over at Gematria Effect News just posted a decode:

5 killed, at least 18 injured in Club Q LGBTQ shooting of Colorado Springs, Saturday, November 19, 2022 (Nov. 20 news)

Update 2!

And, of course, Joseph just posted an excellent decode:

And this is why they are Government Crisis Actors as they never made it to the big stage. Clapping? Jeez.

And ‘Joshua,’ which sums to 74, like Government and Jesus. Such bad acting.

And this frikkin’ bad crisis actor… Shot seven times in the back? Yet, two days later he lies on his back talking about it. Sure…

If I find more interesting information or decodes by other talented truthers, I’ll update the post again.

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