Fetterman’s Masonic Shaming Ritual as He Return to Senate

Allegedly, Senator John Fetterman, who suffered a stroke during a campaign trail has been hospitalized for clinical depression since mid-February and returned this Wednesday, April 19, to the Senate with a very sloppy and choppy opening statement that made the dumbed-down and sleeping sheep on social media question his mental health and ability to do his job (as in playing a democrat senator with a ‘disability’ on the world stage to mock the U.S. population, and especially those sleeping and still believing in left vs. right.)

Of course, Fetterman returned to Senate in a sweatshirt (actually a hoodie) and shorts, posing outside for photographers while doing some classic Freemasonic gestures of the Select Master Mason degree and the Super Excellent Master Mason degree, and that is all anyone should need to see to understand this theatre, this scripted play.
Only a celebrity actor involved in an initiation- or shaming ritual would show up in shorts and a hooded sweatshirt and make such deliberate and silly gestures for photographers, while politicians and other actors on the world stage mostly stick to less noticeable hand gestures and signs.

And that is why he played the role of a disabled man, shaming himself with his statements, making political tools and controlled opposition on Twitter, and the mainstream media, describing his return as ‘frightening.’

It’s all a show, folks, an act.

And with that said, Fetterman makes a perfect Jesuit puppet, as his birthday is August 15, the same day the Jesuit Order was founded as the Society of Jesus in Paris, France, on August 15, 1534.

Counting the days from his return to the Senate on April 19 to the day of his and the Jesuits’ birthday on August 15, we get 119-days, as in the 11th of September, like 11/9 or simply 9/11, their hoax-code. It also fit perfectly with his name, title and shaming attire.

Senator John Fetterman = 119
Sweatshirt, Shorts = 119

It’s also 247 days since his last birthday, and this is all about a shaming ritual wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, as frequently pointed out by the media and social media pundits. It was also on the 109th day of the year.

Sweatshirt and Shorts = 247, 109

And they called it ‘frightening,’ as in code for the ‘Jesuit Order,’ the masters who share the same birthday as their puppet.

Frightening = 72, 54, 63, 72
Jesuit Order = 72, 54, 63, 72

Again, this was all show and a Freemasonic shaming ritual as Fetterman advanced within their order, and most of the public including alternative media pundits swallowed it as real, hook, line, and sinker.

Fetterman is not ‘disabled,’ as in mentally handicapped after suffering a ‘stroke’ and ‘depression,’ that is the role he is playing. He’s a Mason actor put in place to groom acceptance of being ‘different,’ to cause division between the illusionary left and right and to gaslight those on the right, and further their agendas, whatever they might be.

It’s all theatre, and the world is a stage.

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