Tyson Fury Fights ‘Knife Crime’ as Cousin Allegedly was Stabbed to Death

British boxing champion Tyson Fury trended in the media on Sunday saying his cousin was stabbed to death as he called on the UK government to take steps to curb knife crimes. “My cousin was murdered last night, stabbed in the neck, this is becoming ridiculous idiots carry knives,” Fury said on social media.

So, his cousin was ‘stabbed in the neck,’ just as in the headlines about Salman Rushdie? Well, these things do happen, let’s see what the “coincidences” tell us…

According to the “News,” the stabbing allegedly occurred at around 3 a.m. Sunday outside a nightclub at Goose Green, a neighborhood in Altrincham in Manchester. Well, we know all about 3 a.m., which is called “The Devil’s Hour,” as Jesus was said to have been crucified at 3 p.m. and ‘3 a.m.’ is the opposite, the inverted (just as the secret Satanic orders like the Freemasons like to do things.) And, as no real surprise a British upcoming drama thriller called ‘The Devil’s Hour’ will premiere later this year on Amazon Prime. The premise for that show is a woman who wakes up every night at exactly 3.33 a.m. Yeah, not Masonic at all. They love their 33’s.
Also, ‘3’ when spelled out as ‘three’ sums to their beloved hoax code of ’56,’ so let’s start there…

Three = 56 (it happened at 3 a.m.)
Manchester = 56 (the city where it happened)
Goose Green = 56 (the neighborhood where it happened)
Masonic Ritual = 56 (what it most likely is, a staged and fake ritual)
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
The Devil’s Hour = 56 (the hour between 3 and 4 a.m.)
Stabbed in the Neck = 56 (how he allegedly died)

Also, Tyson Fury was born on August 12, so this happened 50 weeks and 6 days before his next birthday, like 506, or 56, as you can remove the zero. We will look more into his birthdate in a minute.

So, that’s about the whole story coded with ‘56.’ However, there is more, much more.

The victim was Rico Burton, which in the English ciphers give us some very special numbers, as all of them has ‘9’ numerology.

Rico Burton = 135, 54, 135, 63
9 x 15 = 135
9 x 6 = 54
9 x 15 = 135
9 x 7 = 63

And he was allegedly killed in Altrincham, which has the same kind of ‘9’ numerology.

Altrincham = 99, 45, 171, 63
9 x 11 = 99
9 x 5 = 45
9 x 19 = 171
9 x 7 = 63

As you can see, 9 is one of the key-numbers in this ritual. And in English gematria we have ‘Sun,’ which reduces to the sum of ‘9.’ As you know, the Jesuits worship the original Sun, that is, Saturn. And in the old and pure cipher of Chaldean, the word ‘kill’ sums to 9. And when exploring this number, the first we have is ’34,’ which is the 9th Fibonacci number.

Well, Tyson Fury’s fight record is currently 32-0-1. Yes, he’s currently at the very Freemasonic record of ‘33’ professional fights, and he’s next fight will be his 34th. However, the real kicker is that Tyson Fury celebrated his 34th birthday on August 12, exactly 9 days before this alleged killing of his cousin on August 21.
That’s a 34 and a 9 from only his birthdate, and thus clearly a ritual – unless you’re a gullible coincidence theorist who just loves to be deceived by the media and their masters and taking it up the – you know where – on a daily basis.

And of course, 34 fits the narrative when we look at the gematria as well, including the secret society behind it, which we will come to later.

Three = 34 (it happened at 3 a.m.)
Death = 34
Three a.m. = 34 (it happened at 3 a.m.)
Murder = 34 (he was allegedly stabbed to death, which would be murder)
Killing = 34
Masonic = 34
Masonry = 34

Continuing with the ‘9,’ we also have ’45,’ which is the 9th triangular number. 45 also fits with the narrative as it paints just about the same picture we got when decoding ‘three’ which led us to 56.

Knife = 45 (Rico was alleged stabbed with a knife)
Rico = 45 (Rico killed with knife, same cipher)
Altrincham = 45 (the part of Manchester where it happened)
Goose Green = 45 (the neighborhood where it happened)
Stabbed in Neck = 45 (how he allegedly died)
Masonic Ritual = 45 (again, what it most likely is, a staged and fake ritual)

Note that ‘Knife’ and ‘Rico’ is almost a perfect match, making Rico the perfect choice for this knife agenda ritual.

And lastly, we have ’23,’ which is the 9th prime number and fits perfectly with the secret orders behind these rituals as this probably was one of Tyson’s initiation or sacrifice rituals as becoming a full-fledged Freemason. That could be the price to pay for success, or it could simply be that he follows order to push an agenda. What exactly the purpose of the ritual was we will probably never know. All we can do is to expose the deceit and that this was all done by the numbers. It was not an accident or a random act of murder. And remember, the alleged victim Rico was Tyson Fury’s cousin.

Cousin = 23
Burton = 23 (Rico’s last name was Burton)
Death = 23
Murder = 23
Masonry = 23
Masons = 23
Jesuits = 23
Tyson = 23
RIP = 23

And this happened on the 21st and on a Sunday, which also ties back to ‘9’ which represents ‘Sun.’

Sunday = 21
Tyson = 21
Jesuit = 21
Neck = 21 (stabbed in the neck)
Three = 21 (it happened at 3 a.m.)
Knife = 21 (the alleged murder weapon)
Stabbed = 21 (how he allegedly died)

Also, August 21 came with Freemasonic ‘33’-date numerology. In other words, a perfect day for some Masonic rituals.
8/21/22 = (8) + (21) + 2+2 = 33
8/21/22 = 8 + 2+1 + (22) = 33

Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33
Sunday = 33
Neck = 33

And Fury Tyson tagged his tweet with “#onlycowardscarryweapons” and not with something about ‘knives’ or ‘knife crime.’ That phrase was probably given to him from his masters in the Freemasonic lodge. It does fit the narrative with…

#onlycowardscarryweapons = 109
Stabbed in Neck = 109
Thirty-One = 109 (Rico Burton was said to be 31-years old)
Tom Moran = 109 (the creator of the British TV-Series ‘The Devil’s Hour’)

It’s quite funny that 109 is a match with the creator of the upcoming British tv-series ‘The Devil’s Hour,’ then again…

Tom Moran = 44, 44, 44
Tyson Fury = 44, 44, 44

Going back to that hashtag Tyson used, it does fit in another clever way as most Freemasonic rituals are shaming rituals, and we know that ALL professional sports are rigged by the numbers when it comes to the most important matches. None of it is real.

#onlycowardscarryweapons = 307, 109, 1112, 314, 125, 1119, 1842, 1884
You’re a Fraud and You Know it = 307, 109, 1112, 314, 125, 1119, 1842, 1884

Yes, they are all frauds. Simply entertainment and false idols for the dumbed down slave masses.

There is a lot more to this story, especially if you decode the names — and ‘knife crime’ matches ‘Tyson’ and ‘Jesuit Order.’ However, this is all I have time for. If I find other good decodes, I’ll update the article with a link.

To summarize, this was obviously a ritual all done by the numbers. Was his cousin sacrificed for his success in the rigged sport as a professional boxer, or was this all staged and faked? No real way to tell. Is it part of an agenda? Most likely as they always play as many cards as they can. The important part is that everything that happens on the world stage and get big headlines in the media is staged and executed by the numbers as rituals. Nothing is as it seems and most of it is not even real.

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