The Staged and Fake Stabbing of Salman Rushdie Had Little Piggy Freemasonic Fingerprints All Over it — Updated

This extremely scripted and heavily coded theatre act broke the headlines as I was preparing to go to sleep yesterday (I live in Sweden.) Since it was so obviously staged, I put out a quick decode on Ungovernable and also on my Facebook, and as I woke this morning my friend Joseph had made an excellent decode of this event, as usual – adding a ton to my quick findings. So, let’s make a little simple breakdown of this staged event and if you want more of the decoding with all the headlines and statements from the media, check the video at the end of the article.

What first jumped out was the headlines that focused on the fact that Salman Rushdie had been stabbed in the ‘neck’ while being at a speech in Chautauqua, New York. We know that ‘Salman Rushdie’ is a match to ‘Jesuit Order’ in several ciphers, including ’54,’ and August 12 was 54-days after his June 19th birthday. Also, that both ‘neck,’ ‘Chautauqua,’ and ‘New York’ sums to the very Freemasonic ‘33’ in gematria – and this all took place on August 12, a day with 33-date numerology. Such extreme “coincidences” cannot be ignored.

Then the media updated their story with the fact that Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses” forced him into hiding after a Fatwa was issued on his life in Iran with a $3 million bounty, exactly 33-years ago. Now, that’s another blatant ‘33’ they just throw in our faces as pure mockery, but also notice the alleged bounty; $3M, flip the ‘M’ and you have another ’33.’ That is the simplest of the Freemasonic coding tactics. However, it does not end there. Then they tell us that the ‘Iranian Government’ has distanced itself from the bounty, but that the Fatwa has been continued by other organizations and they raised the bounty to… wait for it… $3.3 million. I kid you not! That’s another 33 and also, counting the ‘m’ we have a ‘333,’ as in the Freemason’s motto of “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds,” which sums to 333 using Reverse Reduction Gematria.
So many 33’s, and that is only from the headlines. 33 is the Freemasons’ calling card, showing who masterminded and acted out this staged event.

This was followed by the media repeatedly mentioning that the alleged attacker “rushed” the stage as Rushdie prepared to speak. Rushed and Rushdie… Rush-die, rushed… Rush-to-die. See the silly, and very Freemasonic, play on words with his name and what the attacker did? All scripted as mockery.

And a bit later, the media added the amusing fact that Rushdie also got stabbed in the abdomen. Well, ‘abdomen’ sums to 54, just as his name, ‘Jesuit Order,’ and the fact that this happened 54-days after his birthday. They just can’t help themselves.

In other words, this event was yet another numerical ritual planned and scripted well in advance and acted out as if it was real. The extremely poorly footage that has been circulating is just another calling card to how fake and staged this alleged attack was.

For a deep decode with all the numbers, check Joseph’s excellent work below.

The alleged attacker has been “identified” as a “Hadi Matar,” which of course fits perfectly with the numbers, summing to ’75’ exactly as ‘neck’ and Rushdie being 75-years-old. Check Joseph’s update below.

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