World Stage: Fake France School Stabbing

Allegedly, on October 13, or on ‘Friday the 13th,’ a teacher was killed and two people seriously injured in a knife attack at a school in France. According to the public story, the perpetrator was under surveillance by French security services over suspected Islamic radicalization. The government also increased its threat alert to its highest-level during Friday, allowing for larger police and military deployments to “protect the country.” Officials said there was no specific threat that prompted the move, but they cited calls by extremists to attack amid the Mideast war.

In other words, this staged and fake knife attack at a school, (the same old script,) was simply a ritualistic tribute, and a reminder of the ongoing psy-op with Israel and Hamas. Of course, it had to happen in France on October 13, the historical day back in 1307 when King Philip IV ordered Jacques de Molay and his Knights Templars to be arrested and trialed for their wickedness and worship of the head of John the Baptist. That day of October 13 was also a Friday and the reason for the superstition of ‘Friday the 13th.’ It was the day when the Knights Templars went into hiding only to form new secret societies and later be reborn as the Jesuit Order by the King of Spain (Borgia family) through Ignatius of Loyola in 1534, Paris, France, to become the modern military order of the Catholic Church.

This reminds us of another psy-op, the staged and fake ISIS/ISIL November 13 Paris Attacks in 2015, also orchestrated on Friday the 13th. Also, do not forget the staged and fake beheading (symbolic of John the Baptist) of the French teacher Samuel Paty on October 16, 2020, by an alleged Islamic terrorist, which also was on a Friday. Can you see the pattern with France, Fridays and Friday the 13th? All connected to the Catholic Church’s Knights Templar and the Jesuit Order. All ritualistic, all scripted, and all utterly fake.

Now, this new fake school stabbing happened on October 13, the day leaving 79 days remaining in the year, a number that just happens to align with ‘school stabbing,’ ‘Knights Templar,’ and ‘Society of Jesus,’ the original name of the Jesuit Order, the successors of the Knight Templar, such a coincidence.

School Stabbing = 79 (the theme of the ritual)
Knights Templar = 79 (what would later become the Jesuit Order)
Society of Jesus = 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

It was staged on October 13, exactly a symbolic 8 weeks and 3 days, as in 83, after the anniversary of the Jesuit Order’s birthday on August 15, 1534.
As you know, 83, (just as its reflection 38,) is the number or murder – and it fits the narrative of a ‘school knife stabbing’ perfectly.

School Knife Stabbing = 83
Society of Jesus = 83
Murder = 83

The attacker is said to be a 20-year-old Russian national named ‘Mohamed Mogouchkov,’ as in ‘MM’ or the Masonic 33. Of course, the phrase ’20-years-old’ reduces to 38, the other ‘murder number,’ and to 47 in reverse, the number of Freemasonry, government, and authority (the people staging these events.) Some news outlets spell Mohamed with a single ‘m,’ while others spell it with the traditional double ‘m,’ as in ‘Mohammed.’ Both fit the script though.

Mohamed Mogouchkov = 72
Jesuit Order = 72

Mohammed Mogouchkov = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 (IHS, the sigil/logo of the Jesuit Order)

And the last-name is just as scripted.

Mogouchkov = 49
Satanic Ritual = 49
Catholicism = 49
Antichrist = 49 (The Israel-Hamas war is an Antichrist ritual)
Templars = 49, 49

Mogouchkov = 41
Killer = 41
Terror = 41
Templars = 41

It was staged in the town of ‘Arras, France’ as a historical tribute to the Templars, also known as the ‘Order of Solomon’s Temple,’ a military order of the Roman Catholic Church who had their headquarters at Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Arras, France = 104
Templars = 104
Jerusalem = 104
Order of Solomon’s Temple = 104
Roman Catholic Church = 104

Of course, the number of 104 was recently seen in the silly 10/4 emergency alert tests that occurred on October 4 in the U.S. and in Russia, where the ‘knife stabber’ of this story allegedly came from. And 10/4 was only a Masonic 3 days before the staged and fake war in Israel began.

And with that said, ‘Arras’ is simply the biggest tribute to the Jesuits imaginable, as it is almost a perfect match with ‘Jesuit.’

Arras = 78, 21, 42, 30, 42, 468
Jesuit = 78, 21, 42, 30, 42, 468

As you can see, you have a double ‘42’ in there as well, the number of their Sun God Saturn and the number used in every single fake war, and what do we have now? A staged and fake attack blamed on another war, the war between Israel and Hamas.

And speaking of the Jesuits, the order was recognized by Pope Paul III on September 17, 1540, and this staged attack in Arras, France, on October 13, as in ‘Friday 13th,’ happened exactly 50 weeks before the anniversary of their legal formation.

Arras, France = 50
Friday 13th = 50
Jesuits = 50, 50
Satanic = 50, 50
Mogouchkov = 50

There is a lot more to this fake ‘terror/knife attack’ if you look into the dates and numbers of the Pope and/or Emmanuel Macron. However, my time us up for this morning, and this should be more than enough to eliminate any doubts of ‘coincidences.’

With that said, be prepared for more staged, scripted and fake Islamic “terror” attacks in Europe. Here in Sweden, there have been political discussions for over a year about using military on the streets to fight the hyped and mostly fake gang violence (refugees/immigrants) and to have zones for conducting body searches – something that is already a reality in some other countries, and it will escalate. There is also trouble brewing in Britain with hotels full of immigrants and operatives working for the satanic UN.
It’s all part of Agenda 2030 and the surveillance-prison society. The staged and fake war between Israel and Hamas/Palestine might just be the excuse they need to fake Islamic terror attacks to further this agenda while the sleeping and dumbed down masses beg for it. Problem, reaction, solution.

By the way, what happened to the alleged war in Ukraine? Oh yeah, they can only manage one big psy-op at a time. The NPCs are none the wiser anyways.

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