The 2023 Emergency Alert System Drill Decoded

And there we go. Another fear tactic employed by the ‘elite’ fueled by shills and alternative media within the ‘conspiracy realm.’ I’ve had multiple people write me in the last week, worrying and asking about 5G and graphene. This is usual among those slowly waking up to reality, as the ‘fear programming’ and the conditioning to look for authorities and to be led is still strong, so they easily get influenced by shills and controlled opposition – simply believing that mainstream media and the government are the only deceivers, when in reality, they play both sides just as hard.

So… As always, it turned out to be just another big nothing burger. No one died, no one cried, and no one turned into a graphene mind-controlled zombie. Well, perhaps a few Q’tards cried as they yet again were hyped up for another big thing, which just turned out to be another deception in a long parade of lies. However, they should be used to it by now, as nothing has happened since CIA began their Q-operation 6 years ago, pacifying baby-truthers and giving them a continuous fluoride-like feed of ridiculous and nonsensical Q-drops.

Keep in mind that the “pre-programming” of all zombie movies and TV-series leading up to the Covid-19 ritual was symbolic. It had nothing to do with vaccinated slaves turning into zombies. It was symbolic of division, of those who were dumbed-down and believed in the deception, thus acting like “zombies” by socially and verbally attacking those who were awake, as in real humans who resisted the vaccinations.

And that takes us to what most baby-truthers seem to have forgotten, that this ‘emergency alert’ psy-op all started with the puppet Donald Trump in 2018.
On October 3, 2018, another Wednesday, at 2:18 p.m., FEMA sent the first emergency test message of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System as a ‘Presidential Alert.’ It was followed by an EAS test at 2:20, another important number we will get to in a second.

And guess what? The emergency alert test that was sent out this Wednesday, October 4, 2023, was scheduled for 2:20 p.m., but was actually sent two minutes early, at 2:18 p.m., the exact same time as in Trump’s drill in 2018.

If you’re familiar with their scripts, this connection back to Trump could be another confirmation that he will be reelected as President before he is fake-assassinated and Obama returns to fulfill their reenactment of Revelation, as in the Antichrist returning to rule.
In 1 John 2:18, John warns us against several antichrists that shall come and that already are here; as in us being in ‘the last hour,’ approaching the end times and the final antichrist mentioned in Revelation. And in Revelation, the “Trumpets” are the warning…

Also, if you know your history, it was said that the Holy Roman Empire ended on August 6, 1806, the 218th day of the year. Of course, in the most important cipher in gematria, the reverse ordinal, ‘Holy Roman Empire’ equals 218.
And you should also know that it never ended, only continued as the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order, the seat of power controlled by the ancient elite families.

Holy Roman Empire = 218

As 218 is important, so is ‘220,’ as in 2:20, the time they said the alert would go out to the public. As you might know, ‘220’ is the number of ‘Donald John Trump,’ in the same reverse ordinal cipher. And that also ties back to their ‘graphene oxide’ 5G psy-op, another phrase that equals 220, as Trump rushed the vaccines with his ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ which, of course, also equals ‘220.’ And while 218 is the number of the Holy Roman Empire, so is 220. Now, I do not say that the Covid shots does not contain graphene oxide, as I’ve written about that in the past, and it might be the cause behind heart failures and deaths, however, the connection to 5G-activation is a silly psy-op.
Also, this drill was a part of IPAWS, the ‘Integrated Public Alert and Warning System,’ which of course also equals 220.

Donald John Trump = 220
Graphene Oxide = 220
Operation Warp Speed = 220
The Holy Roman Empire = 220
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System = 220, 220

It’s almost like it was all scripted. Oh wait, it is.

And remember, the alert was two minutes early.

Two Minutes Early = 220

2:18 is also 2+1+8, as in 11, the first Master Number within numerology and Freemasonry, and 2:20, as in ’22,’ is the Second Master Number.

Of course, October 4 was the day leaving exactly 88 days remaining in the year, another number closely associated with Donald Trump and also the Holy Roman Empire.

Trump = 88
Holy Roman Empire = 88, 88
Masonic Ritual = 88, 88

Actually, the alert was sent at 2:18 on the day leaving 88 days remaining in the year, like in 88 and 218.

TRUMP = 88, 218

Also keep in mind that this alert, and the one back in 2018, was sent out on a Wednesday, the day named after, and connected to the old gods associated with Mercury. Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun. And in Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods (this alert was a coded message.) And among the ‘elites,’ mercury is a symbol of the shapeshifting interdimensional ‘Gods’ (Draco/Orion) of the God matrix, and is associated with communication, as in one foot in the physical and one foot in spiritual, the guide of souls in afterlife.
However, mercury has also been used for mind-control purposes (splitting the mind) and it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, our natural garbage men that help us to heal, repair and detox, and that is why mercury is added to vaccines – to do more damage and slow down our detoxification and healing process, and also making us more receptive to conditioning and mind-control.
In other words, Wednesday, as in Mercury, ties back to 88, as in Trump and October 4, and to the vaccines, as in Operation Warp Speed and the graphene hoax. All cleverly scripted and coded.

Again, this year the emergency drill was on October 4, exactly 112 days after Donald Trump’s June 14 birthday, another number associated with Donald and his presidency.

Donald = 112
President Donald Trump = 112
Wireless Emergency Alerts = 112

And the date of October 4, as in 10/4, can be written as 104, which just like the previous numbers just happen to fit Donald Trump, the Holy Roman Empire, and their rebirth as the Roman Catholic Church.

President Donald Trump = 104
The Holy Roman Empire = 104
Roman Catholic Church = 104

Of course, in the reverse reduction Elizabethan cipher, the real name of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that of our current Pope Francis, equals 104. And just as another coincidence, October 4 came exactly 10 weeks and 4 days, as in 104, before Pope Francis’ December 17 birthday.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 104

Also, 10/4, as in 10-4, is a way of saying “I heard you,” as in “message received,” in radio communications (dating back to the mid-70’s and truckers using CB radios.) Again, connecting the drill to communications and decoded messages.

And adding to the 104, this emergency public warning system was also tested in Russia, at exactly 10:40 a.m., as in 104, on 10/4.

Of course, both ‘Russian’ and ‘Vladimir’ equals ’88,’ same as Trump. Again, another confirmation that they are all puppets, all synchronized and in on it together.

And going back to Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, October 4 was exactly 50 days after the anniversary of the August 15th founding date of the Jesuit Order. And this alert ritual was all about Donald Trump and focused on America.

Donald = 50
America = 50

I could go on, but I’m running out of time for this morning. However, it’s extremely obvious that this drill was scripted by the numbers and tied to their script of Donald Trump. It also tied into the vaccines and the graphene hoax of turning people into zombies or killing them with silly 5G, as they always play both sides of the coin, controlling both the sleeping masses through mainstream media and the baby-truthers through alternative media, controlled opposition and fake truther shills.

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