A Quick Update and the October 4 Nonsense

As you probably noticed by the featured image, I experienced my first BSOD (bluescreen of death) on my work computer yesterday. I built it in late 2020 and early 2021, based on the 10th generation i9-10900K CPU with 10 cores for the Intel 400 series chipset, running at 5.3 GHz, and it’s been flawless.

So, yesterday I decided to update the BIOS on my MSI MEG Z490 ACE motherboard, and it was a breeze. Then, however, Windows 11 suggested some driver updates, and that’s when things started to go sideways.
During the installation of said drivers, I got the BSOD. And after a reboot, I got the BSOD again immediately after the BIOS POST sequence. I could not even enter “advanced startup options” and do a repair or start in ‘safe mode.’

So, I booted up my server, which is my old rig that functions as an ’emergency replacement’ and backup for photos, videos and other stuff you would not like to lose in a disk crash. I went online and downloaded the latest Win 11 image and made a bootable USB.

This time I could access the ‘startup repair’ functionality from the USB image, but it simply said that the repair failed.
After checking the disks for errors, I decided to turn off all other disk devices within the BIOS, and then I discovered that one of my three M.2 SSD disks, a Corsair Force MP510, had a boot record which the Windows repair tool probably accessed instead of my Gigabyte Aorus main drive. So, after disabling that drive, I was able to repair and boot back into Windows 11 again.
Although I have another PC, an old laptop, and all my work and documents mirrored and backed-up on encrypted cloud services, it would be cumbersome to work on those old machines while this one would have been fixed.

So, what can we learn from this? Not much, just that shit happens, I guess. And I feel sorry for those with less computer knowledge who would either have to reinstall windows or pay some technician to fix the problem for them.

As for other things, I’m back to my routines as usual after the little blood clot thing and the 6-day dry fast that cleared everything up. After the fast, my weight stabilized around 73.5 kg, so I lost about 1.5 kg of body fat during the 6 days of dry fasting. I’ve also been back to 3 to 4 days of short and sweet workouts at the gym, averaging 30 minutes per session. It’s all I need to feel good and maintain my physique and strength.

That’s it for today. I’m sorry if it was not the most interesting of reads. I’m however a bit pressed on time and have some work to do. Also, I’ve now published at least one article every single day since May 2021. That’s about 520 days without missing a single day, and everything published on this website is still free and without annoying ads.
So, if you want to read something of more interest, just pick an article that sounds interesting and then go to the bottom and check out the related articles. Just do that on repeat, and you’ll have something interesting to read for weeks or months on end.

Now, whatever you do, have a great day, and do not fear the October 4 conspiracy emergency alert system 5G-activated “zombie virus” nonsense put out by shills, making it trend on every shill-ridden social media channel.
No, the alert signal will not activate any “Marburg virus” or anything else injected through pointless and dangerous vaccines. Viruses does not exist.
If something would happen, it would not be announced by shills, the fake alternative media and controlled opposition.

UPDATE: I covered the Emergency Alert Drill here:

The 2023 Emergency Alert System Drill Decoded

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