Blood Clotting and the Embalmers’ Blood Clot Stories

A few months back, posts and videos circulated on social media of alleged embalmers removing long wormlike blood clots from dead bodies, blaming it on the Covid-19 vaccines. I only touched lightly on this on our own community Ungovernable, but now it has resurfaced, especially here in Sweden. So, let’s go over this.

Now, we know that the real Covid vaccine, that is, if you do not get a saline shot, can cause blood clots among many ill-effects. Many have had serious health problems as a result, and many have even died from it – especially people in sports. Several countries, including Australia, have raised the age limit for AstraZeneca’s vaccine and other shots after confirming blood clots. So, this has already been settled as a fact, although they try to blame most of the blood clots on the imaginary non-existent Covid virus and that it causes inflammation in your arteries. Remember, viruses do not exist and there is no need for a vaccine, ever.

With that being said, it’s important to stick with proven facts and not blindly jump onto sensational news being pushed by controlled opposition and shills (such as Alex Jones and Stew Peters,) which muddies the water and make everyone who criticizes the vaccine look like conspiracy tinfoil extremists and fools.

And that brings us to these reports and videos of an increase of very long wormlike clots being removed from dead bodies by embalmers. At first, that might graphically seem horrid and very real. And being so graphical makes it easy to believe anything the narrator tells you while the footage and/or pictures is shoveled in your face. For many, seeing is believing and if you know about the dangers of vaccines, it’s easy to grasp at straws just to get some “I told you so” evidence. However, this story is a doubled-edged sword. Let’s start with some real facts before we consider this report.

First of all, an embalmer would not know the vaccination status of the dead body, as that is not stated on the death certificate. So, claiming that what they deem as an increase in clotting is due to vaccines is only speculation from their side, and is thus easily dismissed by anyone checking the story.

Secondly, once you’re dead, blood thickens and starts to clot as it is no longer circulating and being oxygenated. That is why embalmers use anticoagulants in their embalming solutions. Also, dead bodies are not embalmed on the spot, as there are several steps that has to be taken after a dead body arrive at a morgue. It’s not as if a body gets picked up at the moment of death and is express-delivered to an embalmer. All bodies are examined and goes through a process while being refrigerated for several days before the procedure of embalming can take place.

During this refrigeration, the blood settles resulting in lividity. This is where the process of displacing blood with embalming fluid takes place, and it necessitates the removal of blood clots directly from the jugular vein, which is opened for this purpose. Embalmers use long forceps which they insert into the incision during the fluid injection to get these natural wormlike blood clots out while the blood is replaced by the embalming solution. To help with this removal of blood clots, embalmers massage all limbs of the body.

In other words, normally, the blood clotting seen from embalmers are quite natural and not some sensational proof of anything. Thus, people bringing this up as proof can easily be discredited and ridiculed. Hence why controlled opposition and paid government shills help with pushing stories like this. Also, if someone dies of “sudden death” or anything else, an autopsy is performed, which means that arteries are cut in several places and embalmers would not have drainage done the same way as single point injection of non-autopsied bodies – so these stories fall flat once again.
And ‘white’ blood clots are simply Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT,) a low platelet count, usually due to the administration of various forms of heparin, an anticoagulant.

Still, we know that the Covid vaccine causes blood clots in some individuals (if they get the real deal and not saline water,) but there is no evidence of the long worm-like plastic clots showed in these videos. They seem fake. Also, it’s impossible to prove one way or another unless you can compare old footage of a body being embalmed with a body that you can prove has been fully vaccinated.

So, spreading these stories will most likely add fuel to the fire that is fact checkers and censorship, as these enormous blood clots can easily be discredited. And even worse, government agents and shills such as Alex Jones and Dr. Jane Ruby has reported on this, which make it even less credible – even if it is true.

So, to conclude, use your own discernment. Do not share anything blindly as ‘proof’ just to shut somebody up. If you think it can be real and/or is of great concern, share it as something ‘interesting’ and worth ‘looking into.’ Ask for input and thoughts, and plant some seeds instead.

Speaking for myself, all I see is an hoax aimed to discredit anti-vaxxers. Also, I know that many people are getting severely ill and many die after getting vaccinated, but that has nothing to do with embalmers. I get reports about that almost daily, and that is enough for me to keep pushing the most fundamental truth that need to be exposed – that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist and that also goes for transmittable diseases. All a hoax.

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