More Covid-19 Propaganda and the Targeting of Children

After weeks of small pandemic-propaganda bits during August, on the first of September, as in 1/9 (19,) we had a silly media Covid-19 ritual, claiming huge increased in “cases” within the United States, and the possibility of a new “wave.”
Here in little Sweden, the media has been pushing the propaganda in small dosages almost every single day. In late August, the pseudoscience-based and extremely evil Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten,) happily reported that a new “updated” vaccine for “Omicron XBB” would arrive this fall, and that an ‘vaccination effort’ was scheduled for November 7, as in 11/7, like 117 (“Omicron XBB” is ‘117’ in the Freemasonic Illuminati ciphers, and the date-numerology is 52, as in the reduction sum of “Omicron XBB.”)

Now, keep in mind that the Public Health Authority is a part of the corrupted and controlled Government, and that one of their missions is to “deal with misinformation, disinformation and rumors” regarding vaccines and Covid-19. That translates to ‘silence any opposition,’ to bury the truth, and to spread propaganda about the maiming and deadly vaccines as well as the totally fake and non-existent Covid-19, making it appear real. Or in simple terms, to keep the population in fear and keeping them sick and weak (and killing the fragile ones) by voluntarily being injected with poison out of fear for something that does not exist. If that is not a definition of evil and deception, I do not know what is.

Remember, if the lie about non-existing viruses and non-existing “transmission of disease” don’t get exposed, they will fake pandemics and make maiming and deadly vaccines forever – and the majority of humanity will only get weaker and less capable of reproducing (which is their goal.) If anyone tells you that the virus lie isn’t important, that person is a shill, a controlled opposition puppet, a part of the enemy, and should be treated accordingly.

And meanwhile in the U.S., they are attacking the children again, doing their best to condition them to do everything that is the complete opposite of normal and healthy – programming the next generation to be ignorant, naïve and obedient slaves without any free will and the ability to question anything they are fed.
This week, several schools have reinstated mask requirements for children. You know, the slave muzzles said to “protect” you from something that does not exist while restricting your breathing, causing buildup of expelled bacteria and carbon dioxide poisoning – something that will eventually cause brain damage and lung infections. Again, if that is not a definition of evil and deception, I do not know what is.

To build upon this, yesterday on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, as in 9/5, or 95, the sum of ‘Tuesday,’ they staged another Covid-19 ritual with Jill Biden on her 95th day of her age, allegedly testing positive for non-existing Covid-19.
As a result, Joe Biden said that he will be ‘masking indoors,’ in an effort to condition the NPCs who actually would care about what the deranged puppet says. Perhaps we will see some soy-boy vegans doing their zombie walks at our nearby grocery store wearing face diapers, the mark of total slave obedience.

With that said, there is a glimmer of hope. While those who actually understand and recognize that viruses do not exist are still quite few, more and more people recognize the insanity of pushing vaccines and silly masking. More and more people are getting fed up with the Covid-19 nonsense. If they try and fake another big wave with lockdowns and ‘forced’ vaccinations, there will be a lot more resistance, and possible some backlash.

Perhaps that is why they burned Maui to the ground with what most likely was some kind of thermite and let the ‘conspiracy theorists’ run wild with DEW-weapons and the psy-op of buildings with ‘blue roofs’ being undamaged. Normally, these ‘DEW’ accusations would be censored and heavily ‘fact checked.’ Perhaps they have realized that the Covid-19 and pandemic narrative is beginning to fail, and that people are not as scared of the fake ‘nuclear threat’ as they once were, that the Oppenheimer movie failed, and that they now need to replace that fear with something new, like a weapon from the skies that can, with the push of a button, melt entire cities. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. For those of us that can see through their deception and theatre, this movie/video game we are part of sure does not lack over-the-top imagination and excitement.

Again, we need to continue to expose all their lies, and especially the virus and contagion lie. And never forget that these government institutions, run by NPCs of the ‘elite,’ has absolutely no authority over living free men and women. Whatever they tell you, it’s only a suggestion delivered in a manipulative way to deceive you into submission. Never give in, never give them your consent.

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