Fauci: COVID ‘6-feet’ Social Distancing Lacked Scientific Basis

“Dr. Anthony Fauci confessed to lawmakers on the House Select Subcommittee, Tuesday, that guidelines to keep six feet of separation — ostensibly to limit the spread of COVID-19 — “sort of just appeared” without scientific input.
Fauci, did also, during the questioning about the origins of COVID-19, reportedly admit that the lab leak theory was not a conspiracy theory or out of the realm of possibility.”

This story, where Fauci admitted to the House Select Subcommittee that ‘social distancing’ just ‘sort of appeared’ and lacked scientific basis, and that of the fake “Lab Leak” psy-op touted by gullible ‘baby troofers’ has trended on ‘right-wing’ and alternative news during Wednesday.

Even if most people are so programmed, as in brainwashed, and dumbed down that they still believe in the juvenile virus lie, as in airborne dead, but yet somehow infectious boogeymen, you got to have an IQ below 70 to fall for the extremely stupid social distancing crap of the satanic 6 feet.

Now, for shit and giggles, let’s say that these CONvid particles were real, as in airborne virus particles released by your breath and filthy nostrils, that they are as small as the “scientist” say, which means that any kind of face diaper would be totally worthless, and that they only travelled less than 6 feet. Well, what do you think would happen as soon as you moved out of your ‘six-feet-apart’ spot, as the queue moved along? Did the super-infectious particles suddenly lose their ’flying powers’ and drop to the ground at the moment you moved, letting you escape the exhaled particles of the person in front of you?
And what about all the stuff you touched that other people had walked by or touched themselves? Groceries you had brought home? Or the clothes you were wearing?

If viruses would exist, almost everyone would have gotten sick within weeks, although most of us didn’t, not even once – because disease comes from within. Many of us did not follow one single retarded rule put out by government officials, we did not take one single vaccine shot, and we even assisted those who were “sick,” as in having their detoxification cycle, and none of us even caught as much as a sniffle.
The fact remains, not a single virus in the history of mankind has been proven to actually exist. It’s simply a profitable and fear-based lie, used as mind control.

As for the story about Fauci, there’s no mention of it on any of the big ‘left-wing’ and ‘liberal’ news sites. It’s only covered on ‘right-wing’ and ‘alternative’ news-sites such as Fox News, Straight Arrow News, and New York Post.

Now, anyone with a little bit of common sense should know that this is not because this is a ‘scoop’ filled with uncomfortable truths. It’s simply the ancient left vs. right agenda of division and mind-control with the main goal to keep the core lie protected, the lie about viruses.
It’s about giving crumbs, truther chickenfeed, to the right, alt-right, and those skeptical of the pandemic, acknowledging some of their “pandemic conspiracies” as true, as in that of the most obvious bullshit with social distancing. By doing this, the focus is shifted from the core lie, that viruses do not exist; and that everything that was done during the staged pandemic was a war crime, a test of obedience and control, including the totally unnecessary vaccinations (as you cannot “vaccinate” against something that does not exist,) as those who were against the lockdowns and thought that the pandemic was out of proportion now got a small victory as some of their beliefs were admitted as true.

That is also why they snuck in the lie about “lab leaks” during these committee hearings, as that retarded ‘lab leak’ conspiracy were brought up several times by controlled opposition and government shills to feed the baby troofers with even more chickenfeed all through the staged and fake pandemic. And the Wuhan “lab leak” psy-op is the perfect conspiracy tool to reinforce the virus lie, as is ‘man-made’ viruses, something that is even more frightening than the “real thing.”

Just imagine a ‘lab-made’ virus as a weapon that could target specific “genetic markers” and other silly science-fiction nonsense, just as in the movies. A perfect strategy to put fear into the non-believers and to keep the core lie protected. If you believe in man-made viruses and lab leaks, you also believe in viruses and contagion, as in transmittable diseases (which is a complete lie.)

Of course, this staged hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci was extremely scripted by the numbers as part of the mind-control and pandemic ritual. If you’re interested, Zac over at Gematria Effect News did a short decode on it, once again exposing how everything by the media is scripted and part of the world stage illusion, that none of it is real, only mind control.

Anthony Fauci admits that “social distancing measures” were not based in science, January 10, 2024
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