The COVID-19 Lab Leak Psy-Op Revival

As I wrote on January 12, after the scripted House Select Subcommittee hearing with Anthony Fauci, the “lab leak theory” psy-op is once again being pushed by the ‘right-wing,’ ‘alt-right,’ and ‘alternative media.’ This is, of course, by design; as to keep the ‘non-believers’ on the fake political right within the illusion of viruses and contagion.

While the dumbed-down people on the ‘left’ already are afraid of non-existing viruses and catching “disease” from other people, all while seeing the maiming vaccine as a savior — the almost as dumb people on the ‘right’ believe that the ‘pandemic’ was outrageously exaggerated, and they are instead more afraid of the vaccines. It’s a perfect balance of pitting opposites against each other, as the puppet masters always have done.

However, as those on the ‘right’ are a little closer to the truth, they need to be kept away from the real truths, that viruses and transmittable diseases do not exist. Hence the focus on ‘conspiracies’ such as nano-technology in the vaccines and other nonsense pushed by disinformation agents and controlled opposition leading the anti-vaxxer movement, and that the non-existing COVID-19 virus was man-made as a bioweapon in China where it leaked from a lab.

Now, on January 15, Fox News continued their disinformation crusade with articles covering Dr. Francis Collins’ scripted testimony that came days after Dr. Anthony Fauci was interviewed by the House Select Committee.

Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins admitted to members of Congress last week that the coronavirus lab leak theory was in fact credible, despite his claims in 2021, in which he called it a ‘distraction’.”

And about an hour after this article was published, Fox News pushed another article with the political puppet and actor Senator Rand Paul saying that:

Dr. Anthony Fauci will not go down favorably in history over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the former presidential medical advisor should be behind bars for purportedly lying to Congress in previous hearings.”

All this plays perfectly into the previous “conspiracy theories” on the right, reinforcing their egos and also their belief that the pandemic was real, although in their imaginary world, the “virus” originated from a lab in Wuhan, China.
And that is all the puppet masters need to repeat the same old script with non-existing viruses, accompanied with more restrictions and new laws – as both sides still believe in the core lie, that of viruses and contagion, and both sides continue to fight each other over scripted irrelevant issues in the form of the chickenfeed their agents feed them.

Another win for the elites with the “lab leak theory” is the gain-of-function as this lie reinforce the juvenile fiction of “gene manipulation” and therefore the possibility of an unlimited number of variants of these non-existing viruses, including even more sinister targeted “bio weapons.” It’s the perfect scare tactic to keep baby troofers running in circles and being just as afraid as the puppets on the left who still wear face diapers, practice distancing, and disinfect everything they touch.

Also, there might be another angle in play, as the fake and scripted “lab leak theory” targets China, and we have seen hints of aggression from China, as in that of Taiwan. And in early January 2023, we had the “War Games Simulation” that foreshadowed a war with China in 2026. In other words, there has been a lot of predictive programming around China as of the last couple of years.
And faking a war or a big conflict with China, as in another psy-op like Russia and Ukraine, would give them a big opportunity to make an economic reset or something similar, as most of the world relies on trade with China.

With that said, what is important, and always has been important, is to expose the core lies, that of viruses and contagion. Once enough people realize that disease come from within, from toxins, poisons, trauma, and mental conflicts, a big part of their game is over and the evil medical establishment and their Big Pharma can be abolished.

And one step we can take is to try and wake up the strays on the ‘right,’ and those following “alternative media,” those who can feel that something is wrong, but are still trapped in the world-stage illusion and being guided by controlled opposition and disinformation agents of the Matrix.

And yes, these two stories came out on January 15, exactly a Jesuit 56 days before the anniversary of WHO declaring convid-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Also, the 15th of January can be written as 15/1, like 151, the reverse sum of ‘pandemic.’ As always, while the stories serve a purpose as disinformation propaganda, they are also coded and scripted all by the numbers.

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