And the theatre continues – lab-leak theory behind the imaginary CONAIDS-1984

This goes back to my previous post about the Jesuit puppet Anthony Fauci and his new ‘inquiries’ about this false narrative.
Most educated people should know by now that there is no such thing as virus or a contagion, it is not possible within the realm of biology and microbiology. The germ theory with unicorn-fantasy-viruses has been debunked so many times I will just leave it there.

I wrote about this in my article about “the importance of number 56.” The non-existing virus was reported to have come from Wuhan in China, and weeks later silly speculation among diet-woke “truthers” arose about the Wuhan Institute of Virology and a potential “lab leak.” And now, months later, the lamestream media and puppet Fauci runs with the same fantasy story! Wuhan Institute of Virology was established in ’56 by the French! Yes, 1956 and by the French! You know, Paris in France, where the Society of Jesus (The Jesuit Order) was established in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola. And using their own language of gematria, we get:
Paris, France = 56 (where the Jesuit Order was founded)
Society of Jesus = 56 (what the Jesuit Order originally was called)
Coronavirus = 56 (the new 9/11 hoax)

So, this story about a “Lab-Leak” is pushed by controlled opposition to keep the lie about contagious viruses alive while instilling fear. It broke on May 25, 2021 – that is the 145th day of the year. Remember, the order pulling the strings on this staged and fake Pandemic is the Jesuit Order out of the Catholic Church with help of the Freemasons. It is part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 (The Great Reset aka. Build Back Better).

And for more connections to the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order…

Catholic = 145
Lab-Leak = 145
The Great Reset = 145 (Jew Ord)

May 25, 2021 = 5+(2+5)+2+21 = 35
May 25, 2021 = 5+25+20+21 = 71
Catholic = 35, 71
Agenda 21 = 35
Deceive = 35
Divide = 35

And what about the key-words used in this story?
Lab-Leak Theory = 54, 72, 135
Jesuit Order = 54, 72 (the Order writing the script, pulling the strings)
Build Back Better (bbb=666) = 54, 135
Mark of the Beast = 54 (used with vaccine stories and vaccine IDs)
The Flu = 72 (also a hoax, and Covid has replaced it)
Covid’s Origin = 72, 72
Origin = 72
Agenda 2030 = 135

Covid’s Origin = 144
Jesuit Order = 144
Mark of the Beast = 144

Scientists = 133, 38
Wuhan Corona = 133
Agenda 21 = 133
Covid-19 = 38
Pandemic = 38

Also, and this is important, please recall the Clade X pandemic simulation of May 15, 2018 – conveniently held 666 days before the plandemic was declared on March 11, 2020 (what a coincidence, right?) The Clade-X simulation was built on a terrorist organization who created a virus in a lab, which originated in Bavaria, Germany.
Lab-Leak = 54, 135, 46
Bavaria = 54, 135
Central Intelligence Agency = 135
Agenda 2030 = 135
Build Back Better = 135
Deception = 46

Notice a recurring theme within their coding? Like ‘Jesuit Order’, ‘Agenda 21/2030’, ‘Mark of the Beast’, ‘Deception/Deceive’, and Corona -related phrases? Yes, it’s all scripted lies for the gullible masses and the lukewarm “truthers.” They play on people’s stupidity and desire for blaming “the evil Chinese” for something that does not even exist. Most sheep love their boogeyman, someone to blame, and that is why the fall for silly stories like this.

And if there was something as a “lab-made virus,” people would actually get sick and die and droves. This has not happened. And if a contagion were real, and if people could infect each other, everyone working with people would get sick all the time, such as nurses, doctors, taxi drivers, shop keepers, teachers, and so on. Logic and reasoning people, use it.

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