The silly ‘bioweapon’ Psy-Op backed by Fauci

How cute! The silly ‘bioweapon’ Psy-Op for the sheeple continues, this time backed by diaper-boy Fauci!

The Jesuit puppet and actor with an IQ of about 70, Anthony Fauci, now claims, “he’s not convinced Covid-1984 developed naturally.”
First and foremost, there is NO contagion! Covid-19 does not exist. No alleged virus in history of mankind has ever been isolated or even proven to exist! The germ and virus theory is a big fat money-making scam! Anyone claiming to be woke and informed, but still does not know this, is just a sleeping little sheep!
You cannot get sick from other people! Contagion is a lie! Biology and microbiology have proven this! Get that into your heads! They are playing you from both sides. All the talk about mutations/variants and manufactured viruses are only to keep you in fear, to push you to take more and more experimental medical drugs and procedures (maiming, sterilizing and killing vaccines – aka the depopulation agenda of 2030, or ‘how to reach a sustainable population’.) This should be bloody obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills and a working brain!

And for fun, let’s break down the story using their language of choice, Gematria.
This story broke on May 23, 2021 = 5+23+20+21 = 69
Vaccination: 69
Covid Booster Shot: 69 (Septenary)
Event 201: 69 (the virus simulation from October 2019)
Catholic Church: 69 (home of the Jesuits)
The Jesuit Order: 69 (the ones writing this script)
Fear Propaganda: 69 (what it is)
New World Order: 69 (what this staged pandemic is all about)

May 23 was the 143rd day of the year. 11 x 13 = 143. Two very important numbers within the occult and Freemasonry.
Key phrase, “developed naturally” equals 94
Coronavirus Pandemic: 94
Corona Covid-19 Jab: 94
Distract: 94 (what the story is for, distracting you from the truth that viruses does not exist)

‘Naturally’: 56 (the key number in this staged pandemic)
Coronavirus: 56
Society of Jesus: 56

‘Not Convinced’: 60
Roman Catholic: 60
The Holy Bible: 60

Society of Jesus (The Jesuit Order) within the Catholic Church is behind this little man-made virus psy-op. And the sheep will eat it up. But we will never give in, we will fight for all of you. Spread the message – there is no such thing as a contagion.

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