US Charlatans Develop Vaccine Against Non-Existing Nipah Virus – Will it be the Next Pandemic?

The comedy surrounding the virus hoax never seem to end. Now they claim that they have developed a vaccine that will work in three days against a “zoonotic” virus transferred by ‘Bats.’ Same old silly script as always, and the retarded part of the population will most likely swallow the nonsense hook, line, and sinker – as they always do.

And as all their lies, it’s deeply coded with gematria. The common offenders in ‘56’ and ‘201’ are all over this. And this came out on March 15, the same date as the 37-million people on lockdown in China due to the imaginary omicron virus.
If you know your history, March 15 is called ‘Ides of March,’ that is, the middle of March from the ancient Roman calendar – and Rome is still in power in the renewed form of the Catholic Church, the Pope, and the Jesuit Order.
The media outlets also say that Nipah is the most likely virus to cause the next pandemic….

Nipah Virus = 56
Next Pandemic = 56 (what they claim it will be)
Ides of March = 56 (the day it was announced)
Virus Outbreak = 56
Coronavirus = 56 (current scam)
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And the vaccine will give protection in ‘three’ days.

Three = 56

And for a better match…

Nipah Virus = 56, 61
Next Pandemic = 56, 61 (what they claim it will be)
Ides of March = 56, 61 (the day it was announced)

The call it the “Nipah Virus Jab” in the media, and not by accident.

Nipah Virus Jab = 201, 84
Bat to Human Virus = 201 (what they say it is, just like fake Covid-19)
The Jesuit Order = 201, 84


Nipah Virus Jab = 201, 60
Bat to Human Virus = 201, 60

And, this fake virus with a fake vaccine is part of the fear propaganda that is the staged and fake war in Ukraine.
Ukraine Invasion = 223
223 is the 48th prime. And we know all about 48, as explained here!
Nipah = 223, 48
Three Days = 48 & 42
Russia = 48 & 42

And they tell us the truth in plain sight, as they usually do.

Nipah Virus = 137, 56
Complete Hoax = 137, 56

Nipah Virus = 137, 56, 61
Mind Control = 137, 56, 61

Do not let media control your mind!

Again, another big fat lie. Will it be the next staged and fake pandemic? Who knows? All we know is that it is fake. Viruses does not exist! Contagion is a lie!

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