Covid-19 “Public Health Emergency” Extended in the US – And Omicron BA.75 “Centaurus” is ‘Ludicrous’

Here comes the third, “we told you so,” and that in the span of just a few days. The Biden administration is binding time by extending the ‘public health emergency’ over something that does not exist with another three months. And it’s all scripted and done by the numbers, they way they always do it.

October 13 leaves 79 remaining days in the year and this is about the ‘Public Health Emergency’ declaration first put in place in January 2020.

Public Health Emergency = 79
Society of Jesus = 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Keep in mind that the pandemic was declared on Anthony Fauci’s 79th day of being 79-years old. 79 is also the 22nd prime number, and this decision came on July 15 (15/7 = 15 + 7 = 22) in 2022, like ‘22.

The 15th of July can also be written as 15/7, like 157. And this is all about the United States.

United States = 157

And 157 is the 37th prime number. And the ‘Public Health Emergency’ declaration is all about keeping the lie about viruses alive and extending the staged and fake pandemic until they go full throttle again.

Virus = 37
Deceive = 37 (what they do)
Divide = 37 (what they always have done)
The Jesuits = 37 (the puppet masters)

And speaking of 37, October 13 comes a very close 38-days before Joe Biden’s birthday on November 20. And this is all about the staged and fake Covid-19 Pandemic.

Covid-19 = 38, 38, 38, 38
Pandemic = 38, 38

38 days is the same thing as 5 weeks and 3 days, like 53.

Covid = 53
Deceive = 53 (again)
Divide = 53 (again)

Once again, it’s all done by the numbers. The second pandemic is coming as the lie about the new Omicron BA.5 is spreading — and the “newly discovered” BA.75, which they call “Centaurus,” that supposedly is spreading in India and is headed for Europe. And speaking of ‘Centaurus,’ it is a close match to the word ‘ludicrous,’ which is very fitting indeed.

Centaurus = 122, 437, 121, 58, 58, 436, 116, 732, 726, 35
Ludicrous = 122, 437, 121, 58, 58, 436, 116, 732, 726, 35

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