The Extreme Cold Weather in Northern Europe and the Fake Climate Change Agenda

Today was the fourth day in a row that I was forced to wear jeans, a jacket and gloves during my morning walks with my dogs – and I was still freezing. Normally in July, the morning temperature should be about 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. For the past few days, it’s been about 8 to 10C, and before that around 12 to 14C. The temperature during the day should be around 23 to 27C, but it’s been about 18 to 21C. Actually, the mid-day temperature has been about 19 to 22C on average for the two first weeks of July, compared to the normal of 23 to 27C.

I remember as a kid in the 80’s, growing up on a farm, that we prayed for rain and colder weather for the crops and for the regrowth of the second mow of hay, so we would have enough for the animals during the winter. The summer used to start in mid-May and last all through August with very little rain during late June and most of July. We had to carry and reassemble pipes and sprinklers for irrigation each and every day, but that only covered the fields closest to our water source – and that irrigation was on night and day. That was how the weather used to be in Sweden during summers all until the early 2000’s.

During the last six to ten years, it’s been getting a lot colder and a lot rainier. While we still have had some really hot days, they have been few and far apart. The summer that used to be 3.5 months has shrunk to a combined total of two weeks or less. And this year, we’ve actually had short showers of rain every single day of July! That is unprecedented. And every day we see fake smeared clouds from aerosol injections and cloud seeding and the influence of microwave technology like HAARP. The occasional natural-looking clouds are extremely rare. Weather engineering is going on 24/7.

Very mild temperatures of 10 to 20C presented in alarming orange and red colors…
Example with Swedish weather from the 80’s and 2022, now in red hot alarming colors…

Still, the weather channels on the tell-a-lie-vision pump out disinformation saying that it’s dry and we’re in risk of fires, all presented with maps painted in red and orange, trying to condition people into believing that it’s actually warmer than usual. And they also report temperatures from southern Europe as extreme, while they are all normal and what we have seen for decades. Actually, it’s a bit colder in most places. In other words, what media is reporting is all pure propaganda and blatant lies. And I’ve seen the same tactics in other countries in northern Europe as well, including England.

Same deceit going on in England. Weather in the past on the left (warmer,) and how it’s presented now on the right.

This is about the fake Climate Change Agenda. It’s about conditioning and deceiving the current generation into believing that these cold manufactured summers through weather modification is actually hotter than previous summers, and once they turn the weather engineering down a few notches and the normal temperatures come back, people will think it’s extremely hot and it’s due to the fake climate change.

And in its essence, the climate change agenda is about removing our freedoms, forcing us into “smart cities” and removing our only bioavailable food source in meat and animal produce. It’s about removing our rights to own land and property, to be able to move and travel. It’s about making us weaker and sicker by limiting sun exposure and forcing us to consume fake nutritionless plant-based toxic kibble. It’s about making us depend on fake “health-care” and drugs, making us dependent of Big Brother, as in Big Pharma, Big Corporations, and the Government – or simply ‘The Slave Masters.’

Also, as I mentioned, let’s not forget that blocking the sun directly impacts our health and mental wellbeing. We need a minimum of 15 minutes of total body sun exposure daily. If clothed, you need to spend hours in the sun every day to thrive and be fully healthy. Limiting our sun exposure will make people sicker and more prone to recurring detoxification phases. Very bad for us, but very good for them to stage and fake another pandemic of non-existent viruses.

You who are awake and still have a functional brain, you need to talk to the sleeping sheep about these issues. Ask them about the weather. Ask them if they remember how summers used to be. Some will wake up and start thinking by themselves while others are doomed to brainless slavery. But we need to try, we need to raise the world’s combined consciousness. Just as with the virus and germ hoax and everything else they try to pull over our heads.

The weather is not normal, and it’s absolutely not warmer. There is no climate change or climate crisis. They have had the technology to modify the weather for over 100 years and they are now doing it more than ever. And it needs to be exposed.

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