The Climate Change Nonsense Never Ends – Methane on the Radar

Anyone with half a loaf of bread as brains have figured out the Climate Scam by now. Nothing has changed in hundreds of years. But this theory, this fraud of the climate changing due to the population, is very important to their narrative, for their Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050 – where the governments and corporations own all the land, where the population has been drastically reduced and everyone lives in big ‘smart’ cities. You will own nothing, you will rent what you need, and going outside of the cities to experience nature will require digital passports, total compliance with all their tyrannical laws and mandatory drugs. Pets will be outlawed and husbandry will be regulated to provide the only real nourishment for the privileged, while the pleb will get lab-grown fake meat and toxic nutritionless plant-based crap.

This is why they began manipulating the weather as early as in the 1950’s with cloud seeding (which they used during the Vietnam War). Fast forward to the 1987 when HAARP was patented to effect clouds with EMF waves. As of the last 10 years or so, the technology they have to seed clouds/release plasma, scatter them, direct them, block out the sun, and so on is staggering. The same technology is also used for earthquakes and building up strong storms and hurricanes.
So, what the media and governments call “Climate Change” or “Climate Crisis” (always with the CC = 33) is simply weather warfare by them on us.

Recently they manipulated the weather to get a drought in southern Europe and in parts of the US. And now they fire bomb areas with helicopters, claiming “wild fires”. And, of course, they will blame their own arson as the result of Climate Change.
Isn’t it peculiar though, that we have had worse draughts in history, but very few wild fires? But now, several hundreds of them in every affected area. But with a dumbed down and brainwashed population, and by owning the media, they can get away with anything and whatever they tell the sleeping sheep, the little zombie will accept – because thinking outside the box or questioning information was successfully removed in the indoctrination camps they call schools.

And this is also the reason why they show “cows” when speaking of methane – all natural gases by the way, cleverly managed by the Earths atmosphere as demonstrated by thousands of real scientists. So, in reality nothing to worry about. But they want as many excuses they can to slowly get rid of the majority of animal-based food production. As I wrote in my article about the hogwash about animals getting an imaginary Covid-19 virus, they want the population to starve on nutritionless foods. A weak and docile population with nutrition deficiencies, and low hormone levels, is easier to control.
In simple wording, they want to take your animal-based foods such as meat, organ meats, milk and eggs away. Because that is the only food with bioavailable and complete nutrition. This is a big part of agenda 2030 and Vision 2050, hence the vegetarian and vegan psy-ops, that gullible people fall into. All orchestrated by the medical community and the food industry, as instructed by the Jesuits. For the industries it’s all about profit, for the leaders behind it, it’s all about control.

It’s time to stand up! Support your local farms and husbandry. Make sure animal-based foods are the staple of your food intake. For extra energy, for taste and texture, add in some local grown vegetables, fruits, or berries. But NEVER support and buy anything imported!
Also, learn how to hunt, how to care for animals, and how to grow your own food. Things will get worse before they get better. And we might have to step back, form our own communities, and produce our own food and water for a while. Better to be prepared and make your own path than to be a slave in their system.

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