Trump’s ‘Hurricane Gun’ Ridiculing and Mocking Ritual on Twitter

We know that the silly ‘Climate Change’ has been debunked by real scientists and experts more times than you can count. And we know they use technology to control the weather. The first admitted act of weather control was the RAF rainmakers flooding in 1952 of the Devon Village in Lynmouth, which ‘coincidently’ happened on August 15, the anniversary of the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

So, this ruse on Twitter is all about ridiculing the idea of ‘weather modification/control’ and to mock those who have done their research and know that climate change is a hoax. The perfect tool for this mocking ritual is of course the Jesuit puppet and buffoon Donald Trump — well-known for saying stupid things. And they always do this by twisting and ridiculing the truth, as in calling the very real technology that exist for something as silly as a ‘hurricane gun.’

The brainwashed and very dumbed down sheep will visualize some cartoon character from their childhood holding a ‘ray gun’ pointing to the heavens and then laugh it all off, never contemplating the idea of actual weather control as in cloud seeding, HAARP, and plasma. That is how this form of ridiculing mind control works.
So, if you have people at your workplace discussing this ‘hurricane gun,’ laughing and saying it’s just ‘climate change,’ then walk away. They are too stupid to even bother talking to.

As for this ritual on Twitter by the Rolling Stone magazine, it surfaced on May 10, 2020, the 130th day of the year.

Donald Trump = 130

And the phrase to ridicule the truth is ‘Hurricane Gun,’ which of course lines up with the patsy for the story.

Donald John Trump = 185, 68, 1110
Hurricane Gun = 185, 68, 1110

Donald trump was born on June 14, this Twitter nonsense started on May 10, 331 days on the day after his birthday. 331 is the 67th prime number.

Hurricane Gun = 67, 67

And we know that Trump is a high-ranking Freemason.

Freemasonry = 67
Order 322 = 67 (as in Skull and Bones Freemasonry out of Yales)

One of the scripted replies on Twitter by GOP strategist Rick Wilson was, “That seems sane.”

That Seems Sane = 139, 68, 61, 160
Hurricane Gun = 139, 68, 61, 160

That Seems Sane = 76, 85
Donald John Trump = 76, 85

And, of course, when Freemason Donald Trump is involved, we have yet again…

That Seems Sane = 149, 41, 202, 76, 894, 1212
Skull and Bones = 149, 41, 202, 76, 894, 1212

And that reply was by another puppet and Freemason ‘Rick Wilson,’ who’s name just happens to reduce to the weather warfare number of ’52.’

Rick Wilson = 52
Hurricane = 52

And from the headlines…

Twitter Tempest = 60, 69
Donald Trump = 60, 69

I could go on with all the other scripted Twitter replies, but I think most of my readers already got the idea what this was really about. And as always, nothing ever trends unless they want it to. This was just another psychological operation to ridicule the truth about weather control and to strengthen the lie about climate change.

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