World Stage Mocking: Blockbuster Blizzard in California

An extreme winter storm smashed California during Friday, March 1, 2024 and is said to at least continue into Saturday. CNN calls it, mockingly, a “blockbuster blizzard,” using terminology associated with Hollywood and movies, which of course are released on Fridays. The choice of terminology is not only mocking, but also accurate considering that all these extreme weather events are man-made using weather control technology, as first admitted back in 1952 on the birthday of the Jesuit Order when the village of Lynmouth, in north Devon, England, was flooded and practically erased from the map.

Since then, most of these weather warfare events has been coded with the Jesuit Order and also with the date of August 15, the birthday of the Jesuit Order, and the day Devon was flooded by the RAF Rainmakers. This “blockbuster Blizzard,” is of course, engineered by the U.S. government and coded in the same way.

They say that the blizzard will last at least into Saturday, March 2, 2024. Counting from the birthday of the Jesuit Order, August 15, we get the most important number to the Jesuits, and that of ‘weather control,’ that of 201 days.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Weather Control = 201

Of course, all these engineered events that are mostly concentrated to one state are coded to the governor of that same state. In California we have Gavin Newson who was born on October 10, 1967, and this blizzard started on March 1, the 144th day of Newsom’s current age. That also means that Saturday, March 2, will be 144 days after Newsom’s birthday. Perfectly coded for 144, the second most important number of the Jesuit Order.

The blizzard began on March 1
…and will last at least until March 2

Jesuit Order = 144
The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 144

As you know, these weather warfare events, although tributed to the Jesuit Order, are carried out by the Freemasons within the government and the military. And the largest Freemasonic organization in the U.S. is Order 322, also known as Skull and Bones. Their numbers are especially that of 322 and 223 (322 in reverse.)

Although the Jesuit Order was formed on August 15, 1534, the order was not officially recognized until September 27, 1540, by Pope Paul III. Counting with the end-date from September 27 to Friday, March 1, we get 22 weeks and 3 days, as in 223. And counting the weeks and days until Saturday, March 2, we of course also get 22 weeks and 3 days, like 223. And to add to this, counting from Friday, March 1, to Newsom’s October 10 birthday, we get exactly 223 days. Again, 223 is one of the numbers associated with Order 322, Skull and Bones, the Freemasonic order with a logo of a “skull and crossbones,” and we get perfect hits with both Gavin Newsom’s birthday and the recognition date of the Jesuit Order. What are the odds?
Remember, these occult cults worship the false light, the sun god Saturn, and they will label this engineered blizzard as a “natural disaster.”

Skull and Crossbones = 223
Tribute to Saturn = 223
Natural Disaster = 223

Friday, March 1, was the 61st day of the year, a number that fits perfectly with that of 223.

Skull and Crossbones = 61
Tribute to Saturn = 61

Friday also came with a full-date numerology of 48, and CNN made sure to update their article at 3:48 p.m., the 48th minute of the hour. The number of 48 is strongly associated with Freemasonry.

3/1/2024 = 3 + 1 + 20 + 24 = 48

Freemason = 48
The Masons = 48

Not only did CNN mock its audience with calling it a “Blockbuster Blizzard,” but it’s also cleverly coded for what it actually is: weather warfare.

Blockbuster Blizzard = 226, 82, 91, 1356
Weather Warfare = 226, 82, 91, 1356

Of course, Friday, March 1, was exactly 75 days after Pope Francis December 17 birthday, the first Jesuit Pope of the Catholic Church.

Weather Control = 75
Catholic Church = 75

And note that in CNN’s headline, this “blockbuster blizzard” is “slamming” California. The choice of the word “slamming” is purely by the numbers.

Slamming = 88, 528
California = 88, 528

And let’s not forget that California reduces to the number of 52, the number used in pretty much all of the weather warfare events – and that this one, as always, was coded to their governor Gavin Newsom. And CNN was keen on pointing out the strong and severe storms and snow showers.

California = 52
Gavin Newsom = 52
Severe Storms = 52
Strong Storm = 52
Snow Showers = 52

And speaking of Gavin Newsom again, he is currently 56 years old, and his name reverse reduce to 56. As you might know, 56 is a number used by the Jesuits and Freemasons in most major psy-ops and staged events, such as the fake coronavirus pandemic. 56 is also associated with the totally fake “climate change” agenda, and that is what these strange weather events are all about. They are engineered to give ammunition for their war on mother earth.

Gavin Newsom = 56
Snow Showers = 56
Freemasons = 56
High Winds = 56
Climate Change = 56
Natural Disaster = 56
Masonic Ritual = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And remember, they said that the snowfall would reach “3 to 5 inches” and hour from Friday to Saturday.

3 to 5 Inches = 101, 56, 97, 52, 97, 52
Climate Change = 101, 56, 97, 52, 97, 52

Again, we have a very obvious engineered weather warfare ritual hitting the U.S. and it will simply go down in the books as a “natural disaster” blamed on the non-existing “climate change.”

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