Weather Warfare: California Flooding on January 10, 2023

From severe draught to extreme flooding in a matter of days. Thunderstorms were drenching northern California Tuesday afternoon with more rain expected Wednesday and Thursday. Across the state, more than 20 million people are under flood alerts as the risk of mudslides also spreads to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.
CBS News, CNN and other media outlets, for some reason, made the male-to-female transgender and very despicable Ellen DeGenerate headline news in conjunction with the flooding, as she apparently shared a video of the flooding.
Of course, he/she is being used as a puppet for the climate change hoax, as the media was quoting DeGenerate with pleading, “be nicer to Mother Nature.”

Yes, indeed we should. However, this flooding has nothing to do with any agenda-driven propaganda. It’s 100% weather warfare. 100% weather control.

Again, this was big news on January 10, a day with the weather control number of 25. According to the articles, this was also on a day that was the five-year anniversary of fire and mudslides that killed people and destroyed homes. Yeah, that should tell you something. What’s the odds of two ‘Natural Disasters’ happening five years apart on the same days? Even more proof of weather warfare, all by the numbers.
1/10/23 = 1 + 1+0 + (23) = 25

Flood = 25
Enlil = 25 (Goddess of flooding)
Earth = 25
Fire = 25 (fires five years ago)

Of course, this is happening in California, and the other weather control/warfare number is 52, as in 25 backwards.

California = 52
Flood = 52
Enlil = 52
Earth = 52

And remember, we are in 2023, as in 223, the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry and of weather warfare. We will get a lot of “natural disasters” this year, all man-made and in the name of ‘climate change’ to advance us towards Agenda 2030 and their vision of sustainability, i.e., total enslavement.
Also, keep in mind that the media calls these events ‘flash flooding,’ as they happen fast due to weather control technology.

Natural Disaster = 223
Flash Flooding = 223
Skull and Crossbones = 223 (Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry)
The Synagogue of Satan = 223 (their “religion,” i.e., Satanism)

So, why did they use that vile man-to-female Ellen DeGenerate? Well, going through to become a Baphomet-imitation for being an actor on the world stage makes you a puppet for life. While her home was in the area, her name also fits the ritual, and it’s always done by the numbers.
He/she was born on January 26. This breaking news on January 10 comes exactly 349 days later. 349 is the 70th prime number. Keep in mind that Ellen blamed this on ‘Climate Change,’ which Fox News mocked her for – all by the numbers.

Ellen DeGeneres = 70, 70
Climate Change = 70
Noah = 70 (symbolic of flooding)

Counting the end-date, it’s a span of 350 days, like 35, as you can drop the zero in numerology.

Weather = 35 (the theme, i.e., extreme weather)
Flooding = 35 (what the ‘weather’ is causing)
Storms = 35, 35 (they’re having storms and thunderstorms causing floods)

That also means that it is 2 weeks and 2 days until her next birthday, like 22, the Master Builder Number in Freemasonry. Also, keep in mind that the first admitted act of weather control was in 1952 on the anniversary of the Jesuit Orders’ birthday!

Storm = 22
Water = 22 (as in flooding)
Jesuits = 22
Flood = 22, 22
Enlil = 22, 22, 22 (Goddess of flooding)

Note that one of the quotes from DeGenerate about the Thunderstorms was, “This is Crazy.”

This is Crazy = 58, 68
Thunderstorm = 58, 68

Again, we have a “Natural Disaster” that is nothing natural at all. It’s man-made using weather control technology and we will see a lot of these planned events this year. Look out for days with 25– and 52-numerology.

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