As Predicted, January 24-26: Weather Warfare in the United States — Updated

On January 20 I wrote about some interesting dates coming up, as we know that they do everything with gematria and by the numbers. We had several shooting rituals tied to Donald Trump and Obama in their ongoing Revelation ritual, and now, as predicted, severe weather is hitting the US, starting January 24. From simply looking at the date-numerology, I predicted severe weather starting on January 24 and extending at least through January 26. So, let’s see what we have going on.

According to AccuWeather and their severe weather warnings webpage (that has been empty for several days until January 24,) Houston has been hit by tornadoes that are currently ripping trough Texas causing flooding. We also have a second big snowstorm in Midwest, Northeast, causing problems with all sorts of travel. Also, severe storms and thunderstorms are about to march through southern US.
Also, tens of thousands of homes and businesses across multiple states in the Northeast were without power early Tuesday due to the snow storms.

Predictions for Wednesday by AccuWeather

CNN is currently covering the tornado that swept through Houston, causing ‘catastrophic’ damage, as it continues to move eastward.

We already know that January 24 is a date for weather warfare as it comes with 25-date numerology. Also, the tornado caused flooding of several major roads.

January 24 = 1/24 = 1 + 24 = 25

Flood = 25
Enlil = 25 (Goddess of flooding)
Earth = 25

The governor of Texas is Greg Abbott, who was born on November 13, 1957. The tornado hit Houston, Texas, on January 24, exactly 293 days before his next birthday. 293 is the 62nd prime number.

Houston, Texas = 62
Tornado = 62
Strong Storm = 62 (as in tornado)

Counting the end date, January 24 was at a span of exactly 42 weeks before Greg’s upcoming birthday, a very infamous number we’ve seen more and more of lately. That also means, as the tornado moves on, it will be 42 weeks on January 25 as well, when excluding the end date. Also note that January 24 is 42 backwards.

Houston, TX = 42, 42

January 24 also came with a 32-date numerology. And Houston was hit by strong storms, as in tornados, and roads was submerged by water, as in flooding.

1/24/2023 = (1) + (24) + 2+0+2+3 = 32

Houston = 32
Storm = 32
Water = 32

As well as multiple 30-date numerology.

1/24/23 = (1) + (24) + 2+3 = 30
1/24/23 = 1 + 2+4 + (23) = 30

Texas = 30
Tornado = 30, 30

They called it ‘catastrophic,’ a word that equals to 52, the reversal of 25, their other number of weather warfare.

Catastrophic = 52
Strong Storm = 52
Flood = 52
Enlil = 52
Earth = 52

Also, ‘catastrophic’ comes with the value of 74, the number reading as 47 backwards, and 47 is the number of Freemasons and the government they infiltrated hundreds of years ago, it’s the number representing authority. To add to this identifier, catastrophic actually share several gematria numbers with government — including 52, the number of weather warfare.
In other words, using ‘catastrophic’ in quotes in their articles is a message for weather warfare (52) by the government/Freemasons (47.)

Catastrophic = 74 as in 47 backwards, the number of government

Catastrophic = 133, 52
Government = 133, 52

As for the snow storms across northeastern US and the heavy rain across the mid- and southeast US, we will probably get updates today with cities and numbers, showing us in plain sight that it’s all man-made, all executed by the numbers.


Also, on early Wednesday morning, a new tornado watch was issued for parts of Florida’s Panhandle and southeastern Alabama. 

And for the rest of the world, on late January 25 and early January 26, this story about east Asia and the “new norm” of extreme cold trended. So much for “global warming.”

The ‘new norm’ is Freemasonry fuckery…

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