CNN Calls For Censorship on “Chemtrail Conspiracies” and “Climate Deniers”

Welcome to a real hornets’ nest, a wide and diffuse subject that has been riddled by controlled opposition, their half-truths and lies for over a decade. Before we try to make sense of it, let’s look at this fabricated story by CNN and their agenda-driven collaborators in Spain.

The article that covered CNN’s landing page during May 27 describes a dire situation for Meteorologists in Spain as they are somehow being blamed and harassed for the ongoing draught and unusual hot weather. Well, if the weather is currently being manipulated, it’s done by the government and the military. Meteorologists are nothing but indoctrinated puppets of the state and media, trying to predict weather patterns while at the same time following the agenda they have been spoon-fed. Why would anyone harass them instead of politicians and airline companies? Probably because the story is totally made-up to put light on the climate change hoax and to throw more fuel on the fire that is their Infodemic, the censorship of what they deem is misinformation — to make any opinion that differs from the ‘current accepted science’ as supported by the government to be considered terrorism.

In their article, CNN then mentions that, “the harassment of meteorologists by conspiracy theorists and climate deniers is not a phenomenon confined to Spain,” to give the illusion of a “world-wide” problem and the need for censorship.

To add to this, they continue with, “national weather services, meteorologists and climate communicators in countries from the US to Australia say they’re experiencing an increase in threats and abuse, often around accusations they are overstating, lying about or even controlling the weather.”

Well, ‘controlling the weather’ is something that they have admitted to be doing on several accounts. The first admitted act of weather modification was the flooding of Devon village in 1952 by the RAF rainmakers, a very Jesuit-ritual. They used the same tactic in the alleged Vietnam war. They even bragged about how they modified the weather during the Olympic Games in China to make sure it could go on without interruptions. So, of course they can control the weather. Almost every severe weather incident of flooding, wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on are always occurring with perfect numerology, something that is mathematically impossible, unless they were man-made, unless someone caused it by weather modification.

Then they go on to add, “in Spain’s case, much of the trolling revolves around the rehashing of an old conspiracy theory: so-called “chemtrails”, and yes, this is where things get muddy. This is the hornets’ nest.

They follow-up this with, “airplanes do release vapor trails called contrails, short for condensation trails, which form when water vapor condenses into ice crystals around the small particles emitted by jet engines.”

And yes, most long trails you see on the sky that slowly evaporate are actually contrails. The thing with contrails is that they are only visible at cold temperatures as the vapor condenses into ice crystals. And the thing with the sky is that we have four identified layers of atmosphere. In the lowest, the troposphere, the temperature is decreasing, but can still fluctuate depending on humidity and other weather conditions. Then, in the second layer, the stratosphere, temperatures are at first fairly constant and then they actually increase with height. And then, in the third, the mesosphere, temperatures fall again and reaches the coldest temperatures. Still, there is much variations within each layer depending on multiple factors.

As all airplanes must be on different altitudes to avoid collision, it’s simple logic that some might show a contrail while others might not, and that they evaporate at different speeds, some quickly while others linger for a long time, simply because of the difference in temperatures and humidity.

With that said, a few contrails close to each other is hardly enough water vapor or ice crystals to form big fuzzy clouds, as we many times can see. And often these clouds take on bizarre patterns after being “microwaved” by HAARP technology. So, what is going on with that? Well, those are aerosol injections and most likely other ways of manipulating and controlling the weather. And it’s important to separate these from the ‘conspiracy’ of chemtrails, as that word “chemtrail” has been hijacked by controlled opposition who claim that they are poisoning us. This is the hornets’ nest. People can clearly see these weird clouds, they can see ‘aerosol injections’ or ‘cloud seeding’ used to dim the sun or to modify the weather as it takes place, but most people refer to it as chemtrails, which it is not. Chemtrails is a psy-op, at least in the sense that they are only used to poison us. If they were, we would all be walking zombies by now and most wild life would be dead. Not even the “elites” themselves would be able to totally avoid it in the long run.
Also, they already poison us with unnatural foods and drugs that leaves us malnourished and docile, all while conditioning us through the school system, through the media, and pretty much everything we interact with. Also, by blocking out the sun with cloud seeding and aerosol injections, we get less sun exposure, something that is vital for our health and mental wellbeing. Lack of sun exposure is very detrimental to our health and quality of life, and it will also make us “sicker,” which is useful when faking staged pandemics. So, there’s absolutely no need to “chemtrail” us with poison, which would also destroy the most valuable asset on earth – livable land.

Now, aerosol injections are also something talked openly about, although they do not outright admit to be doing it yet, although there have been admitted “test runs.” Well, a lot of them actually.

See how they do that, they hide all the things they do behind the psy-op of chemtrails that is led by controlled opposition to ridicule those pointing out weird trails and clouds in the sky, to muddy the waters and draw attention away from what they really are doing – controlling the weather, reducing our sun exposure and causing catastrophic “weather” events to push people into cities and doing land grabs for pennies on the dollar. Remember, they do not want you to own anything or be self-sufficient, it’s all in Agenda 2030. Controlling the weather and causing damage is one way to get people to move and to easily buy up their land.

Another funny thing is that CNN claims that everything you see in the sky is contrails and that airplanes has absolutely nothing to do with weather manipulation, that it is all “climate change” and “global warming” from fossil fuels and carbon dioxide (which is lower than ever, which is actually hurting us and especially nature, as it is extremely necessary for life on Earth.)

Well, the “science” has once again safeguarded itself for many years now as they actually say that contrails can affect the weather! Yes, they cover all bases. In a research paper published in 2015, they claim, “high in the sky where the cirrus ice crystal clouds form, jet contrails draw their crisscross patterns. Now researchers have found that these elevated ice cloud trails can influence temperatures on the ground and affect local climate.”
Yes, there are dozens of such papers, making sure that they can throw blame in all possible directions if the shit was ever to hit the fan.

So, to conclude, while ‘chemtrails’ are a psy-op, weather modification, as in controlling the weather, is very real. They do not even deny it. And they have been doing that for at least 100 years, and not only by airplanes, but also by releasing water vapor (steam) from power plants and similar steam turbines to create clouds. NASA even demonstrated this simple weather manipulation in documentaries during the 90’s. Same goes for HAARP and similar technology. All this is extremely easy to find and research, and that is why lamestream media and alternative media (controlled opposition) focus on chemtrails and mocking us with meteorologists getting threatened by ‘conspiracy theorists’ to protect the climate change hoax and further the Infodemic and the need for more censorship.

The left-tards believe in the Climate Change Hoax and will cry soft soy-induced tears over the poor meteorologists, all while the right-wingers will scream that they are being poisoned by chemtrails. Both sides of the coin are fabricated ideas, none of it is real, all an illusion to keep the attention away from the real fact, that they control the weather to cause catastrophic weather events and to get people to move to more desirable areas and big ‘smart-cities.’

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